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    Stuck at Loading VPX table

    Been adding games with Game manager and not really used Pinball X that much, worked fine early on but stopped working a while ago. Get stuck at loading and from there I can't do anything except log off user Windows user to end program. Not seeing the problem in logs 20:15:13.2 2018-01-29: Started 20:17:29.1 2018-01-29: Launch System 20:17:29.1 2018-01-29: Waiting for threads 20:17:29.1 2018-01-29: Disposing display 20:17:30.0 2018-01-29: D:\Pinball\Visual Pinball\VPinballX.exe /play -"D:\Pinball\Visual Pinball\Tables\Scared Stiff (Midway 1996).vpx" Tried the line above from Run... works fine. Visual Pinball part in ini file [VisualPinball] Enabled=True WorkingPath=D:\Pinball\Visual Pinball TablePath=D:\Pinball\Visual Pinball\Tables Executable=VPinballX.exe Parameters=/play -"[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True