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  1. Gotcha. No problem. I thought about splitting the video/audio, but it seems that when shuffling the tables the backglass & DMD are a little quicker to load than the table preview, so I think audio would be out of sync if video and audio were on separate screens/channels so to say. I can just wait and see if could be a future update to be able to choose audio options for all screens. A mute audio for each screen option would probably do the trick. I will email Tom and see if can make it happen some day. Thanks again for responding. I am really loving the software so far. Have been a Hyperpin user for about 4 years and I am glad I finally made the switch.
  2. Thanks for the reply. You are correct, when you said I want to keep the table audio empty. I only want the DMD video/audio playing during the choosing of the tables menu. It probably sounds odd wanting to play a video/audio through the DMD, but my DMD is a 10" lcd screen and not a narrow standard DMD size. Hoping for new pins to be emulated someday that utilize the larger screen DMDs like the new Star Wars or Batman 66. (I know, wishful thinking) example: Tron Legacy table, I added a DMD Video (trailer) from the Tron Legacy movie and wish for the video and audio to play in the DMD during that time. The back glass and table will only be a static image or a silent video. Basically, this will allow me to make custom DMD videos with audio as the attract mode during table selection. I hope my explanation makes sense. I did test with no other videos running and still no audio from the DMD video playing.
  3. I have a 3 screen cab and I just switched to Pinballx. So far I am really happy I switched to this front end. I am currently having one issue. I was trying to use dmd videos, but apparently Pinballx does not allow audio on dmd videos? The videos play fine with audio outside of Pinballx. If I play the videos as a table video the audio works, so this seems like it is a dmd video/audio limitation in Pinballx. I thought it would be cool to have dmd videos with audio playing for each table when looking through tables in the wheel. Can anyone confirm this is or is not currently possible? Maybe this can be considered as a future update? Thanks.
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