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    Extra Text

    Which field do I add the text too because I have tried the 'All' one and also added it to the 'Tables' one and its not working.
  2. PootisSpencer

    Extra Text

    I have seen a video on youtube of someones setup and they have some extra text at the bottom that scrolls above the table names. It says 'Use flippers to cycle tables'. How can I add this? Thanks
  3. PootisSpencer

    Instruction Cards Shrinkage?

    I don't have many .swf instruction cards as most of mine are .png but even with the .png cards its shrinking them. log.txt PinballX.ini
  4. PootisSpencer

    Instruction Cards Shrinkage?

    Sorry but this still hasn't worked for me. Its still shrinking the instruction cards that are .swf format