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    Marquee Magician 2.1

    Well right now I am using Hyperspin. This is outside of Hyperspin though as I am in a DOS window trying to make Marquee Magician show me different marquees and no command I pass to it works. Only the default image shows.
  2. Domasi

    Marquee Magician 2.1

    Thanks @Draco1962, I do not think it is a issue that cannot be resolved. I think I am just missing something simple. I had the system up and running up until a few months ago when I decided to update the system and I thought I had a backup to refer to but I lost it or never had it made. Just hoping someone could help jog my memory or give me insight on a solution. Thanks
  3. Domasi

    Marquee Magician 2.1

    I am running Launch MM directly from dos for testing purposes at this point. This is before mame. "Launch MM v2.1.exe" mame 1941 displays my default marquee if no image was found but i know I have that image. I have used dozens of other image names but everyone of them only shows the default image which is default.jpg
  4. Domasi

    Marquee Magician 2.1

    Hello Folks, I am probably 95% complete on my Mame cabinet and as always when I do a update I get stuck with Marquee Magician. I cannot get MM to display any other png file but the default. I tried the following command from DOS and no matter the name of the rom I still only get the default image. INI files listed below. MM.INI [General] ImageExtensions=.JPG|.PNG|.BMP|.JPEG|.GIF|.IMG Version=2.1 UseTabs=0 [MAME] Template=MAME Image1=D:\Cabinet\Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Images\Marquee FileFolder1=2 Backup1=D:\Cabinet\Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Images\Marquee\default.jpg i_view32.ini [WinPosition] xKoord=-609 yKoord=-1080 Width=1926 Height=717 Maximized=0 [Viewing] FitWindowOption=2 UseResample=1 [Others] RememberWinPos=1 [Toolbar] Flag=0 Created the template exactly like the PDF said so... Thanks for your help and I hope someone has the answer to getting this thing finished.