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    Rotate display via button?

    Tom, I have looked into the rotation plugin and both documented ways need some kind of hardware to get it working. CTRL-TAB function is what I need, just works fine mapped to a cab button. Ideally it would be possible to switch the different options (90 degrees, 180, 270, split screen) in both directions (maybe Left-CTRL and Right-CTRL) so one dont has to go through all of them eg. when going back from 180 to 90.
  2. Hi, after updating my Game List GameEx now crashes on startup (everytime). Log and Ini attached. Last entry in Log is "Restoring Cached ICONS from File" - is there a way to delete this cache? Tried re-installing GameEx with no luck. log.txt GameEx.ini Edit: looks like it has something to do with the videosnaps managed to get it working with an old ini without snaps still investigating ;-) Edit2: solved by reinstalling LAV codecs
  3. high-5

    Rotate display via button?

    Thanks for the CTRL-TAB hint, will try to map this to a cab button. The rotation pluglin seems to need a hardware pcb on LPT or PS2 port to work - will have a closer look into it.
  4. Hi Tom, not really as I could not find a documentation for it. There are not too many options but I dont know how to map the script functions to a button. Edit: found the documentation on the downloads page ;-) seems it uses hardware boards for switching indication - will have a look into it. A mapable key would also be fine.
  5. high-5

    Rotate display via button?

    for now I got this workaround implemented: assigned two hotkeys (2player-button plus Joystick up or down) to run a script which kills any gameex process and run gameex either with a horizontal or a vertical (rotate display) ini. Works :-) Downside is if I have to change something in configuration I always have to save it two times (h/v)
  6. GameEx Arcade: would be great to rotate the gameex display via configurable buttons for cabs that can rotate monitor
  7. high-5

    Rotate display via button?

    Thanks for your answers! Dont have any other video software installed than CRT Emu Drivers - wanted to keep the OS as clean as possible. I am using a JPAC so I could assign keys to my buttons and also add macros - maybe I could kill gameex task and run it with another (horizontal/vertical) config on push of a button. B2K24, how do you change from horizontal to vertical then?
  8. high-5

    Rotate display via button?

    My fault, I should have made clear what I am trying to achieve I am using GameEx in an original arcade cab and the monitor is easy to rotate so I would like to run GameEx vertically and horizontally - Resolution of course stays the same. The "rotate display" option in GameEx just works perfect but I would like to switch the orientation on push of a button without restarting GameEx. Trying to find an option to map "rotate display" to an input device. Thanks for your help.
  9. high-5

    Rotate display via button?

    Hi, I'd like to rotate GameEx Display 90 Degrees and back via Arcade Buttons. Any idea if this is possible? Did not find a setting in the setup wizard (3.1.5) using GameEx Arcade Edition: Version 14.96 Thanks.