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  1. Hello there, I've been trying to get some assistance tracking down what might be causing an issue I'm having - basically I have a teensy for managing my addressable led strips, and a Pindmdv3, which i understand is based on a teensy driver, possibly board as well. When I load rom-based vpx tables, they load perfectly fine, but when I try to load any table with Ultradmd, i'm getting a "Pindmd not found" message. This message only shows up when I have the extra teensy board plugged in, otherwise there is no message. I have tried changing the COM ports of both the teensy and Pindmd, but that doesn't fix the issue either. I'm thinking it has something to do with autodetection, and might be crashing since it's trying to load the dmd software on the first detected teensy board which isn't actually the Pindmd, but no clue how/where to go to fix or remove autodetection. Any assistance would be much appreciated, been bouncing on a number of forums hoping someone might know what to do :) -James aka Truegamer25
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