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    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    I got it! I have to treat my secondary monitor (secondary to my PC) as my primary monitor in Marquee Masher. Then I simply uncheck enabled under secondary monitor and I'm good to go! Game on folks!
  2. DLuxPNW

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    That fixed my directory issue perfect. Unfortunately I keep getting no banner displayed over my primary monitor. The secondary monitor (I'm using for the artwork) is working perfect but once I'm in a game list and the artwork shows up on my second screen so does the "No Banner" image over my primary screen. Changelog.txt MMLog.log settings.ini
  3. DLuxPNW

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!
  4. DLuxPNW

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    Appreciate it Changelog.txt MMLog.log
  5. DLuxPNW

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    Is there any way to get previously released versions of the plugin? I started from scratch with most of my emulators and for that matter my Gameex setup. I just got my 2nd monitor up and running again and revisited Marquee Masher and I can't get the new version (at time of writing version 1.4.22) to let me add directories. It's been a while since I set it up last time so maybe I'm missing something obvious but it seemed to work right when I downloaded it last time.
  6. DLuxPNW

    GameEx back button not working

    My back button over night became another select button.