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  1. Cyn, let me know if you get any replies. I'm in the same boat. I may have to play this one on my portable system that has brutal joysticks.
  2. Just got enough to bump Luigi off the board. 79,650.
  3. Another cheap 7th. 30,560. I will improve this.
  4. I’ll just slide into 7th to grab some overall points. 17,875
  5. Weird concept for a game and I love the Tron-ish graphics. Pretty hard on the eyes after a while. Anyhow - 13,047.
  6. Great tip Cyn for the second boss. I just can’t seem to beat him though. 102,700.
  7. Fucking hurdles are the worst. Can’t beat them. Any hints? my best is 24,420
  8. Snow bros was sweet. Took me many rounds to figure out the best pattern for the enemies. I can see how the scores are so high if you don’t screw up in the first few rounds. I will revisit this one again soon. Especially if there is two players. Cheers guys. Anyhow - 179,440.
  9. @GimmeClassics this game is so fun.
  10. 21,180 I'm not sure why there isn't more scores on the Leaderboard? This game is super fun even on the Hardest setting. Thank god I spent the money and got a decent 4 way joystick. Not the highest score, but I will be visiting this again. I like the fact that our hero has a laser while hunting for treasure.
  11. Bay Route 51,850. I am now only playing these games on my home rig so I don't screw up the credits again.
  12. Shit man, I thought that score may have been too good to be true. I liked the game. Graphics were awesome. I get to play a bit at work and I get interrupted by boss people. My first score was on one credit. If I continued it was not my intention. I love the retro game scene and wouldn’t do anything purposefully to impede it’s integrity
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