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  1. Floyd Turbo

    Ms. Pac-man

    Sorry about the dust on my screen. 29,670.
  2. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    I am fine with pushing the new game back. I still have a bunch of games to post scores to anyhow. I think Ms. Pac-Man will be next on my list. Suck to hear about your computer. That's never a fun time.
  3. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    Are we still rocking Pepper II for September?
  4. Floyd Turbo

    Mr. Do!

    Just spent the last two days playing this classic. Great game. 104,750
  5. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    Best I can do without punching the screen.
  6. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    What is the key to this game? I am having a very rough time with it. Here is my pathetic score, but at least I can get my name on the board.
  7. Floyd Turbo


  8. Floyd Turbo


    @hansolo77 Don't worry about my score. You can delete my post as I will redo it with hopefully a better outcome. Like I said, I was just trying to get my name on the board. I am having a hard time taking a picture of the projector wall with my phone and submitting it without it being under 1MB. That's why the first one is fuzzy. I had to downsize it. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to drink beer, ignore the wife and get my Xevious on. I understand that crappy photo's don't count and hopefully I can get a better shot of the new 1st place score.
  9. Floyd Turbo


    I'm glad to see someone with the same high score screen as me. I was worried that I had the wrong MAME. Great score by the way.
  10. Floyd Turbo


    Crappy score but I thought I would get my name on the board. That first boss can suck it. I wish the Solvalou moved a little quicker. 57,470 Updated. Sorry it's sideways.
  11. Floyd Turbo


    I'm pretty pumped for this!!!
  12. Floyd Turbo

    Juno First

    Projector is the only way to go. Makes the pixels look even bigger on some of those old games.
  13. Floyd Turbo

    Tetris: The Grand Master

    This game was pretty fun.
  14. Floyd Turbo

    Juno First

    Sorry about the credit and name issue. I should have read the rules. On the other hand, I beat my personal best. 73,890. Sometimes it’s hard to get the whole screen in when your playing on a 105” projector. Lol
  15. Floyd Turbo

    Juno First

    I had never heard of this game before. Absolutely loving it!!