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  1. Damn that 3rd Boss is hard. 18,254,010
  2. Yes, every level has a timer and level's 9 and 10 are very hard to pass without running out of time. The key to the game as @Cynicaster pointed out is to make every trip into the board count. As soon as you return to your egg, the point multiplier resets.
  3. Hot damn this game is extremely difficult. Who knew poachers were so tough. 12,100
  4. Last update and I’m going to take a Go Go break. 397,840
  5. Now I'm finding out how to get the most points in the first two levels. It is possible to get over 300k by the time you hit the first Boss, but it's very tricky to do. 349,260
  6. Just to keep this competition exciting, here is an updated score. Just barely passed @GimmeClassics with a 307,400.
  7. Sorry @GimmeClassics I obviously was super excited about my score and misread the name. Or perhaps that's just me trash talking. Here is my screenshot, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate it. It's upright until I upload it, then it puts it sideways. Weird.
  8. GimmieClassics inspired me to give Level 10 another go. Finally beat it, but came up a couple thousand short of the lead. That boss was pretty easy. 304,360
  9. Getting closer to Cyn. He's in trouble if I ever clear Level 10. 258,020
  10. This game is super hard and I remember having it for the NES, but I had a beauty of a game of Gauntlet. I was kicking ass in the dungeon. I was juuuusst able to squeak by rtkii. Warrior - 13,340
  11. Not a bad little game. Was fun riding the rapids. 57,706
  12. On the board with a whopping 42,500
  13. Sometimes it sucks having Cynicaster’s saved hi score data. Shows how much better I need to do. Anyhow...... Here is my Bubbles score.
  14. Still can't get passed Level 10, but i bumped up my hi score by a bit. 250,640
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