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  1. Floyd Turbo

    1943: The Battle of Midway

    Going down the list to get on all the top tens.
  2. Floyd Turbo

    1941 Counter Attack

    No problem. Hope everything is ok and you heal fast.
  3. Floyd Turbo

    1941 Counter Attack

    Here is my submission. Tough game.
  4. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    Here’s my solid submission. This game may be the death of me.
  5. Floyd Turbo

    Games You'd Like to See!

    I've been playing some "Armored Car". Pretty fun game.
  6. Floyd Turbo

    Vs. ExciteBike

    Those guys on track 3 wouldn’t get out of the damn way.
  7. Floyd Turbo

    Poll: 2nd GOTQ 2019

    I really hope Alien Syndrome wins. I took the game for a spin last night and found it quite entertaining. Now back to getting my ass kicked at the Dojo in Kung Fu Master.
  8. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    I hear ya Han. I'm having a super hard time as well. I have a feeling I will be coasting into last place on this quarter's game. I'm super embarrassed to post any of my scores. By the way, congrats on the 5,000th post.
  9. Floyd Turbo

    Bank Panic

    Had a gem of a round. Now my eyes are burning. I don't think I blinked for 12:58.
  10. Floyd Turbo


    Getting on the board.
  11. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    I had this for Atari back in the day. Just remember, punching an enemy gets you 200 points vs. 100 points for kicks and leg sweeps.
  12. Floyd Turbo


    Great score Cyn.
  13. Floyd Turbo

    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

    Getting on the board.
  14. Floyd Turbo


    Finally broke the six digit mark.