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  1. Floyd Turbo

    Top 10 Scores

    I hope this works. I have attached a Word file of all the current GOTM top 10 scores. I find it helps to have the list beside me to see where I stand without having to drill into each game from the Games List. Cheers. (This list will probably be outdated quickly) GOTM Top Ten Scores.docx
  2. Floyd Turbo

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    No 6 digit'er yet Main Offender. Working on it. Those damn pink suicide ships are killing me.
  3. Floyd Turbo

    Bank Panic

    Time to start submitting some scores on older games.
  4. Floyd Turbo

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Does it take a lot of time to update all the scores and such? I'm just curious and appreciate the hard work it must be to keep everything up to date.
  5. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    Who the shit chews Skol these days? We should make him do a piss test to make sure he's not juicing for the competition.
  6. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    @Cynicaster Sorry to hear about the CPU crash. I still have a copy of your programming build if you need it, but I'm sure you still have it on your Cloud.
  7. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    Let the games begin.
  8. Floyd Turbo

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    Got to play for a few minutes and get on the board. Good game. Looks like Cyn has again raised the bar pretty high. Great score to shoot for.
  9. Floyd Turbo

    Ms. Pac-man

    Sorry about the dust on my screen. 29,670.
  10. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    I am fine with pushing the new game back. I still have a bunch of games to post scores to anyhow. I think Ms. Pac-Man will be next on my list. Suck to hear about your computer. That's never a fun time.
  11. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    Are we still rocking Pepper II for September?
  12. Floyd Turbo

    Mr. Do!

    Just spent the last two days playing this classic. Great game. 104,750
  13. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    Best I can do without punching the screen.
  14. Floyd Turbo

    Pepper II

    What is the key to this game? I am having a very rough time with it. Here is my pathetic score, but at least I can get my name on the board.
  15. Floyd Turbo