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  1. TK4261

    Pinball FX3 Solo Story Backglass

    Cool, Was looking there...I finally found..Was looking under Star Wars ...Its named RedCup1 RedCup2 & RedCup3
  2. TK4261

    Pinball FX3 Solo Story Backglass

    Nice, Thank you! Do you know the names to enter for these tables in PBX?
  3. Just saw this today https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/4/17818186/pinball-fx3-arcade-bally-williams-rights
  4. TK4261

    Mega Docklets Style Pinball FX3 Wheel Images

    Thank you! Pugs are cool!
  5. Hi all, I am in need of the correct spelling for Star Wars Rogue one in Pinballx Game Mgr. I found a few lists online but none of them had Rogue One in them. I have all the tables working except for that table on my cabinet. When I select Rogue One in pinballx, it opens "The walking Dead" table for some reason. I just figured that it is not spelled correctly in the Game Mgr. I had it as: Game: STARWARS_Rogue_One Description: Star Wars - Rogue One If anyone could please help out it would be much appreciated. Thank you