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  1. Hello all, I do have 2 quick questions been searching here in the forum also in my gameex setup wizard exe and not luck, 1- How to add more time to video snaps between videos? Right now I believe its like 5 secs or something how to edit that number to add more time. 2- How to disable Genres from showing. I do have lot of games and some times kids press it by mistake and it takes too long to load since a lot games and emulators so how to disable? others info: I do have Gameex Arcade edition because I was thinking only to use with arcade games (MAME) , i really like it and ended adding all my other emulators, and now its my main Frontend, but the problem is I see its missing lot features not showing in the wizard setup since its the Arcade edition its limited so that way its less complicated and lighter correct?, but anyway to get to those settings maybe direct from the original config file itself, thanks in advance. i added the pictures. to show you items to be changed thanks..
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