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    Topper query

    Hi Tom, Within Pinball X (currently v.3.25), When I run VPX in force exclusive full-screen mode (VPX video option) , topper images show, but topper video's do not show . Running with this option turned off, all is good , but for performance reasons I would like to utilize the exclusive full-screen mode. Is there any solution ??
  2. Weeksy

    updated to 3.16, some issues

    Yep, all sorted, thanks for sorting Tom, great support.
  3. Weeksy

    updated to 3.16, some issues

    Hi Tom, updated to latest 3.16 from 3.13. Starts up ok, all tables are present , but it doesnt seem to be reading the database xml file settings. ie ratings, topper, alternate exe info etc are not being picked up and not working when a game is started.
  4. Thanks Tom , yeah that sorted it out. That initial load time was several minutes. Appreciate the suggestion. Thanks and keep up the great work. In the future, will it be possible to create lists via manufacturer and/or year ?
  5. HI , I have just updated from 3.07 to 3.11 and pinball x freezes at load screen. Previous upgrade , i had to delete the flash.ocx file. Did the same for this , but still locks up. Windows 7 system
  6. Weeksy

    [RESOLVED] just upgraded, now crash

    somehow i have managed to rectify this issue, I was trying delete the flash.ocx file (unsuccessfully in the end), when it came alive ?? No idea, but glad it works
  7. I'm running a 4 screen set-up. In pinball x menu/preview mode , all screens are displaying correctly. Once I start a game, all screens with the exception of the topper display. I know it has something to do with the 'force exclusive full screen mode' within VPX (4k mode), as it works correctly if i'm using HDMI (1920x1080 resolution). I know The topper is still running/working, however it is in the wrong location. I've tried to play with x & y axis adjustments, managed to get it working okay in game mode, but it then topper doesn't display in the menu/preview mode. Any suggestions, most welcome. I understand that running display in native 4k will probably solve this issue, but I'm holding off going down that path for now, as I'm also running arcade games, fx2/fx3 etc through pinball x.
  8. hello guru's : I have just updated pinball x from 2.36 to 3.06 and it crashes at the first load page. Running windows 7. 32 bit install. Any suggestions welcomed . thanks