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  1. Yesssssssssss that's great ... i hope you can do that ++
  2. Hi, this is my Astro Theme ... i've just modified the default GameEX It's not complete, but it's work fine with Mame ... http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ikaruga/Astro_theme.zip ++
  3. Hi, This is my New Astro City cabinet with GameEX ... I made a "Astro" skin also ... More photos on my blog : Arcade Blog I've add a link to your website tom , i hope it's not a problem ++
  4. zarouk

    Bookmarks list

    Hi, I've just notice a little thing ... In bookmarks list there are no icons for the games In all other list is good : "most played", "mame list" ... thanks, ++
  5. zarouk

    Games list problem

    Sorry i've just found the solution ... The complete name of cyvern is "cyvern (japan)" ... so i have just disable the filter in the configuration and it is perfect now ... ++
  6. Hi , I just notice that some game are not listed : For exemple : Cyvern : http://datobase.arcadehits.net/rom.php?zip=cyvern&s2=VIEW I used Mame 0.102 and i think gameEX don't use it to create the list ... What can i do to have a good update of the games list ? Thanks,
  7. Thanks for your quick response ... It's perfect now
  8. Hi everyone , First i want to congratulation T.Speirs for this great Front-End. I've installed it yesterday and it works fine in my Astro City Cab I have one question : - I want to delete 2 items of the home page menu : "multimedia" and "more games & programs" ... I think it's possible but i don't know how ... Thanks for your help. PS : Sorry for my english, i'm french.
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