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  1. After suggestions from "Malzbie's Pinball Collection" I tried to follow you on pinball wicked. The table starts, the dmd works, but when I exit the game and it comes back to me in Pinballx the game remains in execution ..... I don't quit the game I read your comment "pinball wicked does not seem to react well on the quit game key" but I didn't understand how to solve it. I'm sure it's my problem as others haven't raised it. I'm sure you can help solve it Sauro
  2. I use google translator, in the translation I apply the spaces after / original : But watch out with spaces again it's /f /im .. , translation : Ma stai attento con gli spazi, è / f / im .. , English Italian . Hi Sauro
  3. Thanks gah1068, thanks joyrider3774 for suggestions ... The error was in the spaces of the script now after a few adjustments works well. Attached the photo of my pincab. There is one thing that still does not work for me, by exiting Pinballx the Dmdext remains active I can not close it "ctrl-c". Do I need to add a command on MalzabiesPinballCollection Launch after ?. Thanks again for the suggestions and best regards Sauro N.B: I answer myself to the last question alone ... I added "taskkill / f / im dmdext.exe" to the MalzabiesPinballCollection Launchafter file and now it seems to work perfectly.
  4. "start" "/ min dmdext.exe mirror ....." should open a black window somewhere visible with alt-tab? the command appears that it does not open any windows. I have a "Monitor 15.6" 1376x768 <- dmd = screen 3 Sauro
  5. Hi everyone, i installed Malzbie's Pinball Collection Playfield backglass all right. The dmd does not work. I have a 1080 x 1920 pincab and 3 monitors. this is my configuration with dmdext v 1.7.2: powershell -Command "Start-Process" irotate.exe '' / 1: rotate = 270 / exit '-Verb runAs -WorkingDirectory' C: \ PinballX \ Plugins \ iRotate \ '" start Image_Monitor_View.exe 1 "C: \ PinballX \ Media \ Malzbies Pinball Collection \ Backglass Images \% 1.png" start "" / min dmdext.exe mirror --source = screen --position = 382 10 318 130 --destination = virtual --virtual-stay-on-top --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position = 1080 1114 1366 414 --virtual-dotsize = 1.1 Can you help me figure out where I'm wrong? Thanks for the VS suggestions Sauro
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