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  1. Can I find whats new in the releases 3.36 and 3.37 PinballX?
  2. Hi Tom,

    I am using PinballX in my cab and also have a real DMD (Pin2DMD).

    The default animation for colored DMD video while scrolling through my tables doesn't show up anymore.
    It used to work but lately I only have a black DMD when I go back from a table to scroll to another one.
    I also can't get a colored DMD video to be displayed on my Pin2DMD, although I have the video in the correct folder.

    Do you have an idea what I am missing in my setup? During install I actived real DMD Support.
    Thanks for any hint!


  3. Problem solved! MY FAULT! There wasn't a video missing so PinballX came back without new recording. I did not delete the older video I wanted to re-record.
  4. Can't record any videos with version 3.29 anymore. Do other people have this issue too?
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