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  1. Thank you Draco1962 , i post here these two files, hope it could help PinballX.ini log.txt
  2. Hello guys, I have a small problem with PinballX and my KLZ25 card (recognized as a joystick). I set up PinballX to play introductory videos on my playfield, backglass and topper. Everything works fine unless I want to leave the introductory videos before the end. Indeed, only the playfield video stops but the others (backglass & topper) continue to work? and I have to wait until the end of these videos to arrive on PinballX and the tables. On the other hand, if my KLZ25 card is recognized as a keyboard, I don't have any problem. I can leave all the introductory videos at the same time and find the wheel and the tables on pinballX. Finally, if I use my real keyboard, no problem I can also leave all the videos (playfield, backglass & topper) at the same time. Have you already identified this problem? has anyone found a solution ? Thxs
  3. scutters, yes now I hear the voice by lowering the volume of the tables. But now, it's the volume of tables that are too low. It's a pity not to be able to increase the voice of Windows Anyway thank you very much for your help.
  4. Thank you scutters i will check that as well. When you said lowering table audio it's in pinballX or Visual Pinball X ?
  5. thank you scutters but i'm still with Windows 7 but i will check if it's not possible to do the same thing on W7 EDIT => it works on W7 as well, unfortunatly the sound was already at 100%
  6. Hello everyone, Do you know ho to increase the volume of the voice of pinballX ? Because on mine pincab the voice is covered by the music tables
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