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  1. Moon Patrol

  2. Joust

  3. Pang

  4. [GOTM] Dragon Spirit

    Take second back if you want, just not from me
  5. [GOTM] Dragon Spirit

    Just reclaiming second for now
  6. Bubbles

  7. [GOTM] Dragon Spirit

    Just as I thought I had pulled ahead
  8. Q*Bert

    Not quite supreme noser yet but its a start
  9. GAPlus

    I tried to leave the age blank but that didnt work out
  10. Galaga '88

    I got to the boss, sadly I lost the triple fighter just before and lost both ships here
  11. Defender

    I messed up the dips and I had to use a different emulator to make sure unrelated dips are reset and I can set it up properly
  12. 1944

    Took me 1:45 hrs to figure out that you can do that charge attack.. I need to start looking up controls or something
  13. Puzzle Bobble

    Looks like I actually never took it, which is why I dragged the only screenshot I had on here... Managed to beat it by 1.3 mil tho so it was worth it
  14. The Punisher

    These scores are really good
  15. Puzzle Bobble

    Wrong screenshot, but I cant fix it today because I cant go on my laptop X_X Sent from my E2105 using Tapatalk