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  1. Gauntlet

    Elf score - I wish I was here during the GOTM this was easy
  2. Fast Lane

    Honestly its an old screen shot and I cant remember but heres a newer one instead
  3. Gauntlet

    The warrior score
  4. Fast Lane

    Thats weird, Im sure I remember already posting this
  5. Galaga

    Hey I was right
  6. Galaga

    Whoo! another one I have been playing since the start just trying to ge- hmm higher positions seem really doable
  7. Galaga

    It was you I was so close to, and you dont suck with 100k
  8. Galaga

    Why do I keep getting so close in the games I put the most time into
  9. Hammerin' Harry

    I played this for ages and only scored around what I got at first 20 mins for an hour
  10. Tetris: The Grand Master

    Does anyone know a version of mame that this runs decently on, with the newest one it dosent load because they changed the requiered files to some that cant be emulated and on mameplus (119) it crashes after a while.
  11. Donkey Kong

    Yes final- god damn it so close to 6th
  12. Jackal