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  1. Gradius

    Is it cheating to bind missile and normal fire to the same button because its annoying to spam two buttons..
  2. Gradius

    Hopefully they are similair so I can get a good score
  3. Burger Time

    can I have 10th and never play this again ._.
  4. Frogger

    Exed exes that was a big jump
  5. Toobin'

    1st place is definitely possible soon.
  6. Toobin'

    No, the 270630. I wrote it wrong and then replayed so I could get an LM on the leaderboard to prove its mine
  7. Joust

    up two positions! good day today
  8. Toobin'

    Why does it feel so great to knock people off the leaderboard break scores that have remained for years
  9. Toobin'

    I'm noticing two patterns, my position on the games, and my inability to write my initials correctly (replayed to show a LM xD)
  10. Metal Slug

    On level 2 make sure to go under the lasers as there is a 50000 point bonus
  11. Metal Slug

    Im going to improve the score on all games I have posted on. Maybe not frogger.
  12. Donkey Kong

    By stage do you mean completing the barrel part or completing the first 2 levels?
  13. Donkey Kong

    "I like donkey kong I should post a high score"
  14. Joust

    Im bad at this..
  15. DoDonPachi

    Ok im def going to improve on this