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  1. Luigimaker

    Puzzle Bobble

    Its because of the games scoring. Clearing levels gives you basically nothing but if you clear bubbles and 19 more fall off of them it gives you 1.3 mil.
  2. Luigimaker


    missed 100K from a stupid mistake
  3. Luigimaker


    In an attempt to not be useless in the yolymipics, Ive started practicing toobin
  4. Luigimaker

    The Punisher

    This is now one of my favourite games
  5. Luigimaker

    Bank Panic

    I'll come back if I have to defend my leaderboard positions
  6. Luigimaker

    Ms. Pac-man

    Sorry but I need my 10 points back
  7. Luigimaker

    Pepper II

    This game is too fast for me
  8. Luigimaker

    Tetris: The Grand Master

    Finally.... Ive gotten really close a few times
  9. Luigimaker

    Bubble Bobble

    Im not saying 2 hours for one round of the game, and thats not the highest level ive gotten to, just took me that long in total to make it to the leaderboard
  10. Luigimaker


    the second attack on the fourth boss is impossible to see coming
  11. Luigimaker

    Bubble Bobble

    Just barely.. only took 2 hours
  12. Luigimaker

    Ghouls 'n Ghosts

    8th place has a lower score than me, im 9th