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  1. Thank you so much! Another one added!
  2. If so, try this. First, in Steam, go to the launch options (Right Click Pinball Arcade -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options)Under the command line, enter "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PinballArcade\PinballArcade11.exe" %command%Change the path if Steam is installed elsewhere, make sure to include the quotes. That defaults Pinball Arcade to the DX11 version instead of the DX9 version. Then you can just create a shortcut through Steam for Pinball Arcade and click on that.
  3. First of all... Thank's alot CHASER and humor4fun for the jobs done.... I was looking to fix this issue and as i bought Pinballx two day's ago... I didn't know where to begin so i'll explain a little more for newbe... You need to take the files that humor4fun have uploaded "Pinball FX2_databses.zip" and put it's content to your "PinballX/Databases/Pinball FX2/" folder. Now you will be able to execute the Pinballx Game List Manager and import the database if it is avalaible.... Now i'm looking for a way to make the missing files and spred it to everyone... I have to read much more... Thank's again!
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