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  1. Haha how awesome! I don't think I've had faster tech support even at work talking to the head programmer directly. And he's a good friend of mine. Thanks so much! Resolved. -Dan
  2. Oops, sorry -- posted this in the Evolution forum by mistake. When launching I get the "please wait while loading..." screen then it quits. Attached is the log.txt log.txt
  3. Aw man, that's young. Gotta appreciate each day at least a little.
  4. Yes, I'm good to go now (Win 10 64 bit). Thanks again for everything!
  5. lol, y'all are reminding me of this 80's flashback...
  6. Please don't shoot the messanger Not resolved (for me at least). Log attached. log.txt
  7. ...fwiw here's the log file for a successful launch of 15.35. Everything was issue-free up to your install version right before the current one. log - 15.35.txt
  8. Hi Tom, I re-downloaded and wrote over the old install file and re-installed over things, like usual. Still the same thing it looks like. Fortunately, for sake of enjoying my cabinet, I found a copy of 15.35 in another folder to fall back on that runs fine for me -- so I'm not out of operation. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Thanks! GameEx.ini log.txt
  9. Hello! Oof, this is what I get for installing a new version literally minutes after its post w/o saving the previous edition install. Attached is the log.txt file showing the error it's throwing for me. Also attached is gameex.ini log.txt GameEx.ini
  10. Tunnel Hunt (1979). There was one of these by the Woolworth's entrance in the mall. I remember thinking the graphics were so crude but the gameplay was like nothing else. Don't remember if I've seen others of these besides that one.
  11. Eyes is one of my favorite old games. Maybe one of the top-five-played on my cabinet. I remember it from HS. It wasn't at the Aladdin's Castle, I don't think. I think it was at this other arcade we'd go to that was in some strip mall. It's not easy. They start to fire at you the second you're in line-of-sight. I love the random-note-generator background "music" Adds to its weirdness. Not sure if this one is extremely obscure. But it is weird. I loved this one, too, because I was good at it.
  12. b0rg9

    Arcade 1UP

    Got an email the other day for these cabinet/controllers. On these you will need to add your own monitor and raspberry pi or computer. But I think it's a nice solution for those that don't have room for a full-size cabinet or the budget. https://www.recroommasters.com/Xtension-Bartop-scaled-down-arcade-machines-s/99.htm Bonuses: They're set up for 2P SIM, they have all the buttons you need for most fighters, and they are likely a solid build (I have their full-size upright that holds a 32" screen). These would be the route, IMO, if you wanted something closer to a full-blown MAME setup and not that JAMMA junk. Although they sell this kit for JAMMA, too, if that's your thing.
  13. I don't have room for all of that in my beer fridge...
  14. Oh man, I didn't go but my mom got there (lived in Indianapolis at the time). I still use this for nice Belgian beers like Chimay. But I believe it was some kind of tequila sunrise concoction at the time...
  15. Got a nice 3.6+ MB/SEC on the latest Arcade Version just now. Don't really know if this is my fastest but it seems so compared to last several downloads. Thanks!
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