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  1. I have 104 vpx tables launching and working fine by PinballX. When I try to launch Lord of the Rings, the table and Backglass load and after a few seconds the windows screens shows and then it goes back ti PinballX menu. Works fine when launched outside PinballX. Any ideas?
  2. I just ran PINBALLX and played two VPX games - Creature from the Black Lagoon and Bugs Bunny. My log and ini are attached below. I have to mouseclick the playfield in order to get Black Lagoon to play. Bugs worked without intervention. Looking at the log, as spoontangclan observed, it seems to be somehow related to the timing of the VP editor loading. I now have 59 VPX tables functioning although some of the I have to mousclick and pretty much all take about a minute to load but I can live with the loading time. I will be glad to run any test you wish. I really do appreciate your willingness to try to figure out what is going on. log.txt PinballX.ini
  3. My apologies. This was was same issue that I referenced in the other post so I didnt want to confuse things by once again loading the same files. I can repost files when I get back home to cabinet. Tom provides great support. Certainly was not trying to be difficult.
  4. Tom, I previously placed my log and ini in the forum topic below about my long loading times. I didnt include them again as spoontangclan appeared he may be on to something related to timing of loading editor referenced earlier.
  5. I have loaded 56 VPX tables. I have to mouse click on about 7 or so tables to get them to operate. Been this way from the start.
  6. Change the text in the TEXT field setup of PiINBALLX . You can change anytime running the setup of PINBALLX.
  7. I am experiencing the exact same problem. I have two monitors and a pindmd v3 dmd device. How long does it typically take a table to load?
  8. I sure am glad I am not the only one. I have tried everything I can think of. Backglass loads fast, then blinks briefly as table is about to complete loading. Menu runs excellently. Can someone tell me what vpauto.exe is supposed to do? I have read it just acknowlodges the nag screen but I have also read deleting it helps resolve focue issues.
  9. Yes I have previously read on several forums that all programs, Pinballx, vpinballx, setups, gamemanager, etc. Should be run as admin with compatibility mode checkec so I started that way from the start. You think that could be causing my issues?
  10. Malware scanner was disabled to eliminate it as a culprit with same results. What does vpauto.exe do and should it be checkec to run as admin? This is really weird as I can fly very quickly through the menu wheel with no lag at all and vpinballx loads very quickly on its own.
  11. Files below Appreciate any suggestions log.txt PinballX.ini
  12. Tom - loaded latest version with same result. Tables play fine but take almost a minute to load and I have to mouse click a few before they can accept coins. Is is possible for Pinballx to ensure focus is on Visual Pinball Player after it loads a game. I am clueless as to why it takes almost a minute to load any table. The good news is they work great once they are activated. Open to suggestions. I sure would like to put ,y keyboard away and figure out why it takes so long to load. FYI - same result with AVAST Antivirus deactivated.
  13. I have downloaded and debugged 57 VPX tables. I have a 2 monitor and pinDMD V3 configuration. All tables run fine and each tables takes only a few seconds (<10) to load using Visual PinvallX. MY only problem is a few or the tables I have to mouseclick the playfield to get them to run. I have tried a couple of AHK programs but no success yet. MY BIG CONCERN - when launching from PINBALLX, it literally takes almost 60 SECONDS to load a table. I have tried both with and without a HOTKEY program with the same result. I am runnig Windows 7 64 bit in Admin Mode. Pertinent files attached. WHY DOES iT TAKE SO LONG TO LOAD A TABLE IN PINBALLX? Surely this is not the norm? Please help!! log.txt PinballX.ini Visual Pinball.xml VPXtofront.ahk
  14. Tom and rablack97, I could no longer comment on my last topic since was closed because I was able to have a work around using rablack97's VPX.exe auto hot key program he so graciously provided. I do believe there is a focus problem within PINBALLX. I followed all of the installation guidelines and was only able run subsequent tables by entering ALT TAB or running his VPX .exe ahk file. PINBALLX certainly allowed for running the executables so kudos for that. I troubleshot this for days before finally implementing his ahk fix to get the focus correct without having to use a keyboard. First table loads great but seems to lose focus somewhere in the process of cleaning out the old table and loading the next selection. rablack97 - I would love to get a copy of your ahk script so I can better understand what you did within in. I certainly understand if youd rather keep it to yourself. Tom - please dont take this as me being negative about your product. I just think it this focus issue could be resolved, it would allow for a faster smoother install. I am surpirsed more people are not experiencing the lack of focus issue. Thank you both again for your assistance is helping me find a workaround
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