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  1. Nomal table loading time - 60 seconds???? HELP!!

    Files below Appreciate any suggestions log.txt PinballX.ini
  2. Nomal table loading time - 60 seconds???? HELP!!

    Tom - loaded latest version with same result. Tables play fine but take almost a minute to load and I have to mouse click a few before they can accept coins. Is is possible for Pinballx to ensure focus is on Visual Pinball Player after it loads a game. I am clueless as to why it takes almost a minute to load any table. The good news is they work great once they are activated. Open to suggestions. I sure would like to put ,y keyboard away and figure out why it takes so long to load. FYI - same result with AVAST Antivirus deactivated.
  3. I have downloaded and debugged 57 VPX tables. I have a 2 monitor and pinDMD V3 configuration. All tables run fine and each tables takes only a few seconds (<10) to load using Visual PinvallX. MY only problem is a few or the tables I have to mouseclick the playfield to get them to run. I have tried a couple of AHK programs but no success yet. MY BIG CONCERN - when launching from PINBALLX, it literally takes almost 60 SECONDS to load a table. I have tried both with and without a HOTKEY program with the same result. I am runnig Windows 7 64 bit in Admin Mode. Pertinent files attached. WHY DOES iT TAKE SO LONG TO LOAD A TABLE IN PINBALLX? Surely this is not the norm? Please help!! log.txt PinballX.ini Visual Pinball.xml VPXtofront.ahk
  4. ALT TAB Focus issue [RESOLVED]

    Tom and rablack97, I could no longer comment on my last topic since was closed because I was able to have a work around using rablack97's VPX.exe auto hot key program he so graciously provided. I do believe there is a focus problem within PINBALLX. I followed all of the installation guidelines and was only able run subsequent tables by entering ALT TAB or running his VPX .exe ahk file. PINBALLX certainly allowed for running the executables so kudos for that. I troubleshot this for days before finally implementing his ahk fix to get the focus correct without having to use a keyboard. First table loads great but seems to lose focus somewhere in the process of cleaning out the old table and loading the next selection. rablack97 - I would love to get a copy of your ahk script so I can better understand what you did within in. I certainly understand if youd rather keep it to yourself. Tom - please dont take this as me being negative about your product. I just think it this focus issue could be resolved, it would allow for a faster smoother install. I am surpirsed more people are not experiencing the lack of focus issue. Thank you both again for your assistance is helping me find a workaround
  5. Have to ALT-TAB to load a new table - [RESOLVED]

    Rablack97. You are a lifesaver. The ahk program fixed my issue. I get a few second black screen while processes execute but I can live with that. This has been kicking my tail for several weeks. This whole focus issue seems to play havoc on a lot of setups. It would be nice if some software guru could resolve without having to have workarounds. Nonetheless, Pinballx is a great product and folks like you and Tom providing support on this forum serve to make it better. Now on to troubleshooting new tables. THANKS AGAIN
  6. Have to ALT-TAB to load a new table - [RESOLVED]

    Would it be possible for me to try your ahk script?
  7. Have to ALT-TAB to load a new table - [RESOLVED]

    Looks like the tables are shutting down fine. I previous had a problem when I was using the same Exit button in PBX and VPX but I corrected that. If I do a CNTRL ALT DEL and look at task manager nothing looks out of norm. When I previously had a common Exit Button, it was creating multiples copies of VPX etc. This is no longer the case. Just have to ALT TAB to be able to load the selected table which is obviously unacceptable for a cabinet. All programs set to Run As Admin
  8. I have a two monitor cabinet configuration with a pinDMD V3 from VirtuaPin. I have tested several tables standalone with Visual PinballX and they run fine. Windows 7 64 bit Nvidia 1060 Pinballx 2.7 When i try to Run a tabel from PinballX the first table runs great. I then hit my Exit button to return to PinballX Menu. This works great a menu comes up as expected. I t=can progress through Menu selection as expected. My problem starts when I try to start my next Table selection. I get a black sceen that indicates LOADING on the playfield while the backglass loads the selected backglass. The Playfield stays on the loading screen until I ALT TAB to it, Once it is selected (receives focus) the correct playfield is loaded and I can proceed playing the table. Same scenario happens with subsequent table selections. Tables run fine once they are loaded but I have to ALT TAB to them to get them to load. Don't want to use keyboard in cabinet snf should no take ALT TAB intervention to load. Log.txt and PINBALLx.ini enclosed. I have seen alot about ALT HOT Key but thought that was a thing of the past. Please HELP!!! log.txt PinballX.ini
  9. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    Tom - I believe things are working as designed now. I deleted the exit button mapping in VPX as it is not needed in cabinet mode. This seemed to eliminate the freezing "LOADING" screen. It was as if the system was confusec at times on which one VPX or PBX to exit. Part of my problem appears to be my being impatient. My system moves very fast through the menu selection process but it takes several seconds for the new table to load. More testing testing to see if I can improve that with different options selected. I will check to make sure Pinmame is in cabinet. Does the fullscreen vs windowed option make any difference when it comes to load time. DDraw = 0 for every table in registry. Thank you again for your support. Great product and proud to be a contributing supporter.
  10. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    Tom - version 2.70 resolved the error issue in the log and things are much improved. I have included my log.txt file. As you can see from the log.txt file I played Bad Cats twice without issue. Then I selected Spidermam. The backglass loaded quickly but the playfield got stuck on a black screen with text LOADING displayed as if it was loading the game as expected. I had to ALT TAB a few times to finally enable the playfield screen to load. Then I was able to play fine. This black "LOADING" screen sticking has many times in various retries on several working tables. Not sure why its hanging up. I noticed when I hit ALT Tab there were several more windows active than I expected. It is like screens are sometimes not getting killed properly on exit (and/or a focus issue) Got any ideas? Thank you so much for your help. I feel as if I am almost there. I am also enclosing my pinballx.ini file in case that helps. log.txt PinballX.ini
  11. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    Ok - I have loaded 2.68 and I still have the same issue. Error still indicated in Log which I have enclosed below. I verified my mapping and am pretty sure that is not an issue. rablack - I have no joystick, only button. I referred to joy mapping because that is the way it is referred to in the virtuapin plunger kit. Scenario - verifed Bad Cats runs perfectly in VPX. Started PBX and loaded Bad Cats. Everything loaded correctly on backglass, external DMD, and playfield. DMD said to insert coins (as expected). When I pressed the insert coin button it game me 1/2 credit (as usual) so I pressed it again to get full credit so I did. DMD said hit START. I noticed when I first pressed the insert coin button the bonebuster creaan came up on the backglass and the playfield. The PBX menu was displayed on the bonebuster playfield ust like I was back in {BX mode. Keep in mind the DMD thinks it is in Bad Cats mode but the backglass ansd playfied are show Boneuster for some reason. When it press start the PBX menu comes up with the PAY GAme, INSTRUCTIONS, ETC. listing. I select PALY game and Batd cats loads on the backglass but the screen goes bl;ack. I have to CTRL_ALT_DEL to end tasks. Still getting the error as indicated in the Log file enclosed even after 2.68 installed log.txt
  12. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    My start button on my table is mapped to the Start Game selection in Visual Pinball. This button is mapped to the Select funtion in joysrick mapping in PBX. Is that a problem? It seemed like an obvious mapping but maybe that is it.
  13. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    Thanks Tom. Glad it wasnt another error on my part. You guys have been great helping me out. Would that cause the return to menu after hitting the credit button. It is much more sluggish than I expected. I must have some pinballx.ini settings not optimal
  14. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    Tried it with the same result. Really weird. I add two credits and the PBX menu pops up with bonebusters on the backglass. I select play and eventually Bats Cats will load. Still takes longer than expected. See the erro message below from the Log.txt file. Same error as I got before. Log.txt enclosed The value of argument 'value' (0) is invalid for Enum type 'ProcessPriorityClass'. 22:40:03.8 3/30/2018: Parameter name: value 22:40:03.8 3/30/2018: at System.Diagnostics.Process.set_PriorityClass(ProcessPriorityClass value) 22:40:03.8 3/30/2018: at PinballX.FrmMain.q() Getting closer- at least the game will play now. Did you see anything wrong in my Pinballx.ini file? log.txt
  15. Pinballx wont launch Visual Pinball X Tables [RESOLVED]

    OK - I found a large part of my problem was due to utilizing the import media function in Gamemanager. It basically overwrote several of my table names, the majority of which I was testing with. I cleaned all of that up (I hope - lots of testing to go). Now i am able to launch a table successfully. It still takes a long time to execute. I tried playing Bad Cats. It took a long time to load - almost a minute. I put in two credits as requested and when I hit start it return me to the PBX menu. I pressed start again and then, after a 15 second delay, t loaded the game and I was able to play it correctly. Seems like I still have something screwed up in my setup but I am getting closer. Bad Cats works great runining from VPINBALLX outside of PBX. Log files etc. below Any recommendations greatly appreciated . PinballX.ini log.txt Visual Pinball.xml