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  1. Thanks RedDog, All Problems are solved. Thanks for the great advice, my kids & I are enjoying these games immensely.
  2. I am including the latest ini file and a screen shot, it is also doing this for sega32x as well so am thinking must be a gameex setting I am overlooking. Using Emulator#9 GameEx Emulator9.ini press_any_key_popup.bmp
  3. Sorry about that...all working fine after pressing any key to close the cmd box...
  4. Thanks RedDog, I was in emulator14, games are now launching but I get a command prompt saying to press any button THEN the game launches. I am attaching another screenshot. Any way you may know of to eliminate this step? I am very grateful for all the help so far and so are my kids who are enjoying these games as much as I do, Thank you cmd_line_popup.bmp
  5. Went over all settings in gameex, I can see the PSX games listed but still can not launch them. I am including screen shots and latest .ini this is a real head scratcher, just don't see why the titles are grayed out when trying to launch. They play fine from medgui. config1.bmp config2.bmp config3.bmp config4.bmp gameex_screen_game_grayed_out_in_list.bmp GameEx.ini
  6. Thank you for replying so quickly, I will try this when I get back and keep you posted...
  7. As a newbe I could really use some help getting an emulator setup in GameEx. I am using Mednafen and it works fine running .cue files or is using medgui, on a fresh built Win XP (off network)I added it to Emulators in GamEx and it shows all the game roms but I'll click the game title, the next window opens, where I again see the game title and an option to add to favorites, but the game will not launch. I enabled .zip in the setup, and the Rom folder has both zipped and unzipped versions of the Roms. I also tried setting the rom filter for .cue which is what I use to play the games outside of Gameex. I am enclosing the .ini files, any assistance is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance. GameEx.ini tempemuimport.ini
  8. I am relatively new to this and am hoping you can help. My question is: Is there any way to set mednafen in GameEx to play games from a list? I have mednafen working on a 32 bit Win XP machine that is off network, it works fine if I drag the game over the .exe, but having issues setting Mednafen up in GameEx to not only display the game list (PSX) but to launch them as well. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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