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  1. andremi

    pinballx full frontend

    Hi to All, i would like to have an universal frontend... and over severals tries with different frontend... I'm concentrating in two frontend and studing them. Pinballx it would my preference for Graphics, Pinball Tables managing etc. Over Pinball tables, like many of you I love '80 videogames... so i like to add Mame and other old platform. So i would like to share with you the possibility to add other platform with your impression. I m waiting your contribution... thanks in advance. (sorry for my poor english )
  2. andremi

    pinball x and daphne

    i notice that pinballx not pass the correct structure of game rom name for daphe. so the true way is to pass variable without file suffix extension.
  3. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    tahnk thanks Paul, above i already attached my xml files... i did much steps... actually all it's ok, remain PINBALL FX2 problem and external problem to run Dreamcast games with Demul... for the parameters..
  4. andremi

    pinball x and daphne

  5. andremi

    pinball x and daphne

    i m trying to set parameters.. i saw that if i use [tablefile] variable... pinballx... write the name of rom with ".zip" suffix. how i can use the name of rom without suffix ".zip"? the reason is: the true command is: daphne.exe (romname) vlpd -framefile framefile\(romname)\(romname).txt example: daphne.exe lair vlpd -framefile framefile\lair\lair.txt =================================== if I use daphne.exe [tablefile] vlpd -framefile framefile\[tablefile]\[tablefile].txt the results command is>>>> daphne.exe lair.zip vlpd -framefile framefile\lair.zip\lair.zip.txt who can help me?
  6. andremi

    pinball x and daphne

    i would like to integrate in this special frontend.... " pinballx " daphhe laserdisc game.. actually in my test, i have pinballx with - future pinball - mame - snes i would like to add in menu selection daphne https://www.youtube.com/embed/Uvk8E9RwT5g anyone have try to add this games in pinballx? have you find the true "parameters" to add games?
  7. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    Hi PcTeknic, thanks or your reply, video is not mine.. i m preparing a new computer I5 for a cabinet flipper... so i m studing how to fix and prepare a windows 10 image for the next cabinet with all. in this project i would like to use pinballx (and not launchbox) for flipper tables, mame, snes. I have had several problem, but yesterday night i saw the matter.. pinball fx2 not create any group, but only a list of tables, without the possibility to switch by pressing "enter" by keybard to choose another tables system or mame or snes or other group. The problem that i notice is only for pinball fx2. yesterday night when i tried to install future pinball, i noticed the menu is appeared, so i can choose different Filter.. BUT if I search to switch from PINBALL FX2 tables to >> MAME or Other is impossible, menu prompts me only PLAY, RETURN or EXIT. if I press "Enter" in Future Pinball tables, menu offers me the possibility, like in video that i posted above, to choose for Table '70, Mame, Snes, Stern etc... NOW, it's remain to understands how to fix Pinball Fx2 matter... thanks in advance for support... hello from Italy. (next step try to add daphe and laserdisc games)
  8. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    this night, i understand a "thing.." in pinballx when is installed Pinball Fx2, frontend set all the P Fx2 table available.. but if you choose to play with anyone, not show the selection to choose "all table" or other group. BUT if you install Future Pinball... the normal selection with "filters" become available... (when you press enter to play a table, you can choose "all table" or "other group" BUT if you choose to play a Pinball Fx2 table, this selection is not available.. how is it possible to fix it... the matter is to have selection function with pinball fx2 tables...
  9. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    i tried to replace my xml files with yours above.... no results.. no menu (with last pinballx and windows 8.1) i THINK... there is a BUG in the last version. ------------ yesterday i received my "new" computer i5, for flipper cabinet... i installed windows 10 64 bit (as new) i installed pinballx (last version) no menu available... where i can download a previous version of pinballx ??? help please
  10. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    i try to attach my pinballx config file an LOG file where I can download a previous version of frontend PX ? (with table folder menu) PinballX.ini log.txt
  11. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    i just tried to remove PINBALLX from programs in windows 8.1 64bit, and I reinstalled it. try to add only MAME... try to create a copy of mame.xml... in mame-copy.xml.. remove all from original mame.xls and leave only <menu> tag... lunch pinballx... no possibility to choose.. all tables and mame showed... the MATTER is... any try, have no results... no menu added.
  12. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    in any cases.... i tried now to remove xml file from group folder.. but not possible to have a selection... i think that i m stupid... or pinball x have some matter? is there some tips or other to know for have the possibility to use a menu to choose something? i need help.....
  13. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    thanks a lot CARNY_PREST.... you are very kind and helpful ok..step to step.... i m using Pinballx 2.3.1 version, if I red the guide it would be simple... 1. i created a SNES - ONLY.xml (simple copy of snes.xml) 2. upated content of original Snes.xml only with < menu> </menu> i haved store Snes.xml and SNES - ONLY.xml in \\pinballx\database\snes ==== Is it correct to have in \\pinballx\database\group a file name TOP 10.xml with this content? <?xml version="1.0"?> -<group name="TOP 10"> <database>MAME\MAME</database> <database>Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball</database> <database>SNES\SNES</database> </group> SNES.xml SNES - Only.xml top 10.xml
  14. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    ok, thanks a lot for your reply. i created a new file.. snes - only.xml where i have to put it? in folder: \\pinballx\database\group or \\pinballx\database\snes than i replace content of original snes.xml with < menu> </menu> i tried to change position of file from group to snes folders... without results.... in any case, if i lunch pinballx... it show me all games of all platforms... and if i press esc... menu diplays only exit and shutdown.. no new row in menu selection are unfortunately appeared .
  15. andremi

    separated folder table for games and flippers

    anyone could help me? thanks in advance