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  1. i try to attach my pinballx config file an LOG file where I can download a previous version of frontend PX ? (with table folder menu) PinballX.ini log.txt
  2. i just tried to remove PINBALLX from programs in windows 8.1 64bit, and I reinstalled it. try to add only MAME... try to create a copy of mame.xml... in mame-copy.xml.. remove all from original mame.xls and leave only <menu> tag... lunch pinballx... no possibility to choose.. all tables and mame showed... the MATTER is... any try, have no results... no menu added.
  3. in any cases.... i tried now to remove xml file from group folder.. but not possible to have a selection... i think that i m stupid... or pinball x have some matter? is there some tips or other to know for have the possibility to use a menu to choose something? i need help.....
  4. thanks a lot CARNY_PREST.... you are very kind and helpful ok..step to step.... i m using Pinballx 2.3.1 version, if I red the guide it would be simple... 1. i created a SNES - ONLY.xml (simple copy of snes.xml) 2. upated content of original Snes.xml only with < menu> </menu> i haved store Snes.xml and SNES - ONLY.xml in \\pinballx\database\snes ==== Is it correct to have in \\pinballx\database\group a file name TOP 10.xml with this content? <?xml version="1.0"?> -<group name="TOP 10"> <database>MAME\MAME</database> <database>Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball</database> <database>SNES\SNES</database> </group> SNES.xml SNES - Only.xml top 10.xml
  5. ok, thanks a lot for your reply. i created a new file.. snes - only.xml where i have to put it? in folder: \\pinballx\database\group or \\pinballx\database\snes than i replace content of original snes.xml with < menu> </menu> i tried to change position of file from group to snes folders... without results.... in any case, if i lunch pinballx... it show me all games of all platforms... and if i press esc... menu diplays only exit and shutdown.. no new row in menu selection are unfortunately appeared .
  6. anyone could help me? thanks in advance
  7. hello, i tried like in a documentation is explain... to create in \\pinballx\database\group the file below: name: top 10.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <group name="TOP 10"> <database>Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xml</database> <database>Pinball Fx2\Pinball Fx2.xml</database> <database>MAME\MAME.xml</database> <database>SNES\SNES.xml</database> </group> but when i start pinballl x not show group selection menu
  8. thanks a lot, i will try.. only for have a division... - pinball fx 2 - visual pinball - mame - snes etc..
  9. hello to everyone, i looking documentation, trying for test.. for a future flipper cabinet. i saw this great project: at minute 5:46 in the video i see a list of games of mame and flipper tables, separated in a "list"... how is it possibile to do that?
  10. ok, i tried anymore and now it runs games... but games start ... with black scren.. and over 15 seconds the video become available.. in mame the games start immediatly without black screen there is a command to have the same system of mame?
  11. hello to everyone... i tried to install pinballx for a future cabinet... it's great. i tried to added mame.. and the games are ok. now i wuold like to add snes.. with an emulator.. like snes 64 bit or different.. (sys op windows 8.1 64bit intel i5 8gb ram) this is my extract of pinballx.ini file ==================================== [System_5] Name=SNES Enabled=True SystemType=0 WorkingPath=F:\EMULATORI\snes TablePath=F:\roms da SD 230117\snes Executable=snes9x-x64.exe Parameters=snes9x-x64.exe -fullscreen "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" ========================================================== If I run a games from pinballx frontend... i haer the games sound run.. with black screen and in center "loading" message.. unique solution to press esc to exit and return in frontend... anyone can help me? thanks in advance.