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  1. So is or has anybody successfully run marquee masher and used Aimtrack light guns? If so could somebody point me in the right direction as far as configuring it. When I have dual monitors enabled it messes with the light guns.
  2. madmic

    GameEX AE Setup

    Not completely the way I would like it but if I change the marquee folder path to an empty one it shows game flyers. They take up more screen space and the Game description/rating that pops up kinda gets lost in front of it. At least if it's showing the marquee image it doesn't always do this. That video marquee really added a big Wow to my cabinet. Between the marquee, the logo floating in the background, the logo on the wheel and the video snap I just don't feel the need of the other image showing up. I'll tinker with it here and there and see if I can get it to just show up blank. It's all running so good I don't want to go in and mess anything up. Maybe I should take some time to actually play a few games.
  3. madmic

    GameEX AE Setup

    Marquee location is assigned in Marquee Masher. I created a blank folder and pointed the marquee path to the empty folder and it looks like it just finds out it's blank and moved onto displaying flyers. I don't want to change that at all because for now I like when you pick a game you can view all the info/images. Maybe at some point I would change that but for now...... Thanks for the reply. Didn't realize you answered until just now.
  4. madmic

    GameEX AE Setup

    After being suggested by Draco1962 I decided to go with GameEX AE. Loving it. Looks great, runs great. Less work than original GameEX. I've also did a custom install of an Ultra Wide monitor as a marquee on my cabinet. I'm running the marquee masher software and loving that also. Hardest thing about that is coming up with marquee designs for ones that I can't find. I have one thing I would like to change and wondering if it is possible. If it is, could somebody point me in the right direction. On the main wheel screen and the individual game screen right under the video window it shows the marquee or sometimes it's the flyer from the game. If possible I Would like to not have that display at all. Sometimes the image is big enough where the game info text that shows is over the top of it, making it difficult to read. I attached a picture. Thanks for any help/input.
  5. OK so I have been running GameEX Arcade edition and also using the marquee masher plugin. Loving it. Friends are blown away by it. Everything is working great but now I am wondering if there is a way for just on a game like Super Punch-Out I could get the 2nd screen to display the info screen(score,Stats) from the game. When I go into mame settings menu it lets you pick a whole bunch of different video settings but all of it is just on the main screen. Also would like to try and figure out how to get it to also work with the bezels I've been setting up for all my games. I know....one step at a time. If I can figure it out it would be cool, if not it's not really a big deal, I kinda always sucked at the game anyway. ;-) Any help, tips, directions are always appreciated. Thanks
  6. So I notice that a bunch of the times, when exiting out of a game and then backing out of mame list, I also lose my controls. I have to alt tab to get them back. IS there anywhere that discusses this or shows how to fix that. Again, really dig this plugin but could use some help with it. Thanks
  7. OK so I got it working. The only thing is now when loading or exiting a game the grayed out no banner shows up on the main screen. Any input on how to fix that. Loving this plugin. Too bad those actual marquee size monitors are so damn expensive.
  8. I did try the AE edition and still seemed to be having the same issue. For now I just removed the 4 player (2 player versions) of the games giving me the issue so I could continue to get games added and setup. I will revisit them again but didn't want to spend too much time on it.
  9. OK I just found out about this plugin. Is there anywhere that gives you a step by step on getting it working? I have no clue where to begin. Any help would be great. Thanks
  10. OK I removed the 4 player versions of Simpsons and Gauntlet from the filtered list and it's the same thing. 4 player versions show the logos, 2 player versions do not. Stuff like this is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy. It doesn't make sense to me. I do have 2 more recent rom sets but I haven't touched them yet. Was thinking after I do some more work to this setup I would try out the arcade version of GameEx. I've stuck with this set because it's always worked for me. If we figure it out we figure it out. It just depends on how good I get the rest of the games looking, might have to remove ones with no logos. Oh one last question, any idea why I randomly get the nag screen to register? I paid for the lifetime membership a while ago.
  11. Yeah those are the 4 player versions. The two I have with the logo issue are 2 player versions of those games. If I don't exclude them I end up with 4p and 2p versions in list. The 4p versions do show the logos but I'm trying to eliminate 4 player versions for my cabinet. Some games you can select players in the mame settings but those 2 don't have that option. And I think it was on the Simpsons that you can only pick player by what joystick. Not sure if logo ever worked for them because I had so many games before. Heading to work for a few but I'll try that later. Thanks again.
  12. The ROM names are simpsons.zip and simpsons2p.zip and gauntlet.zip and gauntlet2p.zip And I've attached pics of both games logos that are available in the logo folder. It's from the MAME media pack from GameEX.
  13. Haha OK I won't do anything drastic at this point. log.txt GameEx.ini
  14. I might check that out soon. I just fell into a bezel black hole for the last 8 hours or so. Got stuff figured out as far as adding and creating them. Only thing still bugging me as far as the reason for this post is so far I have 2 games that will not show the logo in the game selection screen/game info screen. Simpsons and Gauntlet (both the 2 player versions) . If I can't figure it out I might just have to remove them. Really trying to clean this up and make it look pretty.
  15. Just wanted to let you know. I did a clean install, 32bit. Everything seems to be working great. After losing my mind for a few days I think it all might have stemmed from W10 pushing another stupid update. I appreciate you guys taking the time and apologize if this post got a little scattered/pointless. I do my best to try and find answers but sometimes ya just gotta ask. All these years troubleshooting PC stuff it's amazing I still have a full head of hair. Thanks again.
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