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  1. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I was able to grab the file using my seedbox. The speed fluctuated quite a bit, from 300kb/s all the way up to 6MB/s. Took about 5 hours to download but I've finally managed to obtain it. Thanks for your help.
  2. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I agree, it's baffling as to why I cannot seem to get this file no matter what I try. As a last resort, I have a server located in Colorado that I'm going to set up to download the file, and if it succeeds I'll download it from there to my local computer in California. I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks for your own investigations - I do love the GameEx product and have put many hours into reliving my childhood, I just wish I could get it to look as cool as I see in the YouTube trailer!
  3. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I give up. Tried for another whole week trying to download this file again. Probably restarted and resumed the FTP 50 or 60 times over the week because it timed out after an hour or so. The fastest transfer speed I saw during the entire week was no more than 2mb/s and that was only for a few minutes. Mostly I was averaging less than 1mb/s. Finally got what my FTP program considered a complete download just to find it had error after error during extraction, which means all those starts and stops messed up the archive which is understandable. You may want to put some sort of warning on the file, or break it apart into smaller pieces. If I can't make it happen after a month with 3 different computers on two different ISPs (one of them being a true GigE business level fiber connection), all of which offer me 70mb/s+ download speeds on every other FTP sites or web site, I don't think there's anything else me or anyone else can do to reliably get this file. I've even tried to SSH into my seedbox and start an old fashioned FTP process that way but every time I try to transfer the files (or even do a ls on the FTP directory) I get a "SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number" error which lets me know something isn't right with the Windows FTP server that is hosting the files. Sorry if this sounds so bitter but I have truly used all available options at my disposal to download this single file. I'm willing to help other people by hosting it via a magnet link but I can't do that unless I get a full copy of the file.
  4. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    Still no go with the installer. I have my system setup as follows, and still getting the error when I try to install the System Pack: C:\GameEx (Config, Data, Loaders, etc - all the stuff downloaded from this site as GameExSetup.zip) C:\GameExSystemPack (Contains the System Pack I had so much trouble downloading with the Mame System Pack Installer.exe) D:\MAME\ROMs (all my MAME 1.8 ROMS, which won't fit on the C: drive anyway) However, I am still worried that I don't have a complete download. My System Pack ZIP file is 20GB, but when I unzip it, Size of the unzipped folder is 5.64gb with 39,398 files, but confusingly, "Size on Disk" for that same folder reports 22.5GB.
  5. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    Thanks for the tips. I'm a systems administrator and I went through the usual troubleshooting steps. I singled out the Gameex server because at home or at work, via HTTP or FTP, using my i7 on Windows 10 at home or my Macbook Pro at work, every other download I'm getting over 80mb/s, to a variety of sites. Ditto to downloading from Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc. I'm absolutely certain it's not on my end. The biggest issue is what has already been mentioned: the download tops out at around 2mb/s. In this day and age of high speed internet, for a 20GB file, that's just not fast enough. The other issue is the timeouts which occurred again in both locations. The download would be fine for about an hour, and then time out. Fortunately my FTP programs support a resume feature so I wasn't having to start over at 0. I have an underutilized seedbox and I'd be glad to host a torrent or magnet link of this file which will probably offer much faster download speeds. The only trick would be making sure only authorized paying customers get access to the torrent. I am pretty sure I managed to get the download complete, by unfortunately being a huge jerk to the Gameex servers by using a script to disconnect and reconnect me every 15 minutes and forcing it to resume. I have no actual idea how long it took to download but it was done in the morning, and I'm attempting an install now. Oddly after I extract the ZIP file I'm seeing 5GB but "20 GB on Disk", so I wonder if I actually managed to get the full file. Edit: I can't seem to install the product. "Invalid System Pack Path" when I hit Go. Do I need to install BOTH Gameex and Gameex Evolution? I already have Gameex Arcade and the regular Gameex installed and I was under the impression that Evolution was Alpha and not really recommended for people to use. Sorry to be such a pest, but now that I think I have the file, I can't find proper documentation on how to actually install it. My guess is that "Invalid System Pack Path" means that I actually don't have a complete version of the files and the screwing around I did trying to download did indeed did not work. I'm about to give up on this, I can't spend hours and hours trying to get the "One click Easy Method" working.
  6. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I'm still having absolutely no luck downloading this file after a week of trying. I've tried several FTP programs, all of them top out at only 2mb/s and that's when I try to download it at totally off peak time at 2AM, and all of them time out after about an hour. I've tried from two different locations and ISPs as well. It's pretty frustrating. As I said, one of the main reasons I paid for the service is to get a one stop download for MAME that comes with all the great artwork and whatnot that I see in the Youtube trailer. It's clearly a problem on Gameex server side as I can't get it downloading at any reasonable speed no matter what ISP or program I use, on two different computers. Hell, I even tried downloading it from a workstation at work which has a huge fiber line. If your servers cannot host the file, can you post it somewhere that can host it?
  7. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I'm not sure why my FTP program would make a difference. Today I was downloading several files that all exceeded 80mb/s in transfer speed with CuteFTP. When I try to download via Gameex's FTP site, I max out at about 1mb/s, which is about the same speed I get when I try to download it via http. I'd venture to say something isn't right with Gameex's servers if I'm getting great transfer speeds everywhere else but from this location. Is there another way for me to obtain the file? I've tried to download it several times via FTP and it eventually times out after about 45 minutes and I have to reconnect to resume it, and it dies 20 minutes later. I can grab it via a torrent on my seedbox and I can help seeding it, too. On another note, pretty sure I'm all set as far as the package is concerned. I installed the latest MAME version, added my latest ROMs, and then let the Artwork download for a while. It appears I do have most if not all of the cabinets and graphics and whatnot, which is what I assume this package offers? Or does it offer more as it's 19GB and my total downloaded artwork isn't anywhere near that size?
  8. decker12

    [NEWS] MAME system pack

    I have been trying to download this file for a few hours now without any luck. I paid for the yearly membership just to get this file, and I'm getting a blazing 600kb/s via FTP, which will take a very, very long time to get this file. CuteFTP has reported over 90mb/s for my other downloads to other FTP sites, so I know it's not my connection. How can I get the file faster?