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  1. Quazl

    [RELEASE] CFG Magician 1.60

    I have seen around many forums talking about a utility that can create the data files for CFG Magician, but the link at emumovies for the tool doesn't exist anymore. Any know how to create the Data files for CFG Magician?
  2. I have had a Wells Gardner 27" d9800 for about 5 years and it is getting old and about to die. I don't want to repair it or try to make it better. The days of Analog are coming to a close and whether they are all eradicated now or in 10 years, I need to plan for using an LCD in my cab even though I don't want to. I am thinking of using a 32" Arcade LCD montior. Most Likely a Wells Gardner I have an ArcadeVGA. The monitor supports CGA My questions: How close can I get to authenticate resolutions? Should I just get a TV with DVI? Does supporting CGA mean it can display true CGA? Has anyone tried hooking up the ArcadeVGA to one of these "Arcade" LCD monitors? I really want to stay Analog, but just aren't worth the cost anymore. Thanks for any help, ~Q~
  3. Quazl

    Menu Item Removal - More Games and Programs

    A precursor look at the CustomMenu.ini shows that it is ok, so seems to be just a problem with what the Custom Menus gui is showing. It might be that I have this installation on Win XP. I need to upgrade this license, but just haven't yet. CustomMenu.ini GameEx.ini log.txt
  4. Quazl

    Menu Item Removal - More Games and Programs

    It is a little hard to explain, but let me try: 1. This affects the "Title" text box. 2. I create a menu called Nintendo 3. I put an item under that menu called NES with a title labeled NES 4. I create another item called SNES with a title labeled SNES 5. I then click on the NES Item and the title for the NES item will stay as SNES 6. I change the Title back to NES 7. I then click on the SNES Item and the title will stay NES This behavior is localized to a "Menu grouping" meaning that If I had another menu called Sega with a bunch of Items below that, that it wouldn't' "inherent" the title from another "menu group". It does though exhibit the same behavior within itself where the first "node" selected under a "menu group" would carry its title to the other items in the "menu group". Here is a link to download the mp4 instead of streaming it. https://onedrive.live.com/download.aspx?cid=BF9349721ABD1EF6&resid=BF9349721ABD1EF6%2112836&authkey=%21ALsBpmhxTnLfWt4&canary= Hope this makes sense.
  5. Quazl

    Menu Item Removal - More Games and Programs

    Thanks, I didn't realize that this was there. Hard to miss now. Though I am having issues with it, there seems to be a bug http://1drv.ms/1xbZJ00 Basically, the Title box seems to bugged.
  6. I am trying to remove the "More Games and Programs" and can't seem to find all the settings that will make this entry go away. I have looked at these three topics: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/9306-changingdeleting-menu-titles-in-gameex/?hl=%2Bremove+%2Bmenu+%2Bitemshttp://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/1739-disabling-the-multimediajukebox/?hl=%2Bremove+%2Bmenu+%2Bitems#entry9686http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/5104-add-or-remove-menu-items-from-start-page/?hl=%2Bremove+%2Bmenu+%2Bitems I have put "No" on many, many items in the setup and can't seem to find the right combination. Thanks for any help anyone can give. -Q
  7. I have done everything that I know to do to make the extender viewer show up on my 2nd display. I have a HDTV that I use to play my games and I have a 19 inch Flat screen on my coffeetable. In the new section of the Configurator, I have tried both settings that pertain to the extender being on the 2nd display (Yes and No) I have also tried the Nvidia proggie that allows one to select an executable and force it in a certain display. This didn't work either. I know that the extender is working because when I exit out of GameEx there is some pictures on the extender. Of course, the problem is that they are opening up on the same display. I probably should build a 2nd computer, but I would like it to display on my monitor on my coffetable instead. Thanks for the excellent work, Tom. Really amazing coding. I wish you could see the setup here at the house. You would be proud.
  8. Quazl

    Still getting GameEx slowness

    At one time I had everything set right. I ended up reinstalling my graphic card drivers and reinstalling directx. This fixed it for me. The Games ran fine it was just the animated stuff that were in the menus that were really choppy. I don't know if you have done this yet or not. But it helped my setup.
  9. Quazl

    About to Reload My machine...

    Thanks. that is pretty much what I thought, i just wanted to know for sure. Again, thanks.
  10. Quazl

    About to Reload My machine...

    I am about to reload my machine. I would like to make sure that I can keep everything that I have done. I paid for GameEx and would like to make sure that I can still use it after the reload. I just want the settings and the proof of purchase. I couldn't live without it or go through all that I have custom done with GameEx Thanks, Quazl
  11. I hope I don't repeat an already requested request. After I choose a game from the list it brings me to the screen where it ask me to Play the game. wiew the control panel, view the flyer, and ect. It would be nice to be able to click one of these options (like the control panel) and after it goes full screen to be able to use the joystick to view other extras without having to back out and choose the next extra. Not a big deal, but a small touch.
  12. Quazl

    Getting Started

    I failed to see clearly your comments about the X-Arcade. I had problems with mine as well. I hope these questions don't offend you. I really don't know how you have it setup. I only ask these simplistic questions because I am ignorant of how you have it hooked up. The X-Arcade joystick is hooked to the PS2 port on the computer and you have a PS2 keybaord hooked to the X-Arcade joystick? Do you have a red light on you stick? Which position is the switchh in on the back? Are you trying to make a custom key configuration?
  13. Quazl

    Getting Started

    The good news is this: I also have an X-Arcade stick and am using a Hi-Def monitor to play my games on. 1. Goto Options -Default Game Options. 2. Goto the advanced tab and make sure that you are using Direct Draw. (I have had good results with this.) This is one of the options that can cause more problems though. Try it on and off. 3. In the advanced tab is where you should also specify the resolution that you want to play at. Does your monitor support 480i or 480p? If it does set the 'Size' drop-down box under the 'Resolution' sub section to 720*480 (the drop down box that probably has auto in it by default.) This will make all games basically display in 480p. I find that this setting is really good for almost all the Mame games. Put the depth to 32 if your graphics card can handle it, and put the refresh to whatever your monitor can handle. Most likely you should set it to 60. 4. Goto to the Direct3d tab and make sure that 'Direct3d' is checked. This is another one of those choices that can make things worse, but seems to work better in my opinion. Again try this on and off. 5. Now goto to the controllers tab and under the 'Default input layout' choose X-Arcade. These setting make sure that all the games will basically run in 480p with the X-Arcade joystick as the preferred device for control. The are probably not the best settings, but they are great for my 56" JVC and an X-Arcade joysitck. The screen is not displayed in 16:9, but I really don't want to play games in anything other then 4:3 aspect ratio. One more step. There is a setting in GameEx that basically either gives the control for the resolution to GameEx or not. It is under 'Display Settings' in the Easy Configuration proggy that comes with GameEx. Make sure that the 'Don't Switch Resolution' is set to 'GameEx Won't Change Resolution.' I really hopes that this either works or gets us closer to the solution. If not then maybe a little info on your graphics card will help.
  14. Quazl

    Getting Started

    What version of GameEx are you using? Has it ever worked for you? I had some problems like you where the log file didn't really tell me what was going wrong. This was because with my setup it had to do with 5.23. Once I upgraded to 5.24 then everything was groovy. A few other questions: Are you using mapped drives for your Roms? Are you running on a secondary monitor? Are you playing on a HDTV? After you have set all the proper settings to guide GameEx to all of your Emu's, Rom's, Snaps's, and ect. then I would suggst that you open up Mame32 without GameEx and set all the setting that you would like to use. This would include resolutions, arcade sticks, sound properties, and whatever else you would like to set. I don't know if this method is the way that Mr. Speirs suggests but it seems to work great.
  15. Quazl

    GameEx 6.00 Beta - Released

    Thanks, Mr. Spiers. I just came back from the SQL 2005-VS2005 launch party and was glad to read that you are doing this. Way to really be on top of things.