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    Pinball FX 3 - How To

    I’m really grateful for the help & guidance. Thank you. Got almost everything working as it should now. Cab mode is awesome but PinballX is what makes everything come together for the best possible experience, though Freezy’s extensions & BAM are all part of the picture too. Thanks to everyone for all the amazing features, help and to Tom for the ultimate front end. Nick
  2. Nikodemus

    Pinball FX 3 - How To

    Thank so much. I’ve actually done that in the past for VP & FP but it was so long ago I just completely forgot. It’s always the straight forward stuff. Really appreciate the help. Regards Nick
  3. Nikodemus

    Pinball FX 3 - How To

    I have FX3 working perfectly BUT for some reason cannot create a custom list in the front end. The xml is in its own folder and all the tables show up when I have all tables showing but I am unable to create a custom list for just these tables. Any idea where I’m going wrong please? Thanks in advance Nick
  4. Oh for gods sake. After several weeks of searching I've found the answer all by myself. Forgot to uncheck the one click launch in settings. It's always something simple eh. Please dont all laugh at once. D'oh!!
  5. Hi, Having read every thread/tutorial I can find, I cannot get any custom menu's to work on pinballx. In exasperation, I ticked the setting to enable the built in group lists, 70's 80's etc & even those don't show up. Checked the settings against the .ini file and all matches. I'm at a complete loss and so asking for help if anyone has a clue as to how to sort this as it's starting to become a pain as I cannot manage the 170+ tables. Thanks in advance Nick