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  1. Not sure where in ini, but if you go into the gameex setup wizard under mame settings, down the list look for advanced settings and place that command line in the run on launch. Don't forget to put a command in the run on exit also. ""C:\GameEx\Marquee Magician\Launch MM v2.0.exe "mame" "KILL"" Unless you want it to show a title or picture upon exiting mame at that point.
  2. Look here. This may help you out. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23167
  3. Ok It is working now. Never changed anything in setup between installs, ood no? Thanks
  4. No it is not working in windowed mode.
  5. Launches but after title screen just a black screen again.
  6. Not sure if it matters but my OS is XP Pro with SP3
  7. Tried 1.25 again and same.
  8. Went to control panel and went to change mouse pointer and I get an error that says. I will try 1.25 again and report back
  9. No change for me. it will show title screen and then nothing.
  10. 1.24 locks up with black screen for me right after title screen Did try EXE above and same
  11. Could the horizontal version of the the underlay have a full screen image support, or have a default table image. I would like to use this image because I don't use any table images.
  12. R-DUB

    PinballX crash

    When I try and use the underlay_horiz png. PinballX shows title screen and then crashes. No problems using overlay_horiz png.
  13. version 1.20 All is good. It is now working Thanks
  14. version 1.19 Same issue no change.
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