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  1. Jethros: You are a G E N I U S !! I see all six of them and it works like a champ ! (Sorry just got back to where i can actually test it). It's ALIVE ! Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and Happy SlingFronting to all !
  2. Jethros: Thanks so much for fixing this issue. I still use win7 on all my home computers (I know support "ends" in January 2020), mainly just to run slingbox, but this might convert me.... The difference between the versions I think is that it doesn't list any slings past four. I have six (don't ask) and therefore cannot see my newest one (the 500). Is there a way you could modify that part of the code? It should be a simple comparison. I would love to see the whole list again. My father in law has a win10 laptop and it used to work (I've not tried it in months on his PC). But this zip file does the trick. Keyboard movements work again ! And I dislike using the slingplayerforWeb with its nucance ads. Happy Black Friday
  3. I still use windows 7 for slingfront. Works fine, but only if slingfront can see out to the internet. I had to use my iphone to watch my OTA slingbox when ISP went down because slingfront would not list the slingboxes I have. ---- best of luck.
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