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  1. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Perfect @simbamame. Thanks again.
  2. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Thanks once again @simbamame. They look good. I guess if you are looking for feedback, I would just mention that it would be nice to have the title of the Ghostbusters and Charlie's Angels be transparent (I guess the GB title wouldn't work as-is because of the black lettering). And then perhaps to echo your thinking about the Captain Fantastic one, perhaps having a title like the others (on the bottom) and maybe using an image from the backglass itself (here). But those are very minor nitpicks and your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. Pike13

    Back Glass Won't Appear

    Coincidentally, I was just looking at this table last night and you have to change a setting in the table script to enable the directb2s backglass (which is what comes with the table) - it is all commented in the script. Once you make that change the backglass will show up. It isn't really a PBX problem. Most tables work 'out of the box', but I believe the table author did it differently due to the unique Cirqus Voltaire DMD options (it can appear on the playfield).
  4. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Oh, and one more if I could trouble you again that I forgot to mention: Captain Fantastic.
  5. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Hi @simbamame, if you have the time, a couple of relatively recent tables: Charlie's Angels (backglass here, non-docklet wheel here) and Ghostbusters LE (backglass here). I know that there are some Ghostbusters megadocklet versions floating around out there but from what I can find they are either the JP 'Slimer' version or a wheel with melted marshmallow on the characters (at least I hope that is marshmallow). Thanks for whenever you can get around to it.
  6. @simbamame graciously created the Fire! and Comet wheels here in case anyone is interested.
  7. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Awesome, they look great. Thanks again @simbamame
  8. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Hi simbamame, thanks again for the docklets! Hopefully this doesn't come across as ungrateful, as I am sincerely appreciative, but what do you think about modifying the Fire! and Comet docklets to include the font/graphics from the machine for the name that runs along the bottom? An example of graphics that you might be able to incorporate are here and here. I guess I really liked how you did it for Battlestar Galactica where the name matches what you see in the table. Again, thanks for all you do.
  9. Pike13

    missing docklet

    Thank you once again! No problem on the delay of course, any time you make to take these requests is sincerely appreciated.
  10. Pike13

    Extra Text

    I had a similar issue a while back where the text wasn't taking. I realized that I had the 'one-click' launch turned on and for some reason PBX wasn't picking it up the changes when I was in that mode. When I switched to regular mode, made the text changes, confirmed working, and then changed it back to one-click launching it seemed to take. I had a post open about it but was closed so I couldn't update the results of my testing.
  11. Pike13

    Instruction Cards Shrinkage?

    Confirmed, it works. Thanks for the quick fix.
  12. Pike13

    Instruction Cards Shrinkage?

    Thanks for verifying that I'm not the only one seeing it. I still wonder though...bug or feature? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. Pike13

    Instruction Cards Shrinkage?

    Not sure if this is a bug or feature so apologies if I missed the change log that stated this was on purpose...but are the instructions that you can display not suppose to take up the whole (backglass) screen anymore? Seems sometime after 2.65 when I attempt to show the instructions it only shows in the top/left backglass screen. Perhaps 1/6 of the screen. Usually this is okay as you can still make out the instructions but they previously filled up the whole screen. And for some of the instructions I have, specifically the animated instruction cards that were put together for Pinball FX2 (here) , that amount of space isn't enough to show the detail. I'm using PinballX 2.75 in a three screen cabinet. Noticed the problem in both normal launching and one click launching mode. If it is a feature, anyway to turn it off? As an aside, is there an official change log that shows the changes between versions? I can't seem to find one and the download page usually doesn't have anything listed. Am I totally missing something or looking in the wrong place? PinballX.ini log.txt
  14. Pike13

    missing docklet

    If you are taking requests, two that I don't think PcTeknic got around to yet are Fire and Comet. Whenever you get a chance. Thanks again.
  15. Pike13

    missing docklet

    That was quick, thanks! Great picture you found.