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  1. missing docklet

    If you are taking requests, two that I don't think PcTeknic got around to yet are Fire and Comet. Whenever you get a chance. Thanks again.
  2. missing docklet

    That was quick, thanks! Great picture you found.
  3. missing docklet

    Nice, thanks! It would be neat to see a 'classic' BG one as well.
  4. PBFX2 DirectX Error w/2.64

    2.65 seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.
  5. Pinball Arcade DMD Issue / Question

    I would point to this post where I put them out there. However, this was done prior to PBX adding support for the automatic table selection capability put into FCM that allowed FCM to launch the correct table without PBX trying to simulate mouse clicks and scrolling in order to select the right table. What a mess those days were. So the script was written at a time where PBX had to be shutdown and relaunched after TPA was done running (FCM was responsible for launching TPA). At least that is the only way that I and others could get it to work. I also wanted to support launching PBA from a shortcut instead of PBX using the same script so that is why I structured things the way I did. I never did go back and try to use the new FCM support in PBX. I'm sure it is much easier and it sounds like you have it working already (minus the DMD of course). I'm not sure how to do this but I guess I would try to go down the route of launching dmdext in the Launch Before section of TPA/PBX. You could perhaps use the example in that StartPBASupport script in the referenced post for the command line. Not sure if you would reference dmdext directly in PBX with the right launch options or if a script would have to be created. Also not sure how things would work doing this in conjunction with a PINDMD 3 device that dmdext is also outputting (mine is just a regular ol' monitor). I'm guessing it will handle it, I just don't know the particulars. Sorry, I wish I could tell you exactly what to do. I sort of soured on PBA and haven't played for awhile due to all of the hassle around making sure everything was kept up to date (I'm not using the 'offline' FCM version for various reasons) and with most of the tables I like to play also available in pretty good (often better) VPX versions, I haven't really put much of a priority on it.
  6. Pinball Arcade DMD Issue / Question

    I used dmdext to mirror the DMD onto my third monitor. It still shows even when I turn of the PBA DMD. Perhaps you are using it already but I thought I would mention it if you aren't. They way I launch PBA from PBX is via a script that also launches dmdext.
  7. Thanks! Man, sorry I missed something you already created, I couldn't find it when doing a search for some reason - usually I just search in the thread but I must have screwed something up. And thanks to Joerg Schiffer as well!
  8. Thanks again PcTeknic - if you are taking requests and have time, some relatively recent VPX tables that don't have these wheels are Fire! and Comet.
  9. Thanks again for all of the wonderful audio, really makes PinballX complete. If you are taking requests now-a-days, a new VPX Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street was recently released. And congratulations. I know you did a Comet one as well but that is only on the FTP. I let my subscription lapse (well really it didn't auto-renew like I thought it would) and I currently don't have access. If anyone wants to be a kind soul and make it available, I would appreciate it! Thanks.
  10. PBFX2 DirectX Error w/2.64

    With the latest 2.64 I'm encountering an error the second and subsequent times I attempt to launch a PBFX2 table. First time: no problems. The error I receive is: Launching PBFX2 directly before or after the problem works fine. Exiting PinballX and relaunching works as well (the first time only). Going back to 2.50 works fine as well. I installed the latest NVIDIA drivers and installed DirectX again. DXDiag indicates no problems. No Application errors in the Windows event log. Attached my log.txt file and PinballX.ini files. Any ideers? log.txt PinballX.ini
  11. The Fathom one PcTeknic graciously created here: https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/18753-311-megadocklets-visual-pinball-pack-2017/?do=findComment&comment=170888 Not sure about the other ones. I usually troll around PcTeknics FTP user folder for these (although the packs I think are available to download from this site as well). The exact folder path escapes me at the moment. Some other relatively recent VPX tables that I haven't found a megadocklet for is Fire! (Williams 1987) and Diamond Lady (Gottlieb 1988).
  12. Personally, I like the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow image.
  13. Thanks PcTeknic once again. I was wondering what you were going to do with the GI Joe one and you did not disappoint!
  14. Thanks PCTeknic! Since you did mention it...if you ever have time to do America's Most Haunted and A Real American Hero Operation P.I.N.B.A.L.L. I'm sure you will have at least one person download and be sincerely appreciative of it! I'll look for the video as well.
  15. I have to echo my thanks and appreciation for these. In fact, if there isn't an associated mega docklet image with a table, I have to give serious consideration on whether or not the table goes into the cab. So far, I don't have any non-Mega Docklet tables in. PcTeknic graciously created a Swords of Fury and Fathom one on request - otherwise those great tables were going to be sadly disabled. Good to know the history behind the name as well.