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  1. Hello everyone I am looking for a developer who can design and build a pinball X plugin for me. This is a commercial project and of course the developer would be paid. Anyone interested please comment/send me a PM or tag someone you may know who would be interested. Thanks
  2. foneservice


    I had same issue. go to the pinball x folder and edit the PINBALLX.ini file. Look for the lines of code that metion plugins and deactivate the speech plugin
  3. Just wanted to post the solution to this problem if anyone else experiences it. What Ihad stupidly done is miss off a " in the parameters field on the pinball x settings screen for VPX
  4. its like the b2s is loading BEHIND the playfield, but only when launched from pinball x
  5. No problem funkyman, I appreciate you helping. dof is running and if i alt+tab i can see that the backglass has infact loaded and DOF works, but i cannot see the backglass. Its like it is a screen issue iagree, But as i said if i load table from VPX itself it works everytime.
  6. Anyone have any ideas? loathed to uninstall visual pin and pinball x to start again
  7. Yes that’s right. When browsing tables it’s fine, but when a vpx table Ian launched no Backglass
  8. Attached, thank you for taking the time to look at my issue
  9. Apologies for not uploading the log. Ive attached them now. The option for 'B2s auto position' was ON, so I turned it off and its not made any difference. ALL VPX tables load but no backglass
  10. Hi chaps. So If I run a VPX table outside of Pinball X the backglass displays correctly but if i load a table from within Pinball X I get a black backglass. All my backglasses are B2S. The issue does not effect VP9 tables. Everything is run as admin and I have DOF feedback working, even though the backglass doesnt display! Not really quite sure where to go from here
  11. Hi guys. I imported all the star wars tables in to Pinball X, I decided rather than manually add all the media I would let the game manager import the media for me online. However some of it got messed up, for instance about 4 of the tables all point to New Hope's video playfield. So i went in and manually updated those tables to point to the correct media file (all the media has been stored within the pinball X media folders), then go back in to Pinball X but nothing has changed. So went back in to the game manager and deleted the problem tables and manually added them again and pointed to the correct media.....still same issue ! Any ideas what i should do? all getting very messy.
  12. Fixed it, windows 10 had changed compatability of pinball x to win 8, reset it to xp serv pack 3 and now working
  13. Hi guys, bit of a newb question here. Im using latest Pinball X with future pinball. Have setup a few machines on win 7 before no problems. However on this machine im using windows 10 and my problem is as follows : In Pinball X if i select a future pinball table, I see the 'LOADING' screen briefly, then it goes back to pinball x. a few seconds later the table then opens in FP. I have both pinball x and future pin running in compatability mode and as admin
  14. I apologise if this is not the correct forum or place for this question. I am using the brilliant Pinball X and future pinball tables. I have everythign setup and working with about 30 tables, however when i launch a table i get a white screen on both the playfield screen and backglass whilst the table loads. If I launch tables from within future pin on their own i get the FP load screen obviously. So my question is what have i done wrong to be gettign these white screens? and is it possible to have custom loading screens whilst a FP table is loading?
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