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  1. We have a pretty cool update for the EmuMovies Nintendo Entertainment System video snaps collection. This update primarily contains video snaps for hacks, unlicensed and prototype games. Big thanks to @Riffman81 and @Audi85 for the submitting the captures. Continue reading below for the usual samples and links...Enjoy!! High Quality Video Snap Samples Videos Added / Replaced - 229 @Riffman81 @Audi85 Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  2. Today's release from EmuMovies is a new video snap collection for the Atari Lynx. DamnedRegistrations is still cranking out updates faster than we can get them posted and this new set again features crisp captures at 60fps. We also have a new Platform Video as well as some artwork updates. Continue reading for a listing of the new videos as well as the usual links and samples. Video Snap Sample (High Quality) Platform Video Sample (High Quality) Videos Added - 76 @DamnedRegistrations A.P.B. - All Points Bulletin (USA, Europe) Awesome Golf (USA, Europe) Baseball Heroes (USA, Europe) Basketbrawl (USA, Europe) Batman Returns (USA, Europe) Battle Wheels (USA, Europe) Battlezone 2000 (USA, Europe) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (USA, Europe) Block Out (USA, Europe) Blue Lightning (USA, Europe) Bubble Trouble (USA, Europe) California Games (USA, Europe) Checkered Flag (USA, Europe) Chip's Challenge (USA, Europe) Crystal Mines II (USA, Europe) Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA, Europe) Dinolympics (USA, Europe) Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop (USA, Europe) Double Dragon (USA, Europe) Dracula the Undead (USA, Europe) Electrocop (USA, Europe) European Soccer Challenge (USA, Europe) Fat Bobby (USA, Europe) Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge, The (USA, Europe) Gates of Zendocon, The (USA, Europe) Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (USA, Europe) Gordo 106 - The Mutated Lab Monkey (USA, Europe) Hard Drivin' (USA, Europe) Hockey (USA, Europe) Hydra (USA, Europe) Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA, Europe) Jimmy Connors' Tennis (USA, Europe) Joust (USA, Europe) Klax (USA, Europe) Krazy Ace - Miniature Golf (USA, Europe) Kung Food (USA, Europe) Lemmings (USA, Europe) Lexis (USA, Europe) Lynx Casino (USA, Europe) Malibu Bikini Volleyball (USA, Europe) Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe) NFL Football (USA, Europe) Ninja Gaiden (USA, Europe) Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (USA, Europe) Pac-Land (USA, Europe) Paperboy (USA, Europe) Pinball Jam (USA, Europe) Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (USA, Europe) Power Factor (USA, Europe) Qix (USA, Europe) Raiden (USA) Rampage (USA, Europe) Rampart (USA, Europe) RoadBlasters (USA, Europe) Robo-Squash (USA, Europe) Robotron 2084 (USA, Europe) Rygar - Legendary Warrior (USA, Europe) S.T.U.N. Runner (USA, Europe) Scrapyard Dog (USA, Europe) Shadow of the Beast (USA, Europe) Shanghai (USA, Europe) Steel Talons (USA, Europe) Super Asteroids, Missile Command (USA, Europe) Super Off-Road (USA, Europe) Super Skweek (USA, Europe) Switchblade II (USA, Europe) Todd's Adventures in Slime World (USA, Europe) Toki (USA, Europe) Tournament Cyberball 2072 (USA, Europe) Turbo Sub (USA, Europe) Viking Child (USA, Europe) Warbirds (USA, Europe) World Class Soccer (USA, Europe) Xenophobe (USA, Europe) Xybots (USA, Europe) Zarlor Mercenary (USA, Europe) Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  3. Today we over here at EmuMovies are happy to announce a brand new video snap set for the Watara Supervision. This new pack includes 66 video snaps as well as a new default platform video and gameplay and title snapshots. Continue after the previews for details and links. Video Snap Sample (High Quality) Platform Video Sample (High Quality) Videos Added - 66 @DamnedRegistrations 2 in 1 - Block Buster + Cross High (USA, Europe) 2 in 1 - Hash Blocks + Eagle Plan (USA, Europe) Alien (USA, Europe) Balloon Fight (USA, Europe) Block Buster (USA, Europe) Brain Power (USA, Europe) Bubble World (Asia) Carrier (USA, Europe) Cave Wonders (USA, Europe) Challenger Tank (USA, Europe) Chimera (USA, Europe) Chinese Checkers (USA, Europe) Classic Casino (USA, Europe) Climber (USA, Europe) Crystball (USA, Europe) Dancing Block (Asia) Delta Hero (USA, Europe) Dream World (USA, Europe) Eagle Plan (USA, Europe) Earth Defender (USA, Europe) Fatal Craft (USA, Europe) Final Combat (USA, Europe) Galactic Crusader (USA, Europe) Galaxy Fighter (USA, Europe) Grand Prix (USA, Europe) Happy Pairs (USA, Europe) Happy Race (USA, Europe) Hash Blocks (USA, Europe) Hero Hawk (Asia) Hero Kid (USA, Europe) Honey Bee (USA, Europe) Jacky Lucky (USA, Europe) Jaguar Bomber (USA, Europe) John Adventure (USA, Europe) Journey to the West (Asia) Juggler (USA, Europe) Kabi Island - Gold in Island (USA, Europe) Kitchen War (Asia) Kung-Fu Street (Asia) Linear Racing (USA, Europe) Magincross (USA, Europe) Majong (Asia) Matta Blatta (USA, Europe) Olympic Trials (USA, Europe) P-52 Sea Battle (USA, Europe) PacBoy & Mouse (USA, Europe) Pacific Battle (Asia) Penguin Hideout (USA, Europe) Police Bust (USA, Europe) Popo Team (Asia) Pyramid (USA, Europe) Recycle Design (Asia) Scaffolder (Asia) Soccer Champion (USA, Europe) Sonny Xpress! (Asia) Space Fighter (Asia) SSSnake (USA, Europe) Super Block (USA, Europe) Super Kong (USA, Europe) Super Pang (Asia) Tasac 2010 (USA, Europe) Tennis Pro '92 (USA, Europe) Thunder Shooting (Asia) Treasure Hunter (USA, Europe) Untouchable (Asia) Witty Cat (Asia) Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  4. Today we have a new update for the EmuMovies Sony Playstation Video Snaps Collection. Audi85 has been sending us quite a few captures of Japanese and unlicensed games and a few more translations were submitted by DamnedRegistrations. This update takes us to version 1.8 and includes 118 new videos bringing the total number of videos in the collection to 2,072. Continue reading for samples, changelist and links. High Quality Samples Videos Added or Replaced - 118 Captures and Initial Edits - @Audi85 @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits and Encoding - @Circo Advanced V.G. 2 (Japan) Armed Fighter (Japan) Arthur To Astaroth Nazo-Makaimura - Incredible Toons (Japan) Athena - Awakening from the Ordinary Life (Japan) Battle Arena Nitoushinden (Japan) Battle Arena Toushinden 2 Plus (Japan) Battle Master (Japan) Blade Arts (Japan) Blue Breaker Burst - Egao no Asu ni (Japan) Blue Breaker Burst - Hohoemi o Anata to (Japan) Bomberman Wars (Japan) (Translated En) Bounty Hunter Sara - Holy Mountain no Teiou (Japan) Break Volley (Japan) Brigandine - Grand Edition (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 1) Brigandine - Grand Edition (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 2) Champion Wrestler (Japan) Chou Aniki - Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko (Japan) Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross - Ai Oboete Imasu ka (Japan) Clock Tower - The First Fear (Japan) (Translated En) Crisis City (Japan) Critical Blow (Japan) Deadheat Road (Japan) Demo One (Version 1) (Europe) Echo Night #2 - Nemuri no Shihaisha (Japan) (Translated En) EOS - Edge of Skyhigh (Japan) Eve - The Fatal Attraction (Japan) Eve - The Lost One (Japan) Eve Zero (Japan) Exector (Japan) Expert (Japan) Extra Bright (Japan) Extreme Power (Japan) Fighters' Impact (Japan) Fighting Network Rings (Japan) Fire Pro Wrestling - Iron Slam '96 (Japan) Fire Pro Wrestling G (Japan) Fist (Japan) Fox Junction (Japan) Funky Boxers (Japan) Gekitotsu Tomarunner (Japan) Genei Tougi - Shadow Struggle (Japan) Goiken Muyou II (Japan) Gunnm - Kasei no Kioku (Japan) Hakai Oh - King Of Crusher (Japan) Hokuto no Ken - Seikimatsu Kyuuseishu Densetsu (Japan) Hokuto no Ken (Japan) Juusou Kihei Valken 2 (Japan) Kahen Soukou Gunbike (Japan) Kaisoku Tenshi (Japan) Kakugo no Susume (Japan) Kamen Rider (Japan) Kamen Rider Agito (Japan) Kamen Rider Kuga (Japan) Kamen Rider Ryuki (Japan) Kamen Rider V3 (Japan) Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor - Game Edition (Japan) Koutetsu Reiiki - Steeldom (Japan) Lightning Legend - Daigo no Daibouken (Japan) Love Game's Wai Wai Tennis Plus (Japan) Love Love Truck (Japan) LSD - Dream Emulator (Japan) Lucifer Ring (Japan) Mad Stalker - Full Metal Force (Japan) Magical Hoppers (Japan) Makeruna! Makendo 2 (Japan) Master's Fighter, The (Japan) MaxRacer (Japan) Megatudo 2096 (Japan) Mikuzi Shigeru no Yokai Butouden (Japan) Nijiiro Dodgeball (Japan) Ninku (Japan) Pro Wrestling Sengokuden - Hyper Tag Match (Japan) Pro Wrestling Sengokuden (Japan) Pro Wrestling Sengokuden 2 - Kakutou Emaki (Japan) Puzzle Arena Toushinden (Japan) Ranma 1-2 - Battle Renaissance (Japan) Real Bout Special - Dominated Mind (Japan) Rittai Ninja Katsugeki - Tenchu - Shinobi Hyakusen (Japan) Robbit mon Dieu (Japan) Running High (Japan) Rurouni Kenshin - Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Ishin Gekitou Hen (Japan) Rurouni Kenshin - Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Juuyuushi Inbou Hen (Japan) Saber Marionette J - Battle Sabers (Japan) Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden (Japan) Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 2 (Japan) Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 3 (Japan) Shiritsu Justice Gakuen - Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2 (Japan) Shura no Mon (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty Vol.01 - Hello Kitty Bowling (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol. 22 - The Pro Wrestling (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol. 52 - The Pro Wrestling 2 (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol. 94 - The Cameraman - Gekisha Boy Omake Tsuki (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol.024 - The Gun Shooting (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol.056 - The Sniper (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol.072 - The Beach Volley (Japan) Simple 1500 Series Vol.099 - The Kendo (Japan) Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.03 - Kamen Rider - The Bike Race (Japan) Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.08 - Gatchaman - The Shooting (Japan) Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.10 - Sakigake!! Otojo Juku - The Dodgeball (Japan) Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.12 - Kidou Butouden G Gundam The Battle (Japan) Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.17 - Sentou Mecha Xabungle - Racing Action (Japan) Slam Dragon (Japan) Spriggan - Lunar Verse (Japan) Street Fighter II Movie (Japan) Super Adventure Rockman (Japan) (Disc 1) Super Adventure Rockman (Japan) (Disc 2) Super Adventure Rockman (Japan) (Disc 3) Tatsunoko Fight (Japan) Torneko - The Last Hope (USA) Toshinden Card Quest (Japan) Twin Goddesses (Japan) Virtual Hiryuu no Ken (Japan) Virtual Pro Wrestling (Japan) Yakyuuken Special (Japan) (Disc 1) Yakyuuken Special (Japan) (Disc 2) Zeiramzone (Japan) Zen Nihon Joshi Pro Wrestling - Joou Densetsu - Yume no Taikousen (Japan) Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon (Japan) Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  5. We have just released a long awaited update for the Sega Dreamcase Video Snaps collection. This update adds or replaces 184 video snaps bringing our total for the collection to 459 videos. Huge thanks to DamnedRegistrations and Audi85 for helping with some of these captures. Now on to the sample, list of changes and links (you know the drill). High Quality Sample Videos Added or Replaced - 185 Captures and Initial Edits - @Circo @DamnedRegistrations @Audi85 Final Edits and Encoding - @Circo 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue (USA) 18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (USA) 4 Wheel Thunder (USA) 4x4 Evolution (USA) 90 Minutes - Sega Championship Football (Europe) Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 (Japan) (Translated En) Aero Dancing I (Japan) Air (Japan) Alice's Mom's Rescue (World) (Unl) Atari Anniversary Edition (USA) BANG! Gunship Elite (USA) Bangai-O (USA) BassRush Dream - Ecogear PowerWorm Championship (Japan) Biohazard - Code - Veronica - Kanzenban (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 1) Biohazard - Code - Veronica - Kanzenban (Japan) (Translated En) (Disc 2) Bomber Hehhe! (Japan) Bomberman Online (USA) Border Down (Japan) Breakers (World) (Unl) Buggy Heat (Europe) Bust-A-Move 4 (USA) Caesars Palace 2000 - Millennium Gold Edition (USA) Canary - Kono Omoi wo Uta ni Nosete (Japan) Cannon Spike (USA) Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan) Capcom vs. SNK (USA) Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan) Capcom vs. SNK 2 Fan Disc (Japan) Castle Shikigami 2 (Japan) Chaos Field (Japan) Charge 'N Blast (USA) Chicken Run (USA) Chu Chu Rocket! (USA) Cleopatra Fortune (Japan) Coaster Works (USA) Cool Boarders Burrrn! (Japan) Cool Herders (World) (Unl) Crazy Taxi (USA) Crazy Taxi 2 (USA) Culdcept II (Japan) D2 (USA) (Disc 1) D2 (USA) (Disc 2) D2 (USA) (Disc 3) D2 (USA) (Disc 4) Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix - Dreamcast Edition (Japan) Dance Dance Revolution Club Version - Dreamcast Edition (Japan) Daytona USA (USA) Dead or Alive 2 - Limited Edition (Japan) Dead or Alive 2 Final (Hack) Death Crimson 2 - Meranito no Saidan (Japan) Demolition Racer - No Exit (USA) Densha de Go! 2 - Kousoku-hen 3000 Bandai (Japan) Derby Tsuku - Derby Uma o Tsukurou! (Japan) Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker Remix (Japan) Draconus - Cult of the Wyrm (USA) Dreamkey Version 1.0 (Europe) Dreamkey Version 1.5 (Europe) Dreamkey Version 2.0 (Europe) Dreamkey Version 3.0 (Europe) Dreamon Collection 2 (Europe) Dreamon Collection 3 (Europe) Dreamon Collection 4 (Europe) Dreamon Volume 1 (Europe) DUX - Version 1.5 (World) (Unl) ECW Anarchy Rulz (USA) ECW Hardcore Revolution (USA) Eisei Meijin III - Game Creator Yoshimura Nobuhiro no Zunou (Japan) Elansar (World) (Unl) Escape 2042 - The Truth Defenders (World) (Unl) ESPN NBA 2Night (USA) European Super League (Europe) Evil Dead - Hail to the King (USA) Evolution - The World of Sacred Device (USA) Exhibition of Speed (Europe) Feet of Fury - Mobile Tactical Dancing Action (World) (Unl) Fire ProWrestling D (Japan) (Translated En) Flintstones, The - Viva Rock Vegas (Europe) (Proto) Frame Gride (Japan) (Translated En) Frog Feast (World) (Unl) Fruit'Y (World) (Unl) Fur Fighters (USA) Geist Force (Japan) (Proto) Ghost Blade (World) (Unl) Giga Wing (USA) Giga Wing 2 (USA) Godzilla Generations - Maximum Impact (Japan) Godzilla Generations (Japan) Golem no Maigo (Japan) Golf Shiyouyo - Course Data Shuu - Adventure-hen (Japan) Golf Shiyouyo - Kouryaku Pack (Japan) Golf Shiyouyo 2 - Aratanaru Chousen (Japan) Guilty Gear X (Japan) Half-Life (USA) (Proto) Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 (Japan) Heisei Mahjong Shou (Japan) Hellgate (USA) (Proto) Hello Kitty - Magical Block (Japan) Hello Kitty no Garden Panic (Japan) Inhabitants (World) (Unl) Irides - Master of Blocks (World) (Unl) Jahmong (Japan) James & Watch - Arm (World) (Unl) James & Watch - Tooth Cracker (World) (Unl) Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu - Dreamcast Edition (Japan) Jissen Pachi Slot Hisshouhou! @Vpachi - Kongdom (Japan) Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon & DX (Japan) (Disc 1) Kidou Senshi Gundam - Renpou vs. Zeon & DX (Japan) (Disc 2) King of Fighters 2000 (Japan) King of Fighters 2001 (Japan) King of Fighters 2002 (Japan) Kitahei Gold (Japan) Lake Masters Pro Dreamcast Plus! (Japan) Last Hope - Pink Bullets (Europe) Last Hope (Japan) Le Mans 24 Hours (Europe) Leona's Tricky Adventures (World) (Unl) Love Hina - Totsuzen no Engeji Happening (Japan) Maqiupai (World) (Unl) Mars Matrix (USA) Marvel vs. Capcom (USA) Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (USA) Millennium Racer - Y2K Fighter (World) (Unl) Monaco Grand Prix (USA) Morita no Saikyo Reversi (Japan) Morita no Saikyo Shougi (Japan) Mortal Kombat Gold (USA) Mr. Driller (USA) NBA 2K (USA) NBA 2K1 (USA) NBA 2K2 (USA) NEO XYX (World) (Unl) Neppachi - 10-ren Chan de Las Vegas Ryokou (Japan) Neppachi II @VPACHI - CR Harenchi Gakuen (Japan) Neppachi III @VPACHI - CR Do Konjou Gaeru 2 - CR Do Konjou Gaeru H (Japan) Neppachi IV @VPACHI - CR Aa!! Hana no Ouendan 3 (Japan) Neppachi V @VPACHI - CR Monster House (Japan) Neppachi VI @VPACHI - CR O Takara Tankentai (Japan) Net Versus - Chess (Japan) Net Versus - Gomoku Narabe to Renju (Japan) Net Versus - Hanafuda (Japan) Net Versus - Igo (Japan) Net Versus - Mahjong (Japan) Net Versus - Reversi (Japan) Net Versus - Shogi (Japan) Nettou Golf (Japan) New Japan Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 4 (Japan) Nihon Pro Mahjong Renmei Kounin - Tetsuman Menkyokaiden (Japan) O.To.I.Re - Dreamcast Sequencer (Japan) Orion Puzzle Collection (World) (Unl) Pachinko no Dendou - CR Nanasy (Japan) Pachi-Slot Teiou - Dream Slot - Heiwa SP (Japan) Pachi-Slot Teiou - Dream Slot - Olympia SP (Japan) Panzer Front (Japan) PBA Tour Bowling 2001 (USA) (Proto) Philia - The Sequel to Elansar (World) (Unl) Pier Solar and the Great Architects (World) (Unl) Plus Plumb (Japan) Pop'n Music (Japan) Pop'n Music 2 (Japan) Pop'n Music 3 - Append Disc (Japan) Pop'n Music 4 - Append Disc (Japan) Pro Mahjong Kiwame D (Japan) Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou Net! (Japan) Propeller Arena - Aviation Battle Championship (USA) (Proto) Redux - Dark Matters (World) (Unl) Rush Rush Rally Racing (World) (Unl) Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (World) (Unl) Seaman (USA) Shanghai Dynasty (Japan) Shenmue (USA) (Disc 4) Shin Honkaku Hanafuda (Japan) Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 4 (Japan) Soukou no Kihei - Space Griffon (Japan) Space Channel 5 - Part 2 (Japan) (Translated En) Sturmwind (World) (Unl) Super Runabout - San Francisco Edition (USA) Taisen Net Gimmick - Capcom & Psikyo All Stars (Japan) Tanaka Torahiko no Urutoraryu Syougi - Ibisya Anaguma Hen (Japan) Taxi 2 - Le Jeu (Europe) Tokyo Bus Guide (Japan) Volgarr the Viking (World) (Unl) What's Shenmue (Japan) Wind and Water - Puzzle Battles (World) (Unl) Zia & the Goddesses of Magic (World) (Unl) Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  6. EmuMovies news releases have been non existant over the last monthy but for good reason. Today we release version 2.0 of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance video snap collection. This update includs 1,260 new video snaps, now with better gameplay, picture and sound quality. We hope you all enjoy these new much higher quality video snaps. High quality versions are available on the EmuMovies FTP and SYNC service. Captures and Initial Edits - @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits and Encoding - @Circo High Quality Set - 1,373 Videos - 11GB Standard Quality Set - 1,373 - 3.82GB High Quality Samples: Videos Added / Replaced - 1,260 GBA Videos.. Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  7. Today we have 13 new video snaps for the Atari Jaguar. Previously these were listed as not working. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the submissions. Videos Added / Replaced - 11 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Air Cars (World) Attack of the Mutant Penguins (World) BattleSphere Gold (World) Club Drive (World) Cybermorph (World) Flip Out! (World) Hyper Force (World) Power Drive Rally (World) Ruiner Pinball (World) Skyhammer (World) Towers II (World) White Men Can't Jump (World) Zoop! (World) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  8. Another update today is for the Sega CD video snaps set including 10 new videos. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the captures. Videos Added / Replaced - 10 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Corpse Killer (USA) (32X) Night Trap (USA) (32X) (Disc 1) Night Trap (USA) (32X) (Disc 2) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 1) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 2) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 3) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 4) Supreme Warrior (USA) (32x) (Disc 1) Supreme Warrior (USA) (32x) (Disc 2) Surgical Strike (USA) (32x) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  9. A small update for the Nintendo Super Famicom video snaps set has been released today including videos for 3 new games. We have a new translation and a couple of videos that were requested on our forums. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the captures. Videos Added / Replaced - 3 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Ghost Chaser Densei (Japan) (Translated En) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu '96 - Kaimaku Ban (Japan) Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (Japan) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  10. Another update for the Nintendo Famicom video snaps set brings us 5 new or updated videos. These updates are recent translations that have been released. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for submitting the captures. Videos Added/Replaced - 5 Captures, Edits - @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits, Encoding - @Circo Aigina no Yogen - Balubalouk no Densetsu Yori (Japan) (Translated En) Castle Quest (Japan) (Translated En) Dragon Ball - Daimaou Fukkatsu (Japan) (Translated En) Mahjong (Japan) (Translated En) Nagagutsu o Haita Neko - Sekai Isshuu 80 Nichi Dai Bouken (Japan) (Translated En) Video Snap Sample Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  11. Version 2.0 of the SNK Neo Geo CD video snaps have been released. This release includes 137 new video snaps, 1 new default platform video as well as new gameplay and title snapshot packs. Most of the videos were recorded in MAME using the Neo Geo CDZ core. Standard quality videos are available on the EmuMovies website and the High Quality videos are available via EmuMovies Sync and FTP. Some quick details Captures, Edits & Encoding - @Circo High Quality - 1.84GB / Standard Quality - 537MB Video captured using MAME (NeoGeo CDZ) Video Snap Sample Default Platform Video Videos Added/Replaced - 137 @Circo 2020 Super Baseball (World).mp4 3 Count Bout (World).mp4 ADK World (Japan).mp4 Aero Fighters 2 (World).mp4 Aero Fighters 3 (World).mp4 Aggressors of Dark Kombat (World).mp4 Alpha Mission II (World).mp4 Andro Dunos (Japan).mp4 Art of Fighting (World).mp4 Art of Fighting 2 (World).mp4 Art of Fighting 3 - The Path of the Warrior (World).mp4 ASO II - Last Guardian (Japan).mp4 Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka No Kenshi (Japan).mp4 Bang Bang Busters (World).mp4 Baseball Stars 2 (World).mp4 Baseball Stars Professional (World).mp4 Big Tournament Golf (Japan).mp4 Blue's Journey (World).mp4 Breakers (World).mp4 Burning Fight (World).mp4 Bust-A-Move (World).mp4 Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer (Japan).mp4 Choutetsu Brikin'ger (Japan).mp4 Crossed Swords (World).mp4 Crossed Swords II (World).mp4 Cyber-Lip (World).mp4 Double Dragon (World).mp4 Dunk Dream (Japan).mp4 Fatal Fury - The Battle of Fury (World).mp4 Fatal Fury 2 (World).mp4 Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory (World).mp4 Fatal Fury Special (World).mp4 Fire Suplex (Japan).mp4 Flying Power Disc (Japan).mp4 Football Frenzy (World).mp4 Futsal - 5 on 5 Mini Soccer (Japan).mp4 Fu'un Mokujiroku - Kakutou Sousei (Japan).mp4 Galaxy Fight - Universal Warriors (World).mp4 Garou Densetsu - Shukumei no Tatakai (Japan).mp4 Garou Densetsu 2 - Arata-naru Tatakai (Japan).mp4 Garou Densetsu 3 - Haruka-naru Tatakai (Japan).mp4 Garou Densetsu Special (Japan).mp4 Ghost Pilots (World).mp4 Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Japan).mp4 Ironclad (World).mp4 Janshin Densetsu (Japan).mp4 Joy Joy Kid (Japan).mp4 Kabuki Klash (World).mp4 Karnov's Revenge (Europe).mp4 King of Fighters '94, The (World).mp4 King of Fighters '95, The (World).mp4 King of Fighters '96, The - NEOGEO Collection (Japan).mp4 King of Fighters '96, The (World).mp4 King of Fighters '97, The (World).mp4 King of Fighters '98, The - Dream Match Never Ends (Limited Edition) (Japan).mp4 King of Fighters '98, The - The Slugfest (World).mp4 King of Fighters '99, The - Millennium Battle (World).mp4 King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (World).mp4 Last Blade, The (World).mp4 Last Hope (World).mp4 Last Resort (World).mp4 League Bowling (World).mp4 Magical Drop 2 (World).mp4 Mahjong Kyo Retsuden - Nishi Nihon Hen (Japan).mp4 Metal Slug (World).mp4 Metal Slug 2 (World).mp4 Mutation Nation (World).mp4 NAM-1975 (World).mp4 Neo DriftOut (World).mp4 Neo Geo CD Special (Japan).mp4 Neo Turf Masters (World).mp4 Ninja Combat (World).mp4 Ninja Commando (World).mp4 Ninja Master's - Haou Ninpou-Chou (World).mp4 Oshidashi Zintrick (Japan).mp4 OverTop (World).mp4 Pleasuregoal - 5 on 5 Mini Soccer (World).mp4 Power Spikes II (World).mp4 Pulstar (World).mp4 Puzzled (World).mp4 Quiz King of Fighters (Japan).mp4 Ragnagard (World).mp4 Raguy (Japan).mp4 Rally Chase (World).mp4 Real Bout Fatal Fury (World).mp4 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers (World).mp4 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (World).mp4 Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Japan).mp4 Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 - The Newcomers (Japan).mp4 Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (Japan).mp4 Riding Hero (World).mp4 Robo Army (World).mp4 Ryuuko no Ken (Japan).mp4 Ryuuko no Ken 2 (Japan).mp4 Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden (Japan).mp4 Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden (Limited Edition) (Japan).mp4 Samurai Shodown (World).mp4 Samurai Shodown II (World).mp4 Samurai Shodown III (World).mp4 Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa's Revenge (World).mp4 Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin (Japan).mp4 Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken (Japan).mp4 Samurai Spirits (Japan).mp4 Savage Reign (World).mp4 Sengoku (World).mp4 Sengoku 2 (World).mp4 Shin Samurai Spirits - Haoumaru Jigoku Hen (Japan).mp4 Shinouken (Japan).mp4 Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidouretsuden (Japan).mp4 Shougi no Tatsujin - Master of Syougi (Japan).mp4 Soccer Brawl (World).mp4 Sonic Wings 2 (Japan).mp4 Sonic Wings 3 (Japan).mp4 Stakes Winner - Gi Kanzen Seiha Heno Machi (Japan).mp4 Street Hoop (World).mp4 Super Sidekicks (World).mp4 Super Sidekicks 2 - The World Championship (World).mp4 Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory (World).mp4 Super Spy, The (World).mp4 Tengai Makyou Shinden - Far East of Eden (Japan).mp4 Time's Up (World).mp4 Tokuten Oh (Japan).mp4 Tokuten Oh 2 - Real Fight Football (Japan).mp4 Tokuten Oh 3 - Eikoue no Chousen (Japan).mp4 Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (World).mp4 Top Player's Golf (World).mp4 Treasure of The Caribbean (World).mp4 Tsuukai GanGan Koushinkyoku (Japan).mp4 Twinkle Star Sprites (World).mp4 Viewpoint (World).mp4 Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (World).mp4 Windjammers (World).mp4 World Heroes (World).mp4 World Heroes 2 (World).mp4 World Heroes 2 Jet (World).mp4 World Heroes Perfect (World).mp4 Zintrick (World).mp4 Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View the full article
  12. I am calling this run of video snaps the EmuMovies loves Demul series. The Sega Dreamcast and its affiliated arcade systems are some of my favorites. When I found out just what a big improvement the latest Demul emulator was over previous versions I decided it was time to redo all the Video Snaps. This pack is a HUGE improvement over our previous set, and I have also made a new default platform video as well as new gameplay and title snaps. These new Demul based packs will be available in SD, HQ & HD quality levels. Some quick details Captures, Edits & Encoding - @Circo High Definition - 1.05GB / High Quality - 504MB / Standard Quality - 114MB All videos captured using Demul 0.7a Preview (Platform Video) Videos Added / Replaced - 31 anmlbskt.mp4 basschal.mp4 basschalo.mp4 claychal.mp4 demofist.mp4 dirtypig.mp4 dolphin.mp4 fotns.mp4 ftspeed.mp4 ggisuka.mp4 ggx15.mp4 kofnw.mp4 kofnwj.mp4 kofxi.mp4 kov7sprt.mp4 maxspeed.mp4 mslug6.mp4 ngbc.mp4 ngbcj.mp4 rangrmsn.mp4 rumblef.mp4 rumblef2.mp4 rumblefp.mp4 rumblf2p.mp4 salmankt.mp4 samsptk.mp4 sprtshot.mp4 sushibar.mp4 vfurlong.mp4 xtrmhnt2.mp4 xtrmhunt.mp4 Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View the full article
  13. We have some new media for Locomalito games released today. If your not sure what these are check out the Locomalito website as all are free downloads save for the newest one Maldita Castilla EX which is available on Steam. Today's updates include 18 new video snaps, a default platform video as well as gameplay and title snaps. I had a ton of fun recording this set and I can't wait to get them installed in my front end. This media is also being added to the Microsoft Windows collection which now has 5,933 video snaps. The new Locomalito video snaps are available in HD (720p), HQ (480p) and SQ (240p). HD and HQ packs are available via our EmuMovies FTP file server and the EmuMovies Sync service. Videos Added - 18 @Circo Captures, Edits & Encoding @Circo 8Bit Killer (2008) Blokanoid (2007) Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2012) Game Jam (2015) Gaurodan (2013) Gort Ultimatum (2014) Hydorah (2010) l'Abbaye des Morts (2010) Maldita Castilla (2012) Maniac Aracs (2013) Matilda Castilla EX (2016) Red Spheres (2008) Super Ninja Julia (2013) The Curse of Issyos (2015) Verminest (2012) Verminian Trap (2013) Viriax (2011) Zneik (2007) Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View the full article
  14. Next up on our insane summer release schedule is a whole bunch of new media for the Nintendo Famicom Disk System. First off, a completely new and much needed video snaps pack. The old pack was 92 videos that were recordings from a fairly glitchy emulator with loads of sound issues. Replacing that pack are 210 brand new videos captured in RetroArch and are nicely hand edited. We also have a new default platform video as well as a new entry in our parallax series. I have also added matching gameplay and title snap packs. Continue reading after the samples for a breakout of the new videos. Videos Added - 210 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo 19 - Neunzehn (Japan) (Translated En) Adian no Tsue (Japan) Ai Senshi Nicol (Japan) Akara Senki Raijin (Japan) Aki to Tsukasa no Fushigi no Kabe (Japan) (Unl) Akumajou Dracula (Japan) Akumajou Dracula II - Noroi no Fuuin (Japan) Aliens (Japan) (Proto) All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (Japan) Apple Town Monogatari - Little Computer People (Japan) Armana no Kiseki (Japan) (Translated En) Aspic - Mahebiou no Noroi (Japan) Backgammon (Japan) Bakutoushi Patton-kun (Japan) Baseball (Japan) Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit (Japan) Big Challenge! Go! Go! Bowling (Japan) Big Challenge! Gun Fighter (Japan) Big Challenge! Judou Senshuken (Japan) Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Japan) Bishoujo Control (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Hanafuda Club Vol.1 - Oityokabu Hen (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Hanafuda Club Vol.2 - Koikoi Bakappana Hen (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Kachinuki Renju - Gomokunarabe (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Mahjong Club (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Sexy Derby (Japan) (Unl) (Translated En) Bishoujo Sexy Puzzle (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo Sexy Slot (Japan) (Unl) Bishoujo SF Alien Battle (Japan) (Unl) BodyConQuest I - Abakareshi Musume Tachi (Japan) (Unl) (Translated En) Bomberman (Japan) Breeder (Japan) Bubble Bobble (Japan) Burger Time (Japan) Casino de Pink (Japan) (Unl) Chiteitairiku Orudola (Japan) City Connection (Japan) (Unl) Clox (Japan) Clu Clu Land - Welcome to New Clu Clu Land (Japan) Cocona World (Japan) Comic Sakka Series Touma Senki #1 - Mashoujo Gakuen Evil (Japan) (Unl) Comic Sakka Series Touma Senki #2 - Mermaid no Gyakushuu (Japan) (Unl) Comic Sakka Series Touma Senki #3 - Ryuujin Sensei Kikiippatsu (Japan) (Unl) Comic Sakka Series Touma Senki #4 - Tenkuu Ryuumaou Fukkatsu (Japan) (Unl) Comic Sakka Series Touma Senki #5 - Youjuu Rudo no Chousen (Japan) (Unl) Dandy - Zeuon No Fukkatsu (Japan) Date de Blackjack (Japan) (Unl) Deep Dungeon - Madou Senki (Japan) (Translated En) Deep Dungeon II - Yushi no Monshou (Japan) (Translated En) Dig Dug (Japan) Dig Dug II (Japan) Dirty Pair - Project Eden (Japan) (Translated En) Donkey Kong (Japan) Donkey Kong Jr. (Japan) Doremikko (Japan) Dr. Chaos - Jigoku no Tobira (Japan) Druid - Kyoufu no Tobira (Japan) Eggerland - Souzou heno Tabidachi (Japan) Eggerland (Japan) (Translated En) Electrician (Japan) (Translated En) Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken! (Japan) (Unl) (Translated En) Esper Dream (Japan) (Translated En) Exciting Baseball (Japan) Exciting Basket (Japan) Exciting Billiard (Japan) Exciting Soccer - Konami Cup (Japan) Fairy Pinball - Yousei Tachi no Pinball (Japan) (Unl) Fairytale (Japan) Falsion (Japan) Famicom Grand Prix - F1 Race (Japan) (Translated En) Famicom Grand Prix II - 3D Hot Rally (Japan) (Translated En) Family Composer (Japan) Family Computer Golf - Japan Course (Japan) Family Computer Golf - Special Course (Japan) Family Computer Golf - U.S. Course (Japan) Family Computer Golf Tournament - Japan Course (Japan) Family Computer Othello (Japan) Final Commando - Akai Yousai (Japan) Fire Bam (Japan) Fire Rock (Japan) Fuun Shorinji - Ankoku no Maou (Japan) Fuun Shorinji (Japan) Galaga (Japan) Galaxian (Japan) Gall Force - Eternal Story (Japan) (Translated En) Game Tengoku (Japan) Ginga Denshou - Galaxy Odyssey (Japan) (Translated En) Golf (Japan) Golf, The - Bishoujo Classic (Japan) (Unl) Goonies, The (Japan) Green Beret (Japan) Gun.Smoke (Japan) Gyruss (Japan) Gyruss (Japan) (Translated En) Halley Wars (Japan) Hao-kun no Fushigina Tabi (Japan) Hikari Shinwa - Palthena no Kagami (Japan) Hong Kong (Japan) Ice Climber (Japan) Ice Hockey (Japan) Igo - Kyuroban Taikyoku (Japan) Ishido (Japan) (Translated En) Janken Disk Shiro (Japan) Jikai Shounen Met Mag (Japan) Kaettekita Mario Bros. (Japan) (Translated En) Kalin no Tsurugi (Japan) (Translated En) Kamen Rider Black - Taiketsu Shadow Moon (Japan) Karate Champ (Japan) Kick and Run (Japan) Kick Challenger Air Foot - Yasai no Kuni no Ashi Senshi (Japan) Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor - Dai 2 Shoutai Shutsudou Seyo! (Japan) (Translated En) Kieta Princess (Japan) Kiki Kaikai - Dotou Hen (Japan) Kineko - Kinetic Connection - The Monitor Puzzle (Japan) Kineko Vol. II - Kinetic Connection - The Monitor Puzzle (Japan) Kinnikuman - Kinniku Ookurai Soudatsusen (Japan) Knight Lore (Japan) Knight Move (Japan) (Translated En) Kobayashi Hitomi Shocking Tennis (Japan) (Unl) Konamic Ice Hockey (Japan) Konamic Tennis (Japan) Koneko Monogatari - The Adventures of Chatran (Japan) Legend of Zelda 2, The - Link no Bouken (Japan) Lipstick #.1 - Lolita Hen (Japan) (Unl) Lipstick #.2 - Joshi Gakusei Hen (Japan) (Unl) Lipstick #.3 - OL Hen (Japan) (Unl) Lipstick #.4 - Hakui no Tenshi Hen (Japan) (Unl) Lipstick #.5 - Stewardess Hen (Japan) (Unl) Lutter (Japan) (Translated En) Mahjong (Japan) Mahjong Goraku - Bishoujo Meijinsen (Japan) (Unl) Mahjong Kazoku (Japan) Marchen Veil (Japan) Matou no Houkai (Japan) Meikyujin Dababa (Japan) Metroid (Japan) (Translated En) Michael English Daibouken (Japan) Moero TwinBee - Cinnamon Hakase wo Sukue! (Japan) Monty on the Run - Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou (Japan) (Translated En) Moonball Magic (Japan) Namida no Soukoban Special (Japan) (Translated En) Nazo no Kabe - Block Kuzushi (Japan) Nazo no Murasame Jou (Japan) (Translated En) Nazoler Land Dai 2 Gou (Japan) Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou (Japan) Nazoler Land Soukan Gou (Japan) Omoikkiri Tanteidan Haado Gumi - Matenrou no Chousenjou (Japan) Oru 1 (Japan) Otocky (Japan) Pachi Com (Japan) Pachinko Grand Prix (Japan) Pac-Man (Japan) Panic Space (Japan) Pinball (Japan) Pro Golfer Saru - Kage no Tournament (Japan) Pro Wrestling - Famicom Wrestling Association (Japan) Professional Mahjong Goku (Japan) Putt Putt Golf (Japan) Puyo Puyo (Japan) Puzzle Boys (Japan) (Translated En) Radical Bomber!! Jirai-kun (Japan) Reflect World (Japan) Relics - Ankoku Yousai (Japan) Replicart (Japan) Roger Rabbit (Japan) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 1 (Japan) (Unl) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 2 (Japan) (Unl) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 3 (Japan) (Unl) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 4 (Japan) (Unl) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 5 (Japan) (Unl) Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 6 (Japan) (Unl) Samurai Sword (Japan) (Translated En) Santa Claus no Takarabako (Japan) (Translated En) SD Gundam World - Gachapon Senshi - Scramble Wars (Japan) SD Gundam World - Gachapon Senshi - Scramble Wars Map Collection (Japan) Section-Z (Japan) Seiken Psycho Calibur - Maju no Mori Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En) Sexy Invaders (Japan) (Unl) Silvania - Ai Ippai no Boukensha (Japan) (Translated En) Smash Ping Pong (Japan) Soccer (Japan) Solomon no Kagi (Japan) Suishou no Ryuu (Japan) (Translated En) Super Boy Allan (Japan) Super Lode Runner (Japan) Super Lode Runner II (Japan) Super Mario Bros. (Japan) Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) Tama & Friends - 3 Choume Dai Bouken (Japan) Tanigawa Kouji no Shougi Shinan II - Meijin heno Michi (Japan) Tennis (Japan) Tobidase Daisakusen (Japan) Topple Zip (Japan) Transformers - The Headmasters (Japan) TwinBee (Japan) Ultraman - Kaijuteikoku no Gyakusyu (Japan) Ultraman 2 - Shutsugeki Katokutai!! (Japan) Volleyball (Japan) Vs. Excitebike (Japan) Wakusei Aton Gaiden (Japan) Wardner no Mori (Japan) Winter Games (Japan) Wrecking Crew (Japan) Xevious (Japan) Yakyuuken Part II - Gal's Dungeon (Japan) (Unl) (Translated En) Youkai Yashiki (Japan) (Translated En) Yu Maze (Japan) Yumekoujou - Doki Doki Panic (Japan) (Translated En) Zanac (Japan) Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy (Japan) Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
  15. Still going..... It's a great summer of new content at EmuMovies and next up on the list is a BRAND NEW video snap set for the Sega Master System. It's ridiculous how much better these retroarch captures are vs the old Kega Fusion recordings. But we keep at it and the quality keeps improving, and today we have 334 new captures, hand edited to perfection. Initial captures and edits by @DamnedRegistrations also known as the man under the stairs. Final edits and encoding by @Circo. DR put together this handy dandy screenshot that we all had a good laugh over. Not even comparable. Here is a video sample from the new pack Videos Added / Replaced - 334 20 em 1 (Brazil) 4 PAK All Action (Australia) Ace of Aces (Europe) Action Fighter (USA, Europe) Addams Family, The (Europe) Aerial Assault (USA) After Burner (World) Air Rescue (Europe) Aladdin (Europe) Alex Kidd - High-Tech World (USA, Europe) Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (World) Alex Kidd BMX Trial (Japan) Alex Kidd in Miracle World (USA, Europe) Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (USA, Europe) Alf (USA) Alien 3 (Europe) Alien Storm (Europe) Alien Syndrome (USA, Europe) Altered Beast (USA, Europe) Andre Agassi Tennis (Europe) Arcade Smash Hits (Europe) Argos no Juujiken (Japan) Ariel - The Little Mermaid (Brazil) Assault City (Europe) Asterix (Europe) Asterix and the Great Rescue (Europe) Asterix and the Secret Mission (Europe) Astro Warrior & Pit Pot (Europe) Astro Warrior (Japan, USA) Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (Europe) Aztec Adventure - The Golden Road to Paradise (World) Back to the Future Part II (Europe) Back to the Future Part III (Europe) Baku Baku Animal (Brazil) Bank Panic (Europe) Basketball Nightmare (Europe) Batman Returns (Europe) Battle OutRun (Europe) Battlemaniacs (Brazil) Black Belt (USA, Europe) Blade Eagle (World) Bomber Raid (World) Bonanza Bros. (Europe) Bonkers Wax Up! (Brazil) Bram Stoker's Dracula (Europe) Bruce Lee (World) (Unl) Bubble Bobble (Europe) Buggy Run (Europe) California Games (USA, Europe) California Games II (Europe) Captain Silver (USA) Casino Games (USA, Europe) Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum (Brazil) Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA) Champions of Europe (Europe) Championship Hockey (Europe) Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador (Brazil) Cheese Cat-astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe) Choplifter (USA, Europe) Chuck Rock (Europe) Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (Europe) Cloud Master (USA, Europe) Columns (USA, Europe) Comical Machine Gun Joe (Japan) Cool Spot (Europe) Cosmic Spacehead (Europe) Cyber Shinobi, The (Europe) Cyborg Hunter (USA, Europe) Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Europe) Danan - The Jungle Fighter (Europe) Dead Angle (USA, Europe) Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck (Europe) Desert Speedtrap Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (Europe) Desert Strike (Europe) Dick Tracy (USA, Europe) Dinobasher - Starring Bignose the Caveman (Europe) (Proto) Double Dragon (World) Double Hawk (Europe) Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Europe) Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (Europe) Dragon Crystal (Europe) Dynamite Duke (Europe) Dynamite Dux (Europe) Dynamite Headdy (Brazil) Earthworm Jim (Brazil) Ecco - The Tides of Time (Brazil) Ecco the Dolphin (Europe) Enduro Racer (USA, Europe) E-SWAT - City Under Siege (USA, Europe) F1 (Europe) F-16 Fighting Falcon (USA) Fantastic Dizzy (Europe) Fantasy Zone - The Maze (USA, Europe) Fantasy Zone (World) Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (USA, Europe) Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau (Brazil) FIFA International Soccer (Brazil) Fire & Forget II (Europe) Fire & Ice (Brazil) Flash, The (Europe) Flintstones, The (Europe) Forgotten Worlds (Europe) Gain Ground (Europe) Galactic Protector (Japan) Galaxy Force (USA) Gangster Town (USA, Europe) Gauntlet (Europe) Gekioko PunPun Maru (Japan) (Unl) George Foreman's KO Boxing (Europe) Geraldinho (Brazil) Ghost House (USA, Europe) Ghostbusters (USA, Europe) Ghouls'n Ghosts (USA, Europe) Global Defense (USA, Europe) G-LOC Air Battle (Europe) Golden Axe (USA, Europe) Golden Axe Warrior (USA, Europe) Golfamania (Europe) Golvellius (USA, Europe) GP Rider (Europe) Great Baseball (Japan) Great Baseball (USA, Europe) Great Basketball (World) Great Football (World) Great Golf (Japan) Great Golf (World) Great Ice Hockey (Japan, USA) Great Soccer (Europe) Great Soccer (USA) Great Volleyball (USA, Europe) Hang-On & Safari Hunt (USA) Hang-On (Europe) Heroes of the Lance (Europe) High School! Kimengumi (Japan) (Translated En) Hokuto no Ken (Japan) Home Alone (Europe) Hook (Europe) (Proto) Hoshi wo Sagasite... (Japan) (Translated En) Impossible Mission (Europe) Incredible Crash Dummies, The (Europe) Incredible Hulk, The (Europe) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe) James Bond 007 - The Duel (Europe) James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA) James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod (Europe) Joe Montana Football (USA, Europe) Jungle Book, The (Europe) Jurassic Park (Europe) Kenseiden (USA, Europe) King's Quest - Quest for the Crown (USA) Klax (Europe) Krusty's Fun House (Europe) Kung Fu Kid (USA, Europe) Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Europe) Lander 2 (World) (Unl) Laser Ghost (Europe) Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Brazil) Lemmings (Europe) Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (World) (Proto) Line of Fire (Europe) Lion King, The (Europe) Lord of the Sword (USA, Europe) Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck, The (Europe) Mahjong Sengoku Jidai (Japan) Marble Madness (Europe) Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting (USA) Master of Darkness (Europe) Masters of Combat (Europe) Maze Hunter 3-D (USA, Europe) Megumi Rescue (Japan) Mercs (Europe) Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (USA, Europe) Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (Europe) Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (Brazil) Micro Machines (Europe) Miracle Warriors - Seal of the Dark Lord (USA, Europe) Missile Defense 3-D (USA, Europe) Monica no Castelo do Dragao (Brazil) Monopoly (USA) Montezuma's Revenge Featuring Panama Joe (USA) Mortal Kombat (Europe) Mortal Kombat 3 (Brazil) Mortal Kombat II (Europe) Ms. Pac-Man (Europe) My Hero (USA, Europe) NBA Jam (Europe) (Proto) Nekkyuu Koushien (Japan) New Zealand Story, The (Europe) Ninja Gaiden (Europe) Ninja, The (USA, Europe) Olympic Gold (Europe) Operation Wolf (Europe) Ottifants, The (Europe) OutRun (World) OutRun 3-D (Europe) OutRun Europa (Europe) Pac-Mania (Europe) Paperboy (USA) Parlour Games (USA, Europe) Pat Riley Basketball (USA) (Proto) Penguin Land (USA, Europe) PGA Tour Golf (Europe) Phantasy Star (USA, Europe) Pit Fighter (Europe) Populous (Europe) Poseidon Wars 3-D (USA, Europe) Power Strike (USA, Europe) Power Strike II (Europe) Predator 2 (Europe) Prince of Persia (Europe) Pro Wrestling (USA, Europe) Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race, The (Japan) Psychic World (Europe) Psycho Fox (USA, Europe) Putt & Putter (Europe) Quartet (USA, Europe) Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren Hoek & Stimpy (Brazil) R.C. Grand Prix (USA, Europe) Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Europe) Rambo - First Blood Part II (USA) Rambo III (USA, Europe) Rampage (USA, Europe) Rampart (Europe) Rastan (USA, Europe) Reggie Jackson Baseball (USA) Renegade (Europe) Rescue Mission (USA, Europe) Road Rash (Europe) RoboCop 3 (Europe) RoboCop versus The Terminator (Europe) Rocky (World) R-Type (World) Running Battle (Europe) Sagaia (Europe) Sapo Xule - O Mestre do Kung Fu (Brazil) Sapo Xule - S.O.S Lagoa Poluida (Brazil) Sapo Xule vs. Os Invasores do Brejo (Brazil) Satellite 7 (Japan) Scramble Spirits (Europe) Sega Chess (Europe) Sega World Tournament Golf (Europe) Sensible Soccer (Europe) Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (Europe) Shadow of the Beast (Europe) Shanghai (USA, Europe) Shinobi (USA, Europe) Shooting Gallery (USA, Europe) Simpsons, The - Bart vs. The Space Mutants (Europe) Simpsons, The - Bart vs. The World (Europe) Sitio do Picapau Amarelo (Brazil) Slap Shot (USA) Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) Smurfs, The (Europe) Snail Maze (Europe) Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida (Japan) Sonic Blast (Brazil) Sonic Chaos (Europe) Sonic Edusoft (USA) (Proto) Sonic Spinball (Europe) Sonic The Hedgehog (USA, Europe) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Europe) Space Gun (Europe) Space Harrier (USA, Europe) Space Harrier 3-D (USA, Europe) Special Criminal Investigation (Europe) Speedball (Europe) Speedball 2 (Europe) SpellCaster (USA, Europe) Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six (Europe) Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (USA, Europe) Sports Pad Football (USA) Spy vs. Spy (USA, Europe) Star Wars (Europe) Street Fighter II (Brazil) Streets of Rage (Europe) Streets of Rage II (Europe) Strider (USA, Europe) Strider II (Europe) Submarine Attack (Europe) Sukeban Deka II - Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En) Summer Games (Europe) Super Kick Off (Europe) Super Monaco GP (USA) Super Off Road (Europe) Super Racing (Japan) Super Smash T.V. (Europe) Super Space Invaders (Europe) Super Tennis (USA, Europe) Superman - The Man of Steel (Europe) T2 - The Arcade Game (Europe) Taito Chase H.Q. (Europe) Taz in Escape from Mars (Brazil) Taz-Mania (Europe) Tecmo World Cup '93 (Europe) Teddy Boy (USA, Europe) Tennis Ace (Europe) Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Europe) Terminator, The (Europe) Thunder Blade (USA, Europe) Time Soldiers (USA, Europe) Tom and Jerry - The Movie (Europe) TransBot (USA, Europe) Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (Europe) Turma da Monica em O Resgate (Brazil) TV Colosso (Brazil) Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (Europe) Ultimate Soccer (Europe) Vigilante (USA, Europe) Virtua Fighter Animation (Brazil) Walter Payton Football (USA) Wanted (USA, Europe) Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (USA) Wimbledon (Europe) Wimbledon II (Europe) Winter Olympics - Lillehammer '94 (Europe) Wolfchild (Europe) Wonder Boy (USA, Europe) Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap (USA, Europe) Wonder Boy in Monster Land (USA, Europe) Wonder Boy in Monster World (Europe) Woody Pop - Shinjinrui no Block Kuzushi (Japan) World Class Leader Board (Europe) World Cup Italia '90 (Europe) World Cup USA 94 (Europe) World Games (Europe) World Grand Prix (USA) WWF Wrestlemania - Steel Cage Challenge (Europe) Xenon 2 - Megablast (Europe) X-Men - Mojo World (Brazil) Ys - The Vanished Omens (USA, Europe) Zaxxon 3-D (World) Zillion (USA) Zillion II - The Tri Formation (World) Zool - Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension (Europe) Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article