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  1. Thanks for add pause in 3.75... question... In a pause.. when i return to game.. in games without DMD al ok.. but DMD pinballs return out of focus.. what im doing wrong??? please.. if somebody know.. thanks!
  2. Sorry Tom I'm so sorry Tom. I did not want to be disrespectful. I couldn't find where to ask if the pause worked or not in this latest version ... my English is very short, the question may be misunderstood ... I apologize again.
  3. thanks for the update Tom!! Pause working now?????
  4. First Sorry My poor english.. ill try without google translate. I'm having a problem with Pinballx and the shutdown. When I put it off from the option it leaves my pc in a close session. Does anyone know where I can change the Pinballx code for a direct shutdown option? as "shutdown / f / s / t 0" Please if someone had or has this problem, do you notify me? Thank you!!!!!
  5. Hello.. im writing from Argentina (Virtual Pinball Argentinos Fan Club Group) We have a question about the developers of Pinballx ... it is possible that you can add a button that makes us a new list called Favs. So when one is playing one table and wants to place as favorite press the "F" button (example "and that table is saved in a list type FAVS to then have a direct access to the Favs (as they are by brand or year for example) Thank you very much ... and a huge greeting from Argentina. LEO
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