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  1. MaxxDamage

    User Submitted Themes & Media (Uploads)

    I can't believe these logos are still here, I'm glad they are because I couldn't find my own copies. Wow, seven years ago I'm getting old. ;P
  2. MaxxDamage

    New System

    After years of running my gaming system on an old machine, I am finally moving it all to a newer system. AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4200+ 2GB Ram Windows 7 Professional 64 bit What emulators run the best under the Windows 7 64 bit Operating System? John
  3. MaxxDamage


    I figured it out.
  4. MaxxDamage


    Mine doesn't seem to work that way. When I click the game it launches the game. If I press the L key then I get the screen that shows the options, but the Add Favorites doesn't seem to work.
  5. MaxxDamage


    Can someone tell me how to add games to my favorites list?
  6. MaxxDamage

    Virtual Merlin

    I had a real Merlin as a child, I didn't really enjoy it but thanks for the memories.
  7. MaxxDamage

    User Submitted Themes & Media (Uploads)

    It looks like the number of allowed downloads has been exceeded, so I can't download it.
  8. MaxxDamage

    GameEx bug found

    I am having the same problem too.
  9. MaxxDamage


    I,m using the Valhalla theme too and the latest changes does make the background change when you select an emulator, but when you return to the main screen it doesn't switch back to the base background. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. This Rubik's cube sub woofer would look great next to an Arcade cabinet. http://projectcube2007.blogspot.com/ John
  11. MaxxDamage

    Problems getting the latest updates

    I was having the same problem earlier today, but the problem seems to be fixed. GameEx downloaded and installed the latest update prefectly. Maxx
  12. MaxxDamage

    About GameEx 9.50

    GameEx just finished downloading the update and the install worked great. Maxx
  13. MaxxDamage

    About GameEx 9.50

    The download stalls out after the progress bar moves about 1/4 of the total distance, then the program closes. Maxx
  14. MaxxDamage

    About GameEx 9.50

    It seems to have worked. I am currently downloading the update. Maxx
  15. MaxxDamage

    About GameEx 9.50

    I currently have version 9.49 installed. When I launch GameEx I am not prompted to update to 9.50. Any ideas whay? Maxx