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  1. Okay folks hope all is well. As a hopeful final update to this curious case, I think I have an answer. After a series of baffling connecting evidences, I am sure I figured out what was going wrong. For starters the demo (attract mode) always worked well initially. It was only when it no longer did I asked for answers. This is where it got confusing. I would unplug a USB device and re-plug and it would work. But only temporarily. I would unplug a IDE drive and it would work, but only temporarily. I would seemingly fix the problem only for it to reappear. Then I got (finally) thinking. Why did it work before? Why all the changes with only temp results? I went to USB under Device Manager and turned off Auto Power Save. Boom! I guess some update screwed things up, but that is the fix. I scrolled up though the above replies to be sure I hadn't missed any advice. Why was my keyboard and mouse still working fine though? Why did this affect my X-Arcade so randomly and nothing else? Anyway, thanks for your time. Hope this helps somebody in the future GameEX Arcade is awesome and still the only one. Add a few more "Fav's" though. WTH were you thinking? Eight trillion menu's with one "fav" category! WTF! Embarrassing ya.
  2. Does this work well with GameEx Arcade in vertical mode? Looks nice for 4:3/16:9, but I worry it will be poor or my 9:16. Anybody have a fav marquee repository they want to share?
  3. Not bezels, I meant Marquees. I couldn't seem to find the info on the site. Any links to GameEx Arcade running with whatever Emu Movies does?
  4. Might do. Will I gain any bezels though, or just fancier backgrounds?
  5. I am going to do a YT video in the future and try to give some build info. I really just built it as I went, but kept my original plans with measurements that I will scan. I kept a series of pics as I did the build. I will let you know when I have it organized.
  6. I would love to fully exploit all marques as I am missing many. I have tried to source as many as possible. Any hints where to gather more(sorry if stupid question)? I have done search engine requests for my fav arcades that I have no marque, downloaded the art and PhotoZoomed (up-res'ed) the pic as a replacement. Not ideal but still quite nice.
  7. Made and designed this myself. Thanks to GameEx Arcade and Marque Masher. It was a priority to have a great vertical play space and thanks to GameEx this was possible. Having a nice 32" vertical (equals about 20" diagonal for landscape game) with an active marque is a dream come true for all classics. Did a retro pixel theme with the wood. Hopefully it looks retro and like nice furniture at the time. I did the bezel bellow the standard bezel because I wanted the user/player to enjoy the visual while they were playing. Original bezels were made for locating from a ways off in traditional cabinets, and the brilliant art was often missed or ignored. Not now Standard ArcadeX controller. I'm going to do a design/project build on YouTube at some point. Anyway here is a vid I made for friends to see. Sorry for the quality. I shot it low light so the RGB would shine with my Go-Pro. So bad low light quality, and sweet fish-eye just the the astronauts use.
  8. Okay I think I have found a solution for those interested. Although I don't know who would be at this point LOL. I have removed a USB keyboard from the system, one that had been there from day one in which there were no issues. Now the glitch hasn't repeated in what would normally be the time frame in which it would. My "theory" is that something went glitchy in the removed keyboard and something in GameEx either upon launch (rare) or after a time in the attract mode, polled the XArcade controller which is a USB keyboard itself and the other keyboard interfered. Just a guess on my part. I left Pinball FX3 running for days which uses the same cabinet and never had the XArcade controller "glitch", but then again it doesn't have an attract mode or a similar mode that might interfere with the bad USB keyboard. Again I am only assuming the keyboard is bad as it seems to work fine in function, but seems to be the culprit in interfering with GameEx. So anyways thanks for the ideas and suggestions to help find a solution. It was a weird one. As a side note when using the XArcade in PS/2 plug mode, one must plug it into the PS/2 keyboard port on the PC, BUT also plug a PS/2 keyboard into the XArcade itself. Failure to do so will prevent it from functioning. It had been years and I had been forgotten to me. Hope any of this helps someone in the future.
  9. I have not determined a solution as of yet. I'm going to try a USB add on card. I still haven't been able to get the XArcade to work via PS/2. Currently I am using a USB extension cable that I hang at the back of the cabinet for a quick unplug-plug. I will report here as soon as I find a solution for posterity.
  10. That I have not. Usually the case is some undetermined amount of time in attract mode for the controls to "gimp". It just happened that I was testing the keyboard and then loaded GameEx and boom. I will see what I can find in the event viewer.
  11. I have determined that it is triggered by GameEx. Using an online keyboard tester from a link at XArcade all the keys register correctly. The second I bootup GameEx the keyboard mapping switches to what I wrote above. I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete shutdown GameEx, replug the USB, then run GameEx for it to work correctly. I am good with computers but this has me so baffled.
  12. Thanks for the link Draco1962. I thought I had it figured out as I found a JoyStick-to-Mouse app in my startup folder and thought that might be interfering so I got rid of that. Seemed to be working so I also did all my Win7 updates for the machine loaded GameEx and nope. A freshly rebooted machine and the controls are gimped. Re-plugging the USB is the only solution. Works instantly. When it goes into gimp mode every button/joystick movement = "ENTER", with the exception of the One Player button="2", and the very bottom left button for player 1 and 2 = "Z"
  13. I gave PS/2 a quick go and got no response. Not sure why and I haven't had time to trouble shoot yet (maybe disabled in BIOS and I don't want to jump to conclusions). Is there anything special to using PS/2 with X-Arcade? I remember using PS/2 at one point but it has been quite a few years ago and don't recall if it required certain settings. On a side note if I do a Windows re-install is there a link to a FAQ or some such that walks you through on what to keep for a GameEx reinstall so I can make it quick and not loose my settings? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi Draco1962. Yes I use usb. It does have the PS/2 as well, so maybe I'll give it a go. I never thought of that. The only way to make it work when it gimps is to unplug then re-plug the usb. I tried different ports once and thought I had fixed it, but it came back. I wonder about deleting then re-installing usb in DiviceManager? I did the unplug-plug yesterday. So it has been 24hrs of working correctly.
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