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  1. I will, been trying different combos to try and figure out what is going on. I will post if I can make further gains.
  2. Hey All, First I will start this with saying I love PBX, but I have had a HELL of a time with it over all. Seems each version I have issues that differ. I treid the lattest on a new install and have had issues where it will launch FX2 to the MS Studios Screen as if I launched it right from Steam. And it is tottaly random when it does it. I tried evry trick I couldl think of. I had an old version on PBX like 2.x I think... Uninstalled the lattest version on 3.4 and put on 2.x and it worked fine (as long as I keep it offline, else wants to force an upgrade). Only issue with the 2.x version is goofy things with not properly showing the backglass or DMD not showing anything but PBX. I have a stable version running on my one vpin but think it was like 3.29? Sorry if I am off on the version, doing from memory. In any event, there is no way of downloading previous versions?
  3. Hey all, so been having a hell of a time with Steam, FX2 and PBX. Been really wanting to be able to launch everything offline and it is always wanting a password etc. At any rate, I have set up a few of these VPins and pretty famililar with everything but this one machine seems to be cursed. Having an issue where PBX launched a FX2 table, but does not go direct to the table even given I have specified the "tablefile" etc. It will launch FX2 as if I was launching it form steam and you seem the start up screen. What is strange it does not ALWAYS do this, but seems to be most the time. Any suggestions?
  4. Azurden

    directb2s Issue

    Actually this is in a cab... So I am using a ipac. And yes I use the "e" key to kill the emulator. Also, I did try the bat file idea with no luck. The strange thing is that the Form1 window has an associated process of the direct B2S.exe process, but that process is closed if you look into running processes... Only the Form1 window is left open. Should note the system is a WIN7 Ent install as well. System hardware on this build is way over the top for what is needed. So I highly doubt that could be it... I have copied the whole PinBallX install folder for a backup, then uninstalled PinBallX and tried a reinstall with no luck. If I launch the game direct form Visual Pinball and close it out the back glass will terminate as it should. It is only a hand full of tables that are doing this. And if I just launch another Visual Pinball table that does not have the issue, typically when I close out of the table that does not have the issue the "stuck" back glass will go away as it should as well. So I have to think the issue is with how PinBallX is closing the VP table? I have also looked into a few posts about adding some script to the end of the able files to close it out as well. But that has not worked either. Also, tried to copy over the pinmame.dll file as well with no change. It does not seem to cause issues as it will eventually close after running other tables. Just an annoyance at best. Only other issue I have had is the rom audio levels. Read all the posts about using the "end" key and F7, F8, or F9 to adjust the levels but some tables I just cant get the audio to a usable level. Different topic for a different post. But other than that all seems to be working well. I will take a video of this tomorrow as time allows. Just so you guys can see exactly what I am seeing. Thanks
  5. Azurden

    directb2s Issue

    Sorry, do I have this posted in the wrong area, or did I not provide enough info? If someone could give me any pointers it would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Azurden

    directb2s Issue

    Just about have all my configs good to go using PBX, FX2, and Visual Pinball... My issue is that only on SOME (always specific tables) of the Visual Pinball directb2s screens when I close the table does the back glass stay up. Other direct B2S tables will close out as they should. Now, if I launch another table in either FX2 or Visual Pinball it will cover over the back glass that did not properly close. And after opening a few other tables and closing them, eventually the directb2s that was "stuck" will eventually close. If I look to see what was left open it shows as "form1" in the taskbar. The B2SBackglassserver.exe does close as it does not show in the running applications. I am new here, but have read posted about doing a taskkill, but this seems to be on the older B2S.exe? Is there a way to force down at close the directB2S back glass Form1? UPDATE: Did a little more playing around with settings... I find if I select "use directB2S in fornt end" the back glass will go away when I exit out of the table back to the wheel menu. Of course now I will see all the dircetB2S back glasses that I have on the system. I am trying to keep a static back glass (image) that I made when going thru the wheel and would prefer it not to switch. Thus the issue with leaving that setting enabled. Seems that the directB2S closes, but the "form1" does not when leaving a few specific tables. Here is the config for one of the tables that the directB2S will leave up in the "Form1" window on the 2nd screen. <game name="Pinbot"> <description>Pinbot</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer></manufacturer> <year></year> <type></type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> </game> PinballX Config Below... [Display] Monitor=0 rotate=270 Windowed=False WindowWidth=480 WindowHeight=720 WindowX=0 WindowY=65 PlayFieldBrightness=230 WheelTextColor=ffffffff WheelTextOutlineColor=ff000000 InfoTextColor=ffffffff InfoTextOutlineColor=ff000000 FilterTextColor=ffffffff FilterTextOutlineColor=ff000000 MenuColor=ffff0000 ShowExitImage=True ShowExitImageFor=2 [BackGlass] monitor=1 x=0 y=0 width=1920 height=1080 AutoPositionB2S=True UseB2S=False [DMD] Enabled=True monitor=0 x=0 y=0 width=1024 height=272 AutoPositionPinMAME=True [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=True [Interface] DesktopModeEnabled=False EnableAdditionalDetail=False ShowSystem=False ShowRatings=False WheelOverlay=0 EnableDefaultFilters=False OneClickLaunch=True [Audio] StreamVolume=90 SampleVolume=90 PlaySoundInVideos=True [Startup] playsound=False playvideo=False StartWithWindows=No [KeyCodes] quit=27 left=160 right=161 select=49 rotate=82 pageleft=37 pageright=39 exitemulator=69 ingame=80 screenshot=83 screenshotbackglass=66 instructions=73 volumedown=40 volumeup=38 credit=51 plunger=13 [JoyCodes] quit=10 left=0 right=1 select=2 rotate=3 pageleft=4 pageright=5 exitemulator=6 ingame=13 instructions=14 [Text] Line1=Rockabilly Pin 2016 Line2=Press Start To Rock This Pin! Featuring=Featuring Tables=Rockabilly Tables PlayGame=Play Game Instructions=Instructions Information=Information Flyer=Flyer Gameplay=Gameplay Tutorial=Tutorial ExitGame=Exit Game ReturnToGame=Return to Game Return=Return Exit=Exit Shutdown=Shutdown [FuturePinball] Enabled=False WorkingPath=h:\-PINBALL-\-FUTURE PINBALL- TablePath=h:\-PINBALL-\-FUTURE PINBALL-\Tables Executable=Future Pinball.exe Parameters=/open "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" /play /exit /arcaderender LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True MouseClickFocus=True [VisualPinball] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables Executable=VPinball992.exe Parameters=/play -"[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable= LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False AutoConfigure=False EnableFullScreenExclusiveHack=False [ExitScreen] Enabled=True EnableExit=False EnableShutdown=False [StartupProgram] Enabled=false WorkingPath= Executable= Paramaters= HideWindow=False WaitForExit=false [ExitProgram] Enabled=false WorkingPath= Executable= Paramaters= HideWindow=False WaitForExit= [AttractMode] Enabled=True Timer=1 ShowFor=30 MuteAudio=False [System_1] Name=MAME Enabled=False WorkingPath=C:\- EMULATORS -\- MAME - TablePath=C:\ Executable=mamep64.exe Parameters=[TABLEFILE] SystemType=0 [AutoExit] Enabled=True Minutes=5 [Login] Enabled=True StreamQuality=10 [PinballFX2] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 226980 [TABLEFILE] Process=Pinball FX2.exe Rotate=False WaitFor=11 LaunchBeforeEnabled=True LaunchBeforeExecutable=dmdext.exe LaunchBeforeWorkingPath=C:\dmdext LaunchBeforeParameters=mirror --virtual-position 0 0 1024 --position 0 0 1024 272 --source=pinballfx2 --destination pindmdv2 --fps 25 -q LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchBeforeHideWindow=True LaunchAfterEnabled=True LaunchAfterWorkingPath=C:\dmdext LaunchAfterExecutable=Pause.ahk LaunchAfterParameters= LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterHideWindow=True [Internal] lastwheelcachematchsize=-1123 lastselected=PinbotPinbotVisualPinball filter_year= filter_company= filter_custom= filtername=Tables lastwheelcachematchsize2=0 [PinballArcade] WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 238260 Process=PinballArcade.exe WaitForSelect=50 [GameListManager] onlinemode=true [RealDMD] EnableColor=False Color=ffff1414 [SetupWizard] EmuPath1=C:\Emulators AssetPath1=C:\Assets RomPath1=C:\Roms DefaultPathPrompt=True DownloadDatabasePrompt=True DownloadEmulatorPrompt=True WizardMode=1 CustomArray= SearchArray= SavePosition=False SectionIndex=7 SearchText= EmulatorIndex=0 EmulatorGroupIndex=0 DaphneIndex=0 HTMLAppsIndex=0 ExternalAppsIndex=0 RadioStationsIndex=0 NewsFeedsIndex=0 MappedDrivesIndex=0 SystemIndex=0 ShowPanel=True FontSize=1 WindowState=0 WindowSize=650,836 WindowLocation=246,155
  7. Thanks.. Not sure how I missed that. Appreciated!
  8. Been all over for the new BETHESDA Table files for PinballX (also on the ftp). Is there the table audio out there yet for Doom, etc?
  9. Will 2nd the last part of that statement.
    Rocks... Need more than that? PBX Well thought out... Community is awesome as well.
  10. Just and update... works great now. thanks for the help!
  11. So question... Can you define a little more the Quit vs. Exit Emulator? I assume it is the Exit Emulator that I will want to switch the key command for, correct? Ex: Quit - Quits PinballX = esc Exit Emulator = E (key)
  12. Thank you for a reply. It is appreciated... i will try it when I get back to the house this eve. I know my ipac is set to esc, I will need to check if the exit emulator and quit are both using esc with n pinballx. I am sure they are...
  13. Have the same issue, all my FX2 tables were automatically loaded when I set up PinballX, but if I make any change to a table it will do the same as described above. Also when I see my XML file it appears the table is set up correctly.
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