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  1. After having issues with the built in PinballX Video DMD not staying on top with certain Visual Pinball tables (For the record this was not PinpallX’s fault but the fault of the tables and Windows 10), we decided to make a quick App (ViDMD) that displays any Windows Media compatible video and keeps it always on top. The App has no borders and can be set to any size with a simple XML change. The location of the App on your monitor (works with multiple monitors) can also be changed along with the local video URL (This will not play a web video). The App is set to loop all videos. This is handy for those like me that use a dual screen setup with the Backglass, DMD, and 2nd DMD with a looping video all on one screen. Version 1.1: Added ability to turn Always On Top on or off Closes when PinballX closes Version 1.0: Ability to change location of App on screen Ability to change size of window Ability to play any local WMP compatible video Always on top Loop videos Planned Future Improvements: Ability to turn loop on or off Download: http://projectnetb.com/index.php/2016/10/12/vidmd-a-free-video-player-for-pincabs/
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