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  1. Happy Birthday Greatflash!

    Hahaha for some reason the forum does not always notify me of posts. That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it. Either that or senility.
  2. Happy Birthday Greatflash!

    Thanks Peeps, and sorry for the lateness of my reply, I blame it on old age
  3. Cemu

    Version 1.9.0


    Emulator to WiiU
  4. Project64k

    Version 0.13


    Kailera version of PJ64
  5. kat5200

    Version 0.7.1


    Atari 5200/800/XE Emulator
  6. RetroArch

    Version 1.5.0


    Multi-Emulator pre configured for GameEx
  7. [NEWS] GameEx and GameEx AE updated

    The GPD Win Is a truly astounding machine (Thanks Tom), running GX wonderfully (with all bells and whistles) and every Steam game I have tried runs great also, including Far Cry and Just Cause. But mainly, for Retro game lovers on the move, it is brilliant, and having a keyboard as well is a boon for adventure games. ps. The size of a DS XL, so really portable. http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Other/GPD+Win/hardware_review.asp?c=73044
  8. Problem running MESS games with mame64

    The problem you have almost answered yourself. These systems need a bios to run. By default these are stored in your mame/mess directory in a subfolder called roms. Seeing you are pointing mame(mess) to a different rom location, they cannot be found. Yoy have two solutions. Copy the bios file to your rom directory. or, Add a semicolon separated second rom path pointing to your mame rom directory -rompath / -rp <path>
  9. [PC] Microsoft Windows

    Version 1.007


    GameEx Database for [PC] Microsoft Windows
  10. [PC] Fujitsu FM Towns

    Version 1.02


    Database for Fujitsu FM Towns
  11. Version 0.001

    1 download

    Database for Epoch Game Pocket Computer
  12. [Handheld] Tapwave Zodiac

    Version 1.004

    1 download

    Database for Tapwave Zodiac
  13. [Handheld] Sony PocketStation

    Version 1.004

    1 download

    Database for Sony PocketStation
  14. [Handheld] GamePark GP32

    Version 1.008


    Database for GamePark GP32
  15. [Handheld] Cheetah Gamate

    Version 1.003

    1 download

    Database for Cheetah Gamate