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  1. Evo was mostly developed over RDP so it's been thoroughly tested with it. RDP is the best protocol to use for Windows machines as far as I'm concerned. Also if you want concurrent session support you can always try RDPWrap (I believe this also gives RDP support for Windows Home).
  2. Not sure what you mean by "session/login based"? The problem with VNC is the protocol. It transfers the entire screen buffer whereas RDP transfers GUI data which is much faster. I could perhaps see some benefit to supporting Teamviewer if you need to configure outside your own LAN but that seems like a very unusual requirement. All configuration in Evo can be made via the Setup Wizard anyway so I don't see a need for it TBH.
  3. I've added code to use DirectInput for reading keyboard I just don't think there is any significant reason to use it over RawInput.
  4. Looks like he has according to his [GAMEEX].ini file [Keyboard] INPUT_BACK=[KEYCODE_2] INPUT_SELECT=[KEYCODE_1] Okay I see what the problem is [KEYCODE_1] and [KEYCODE_2] are not matching the names generated in RawInput ([KEYCODE_D1] / [KEYCODE_D2]) will be fixed in the next release.
  5. The onscreen keyboard supports keyboard / joystick input.
  6. You should use Remote Desktop to configure remotely. It's a million times better than VNC anyway.
  7. The plugin support (called "Extensions") is in there I just don't think the example code is hosted anywhere yet. Message me and I can send it to you if you like.
  8. headkaze

    Dark Theme

    Thanks for reporting this. It should be fixed in the next release.
  9. Please download from our File repo.
  10. headkaze


    You will be able to share fonts and include them in themes but since they need to be scaled you will have to include the font's .ttf or .otf along with the xml which describes the font styling. So you will only need two files to share fonts with others we just have to be careful people only share public domain fonts.
  11. Are you a Redditor? Please visit our subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/GameEx and feel free to make a post or two!
  12. headkaze


    Just letting you all know that custom font support is going to be in the Evo release but you probably won't be able to do much until I release the Bitmap Font Editor so you can create them visually. Anyway I'm really excited about seeing what cool fonts people create for Evo.
  13. Version 1.3.0


    UltraStik / ServoStik extension for GameEx Evolution.
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