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  1. [APP] Mame Compiler 64 v2.0.165

    There is no need to compile your own version of MAME anymore since MAMEDev have implemented a powerful Lua plugin system for things like hiscore and cheats. Even CPWizard uses a showcp plugin now instead of a patch to display your CP while MAME is paused. Additionally if you need DirectInput support (for injecting keys into MAME) you can simply use a hex editor and replace "RegisterRawInputDevices" with something like "***DISABLE_RAW_INPUT***". To enable RawInput again just replace it back with "RegisterRawInputDevices". I can't really think of a reason for compiling a custom version of MAME anymore except for maybe those who want to enable the built-in debugger for searching memory locations for hiscore patches or cheats.
  2. Please start a new thread in this forum to report errors or bugs within GameEx Evolution. When reporting a possible error/bug, please provide a copy of your [GAMEEX].ini file (located in the GameEx Evolution\Data folder) within your thread to facilitate a quicker response. Additional files and information may be requested to further attempt a diagnoses of your issue. Thank you.
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  6. This is the place to for members to discuss and share user-created plugins, addons, wrappers, map files, and applications. Please use the following prefixes for your project in the topic title: [PLUGIN] [ADDON] [WRAPPER] [MAP FILE] [APP] Please feel free to PM me or one of the other Admins or Moderators with any prefix suggestions so that we may update the above list. You will find "legacy" GameEx projects in the GameEx - User Projects forum. Please refer to the project threads in that forum for assistance with any plugins or applications. Thanks!
  7. [COMMUNITY PROJECT] Game Icons Project

    Extract the zip and inside is a CreateIcons.exe file. When you run it it will convert all png's in the same folder to ico's into a folder called icons. EDIT: I updated it to support 256 colors and transparency and I also added a link to IcoFX which is a free version of the icon editor before it went paid. So the idea is to get a bunch of images for a system (such as covers) in png format and then crop and cut out any necessary background (make transparent) then convert the png's to ico's using CreateIcons.exe and finally tweak the results in IcoFX. EDIT2: I've attached some screenshots showing the results of a 007 cover cropped and with the background removed then converted using CreateIcons.exe and the resulting .ico file. NOTE: Please keep the the icons 32x32 pixels in size with 256 colors as that is the standard we are currently using. 007 - The World is Not Enough (E) (M3) [!].ico
  8. [COMMUNITY PROJECT] Game Icons Project

    We love this sort of creative project and I've been thinking about how we can improve in this area. I personally love the icons in GameEx and have spent a decent amount of time implementing it for Evo. So in the sprit of the GameEx community I want to share a little app I wrote that converts png's to the ico format. It will never be something that can replace manually created icons but I'm hoping it can help you guys fast track their creation. Thanks again for all your help! icofxsetup.exe CreateIcons.zip
  9. Emulator downloads freezing repeatedly on latest version

    I'll change the tool tips to "Open Folder in Explorer" and "Select Folder"
  10. Emulator downloads freezing repeatedly on latest version

    I will look into the download issue soon. As for browsing to select a path issue. I cannot replicate this. I tried both "ROM Path" and "Logo Path" in Emulator Setup. I can click the "..." button to select a path fine. Can anyone give more specific information on how to replicate this issue? When you click the folder icon it will open up the path in Explorer if it's valid.
  11. We already have an M3 logo like that one (as you can see from the montage I posted). I don't understand why you've posted another AM2 logo? It's basically the same but without the SEGA logo.
  12. Yes I'm aware of that. The only logos I've seen for Sega Model 2 or 3 are re-creations using the SEGA font. If you know where to source the official logos in good quality please post a link.
  13. Someone should probably have let me know about this project as I already created one a few years ago. Me and Mike have already created HD versions of all the system images and logos but there is other graphical related work you could help with. I've sent you a PM so we can coordinate future work. (I've attached some montages showing our current work)
  14. [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    Can you click that "Details" button and copy/paste the contents here.
  15. Utility to extract hiscores: hi2txt

    Great work as always greatstone, thanks for keeping this awesome project alive