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  1. Hi @Draco1962!! Attached the files. Note: Remove function still not working on this version. Note 2: All the games removed on previous versions now are listing again. GameEx.ini log.txt
  2. Hi BenDF and welcome to GameEx forums!! Please, attach your gameex.ini and log file to this post to see if there is something wrong with your installation. Thanks!!
  3. Hi Zakvilneuv, and welcome to GameEx forums!!! In my opinion, seeing your particular config, my advise is to use a service like Emumovies to download only the media for the roms you have (and not all the system pack). This has another benefict, you can save space on your hard drive downloading only the media for your existing roms. You can use Emumovies Sync to do this.
  4. Thank you so much for the reply Tom. Don't worry, take your time to solve the problem. Thank you.
  5. Hi Tom, Only want to inform you that 15.07 version still having problems with remove feature. I suppose you know it because you didn't posted here, but just in case you want to know the evolution of the problem. Thanks.
  6. If you have a Xbox One or Xbox One S controller it could be used in GameEx with no problem and for me is the best option.
  7. Hi Tom, i'm using spanish language on my system.
  8. Hi @Tom Speirs!! Attached are 3 zips: 1 - Log and gameex.ini with 14.78 version exe 2 - Log and gameex.ini with 15.06 version exe 3 - Log and gameex.ini modified by you with 15.06 version exe Do you need something more? 1 - 1478 - normal ini.zip 2 - 1506 - normal ini.zip 3 - 1506 - modified ini.zip
  9. Hi @dschulpius!! To remove a game from your emulator list you only need to higlight the game you want to remove, then press the "Del" key (a message appears to confirm the game remove) press the confirm button or enter key and the game will remove from the list. You need to have on your setup: - Disable Delete Games Disable Remove Game turns off the ability to remove games from lists with the delete key. Options Yes No (Default) Good Luck!!
  10. Hi Tom, Only want to inform that version 15.06 still having the problem. I tried both original gameex.ini and your modified gameex.ini. Can't remove games and games removed previously appear on list again with 15.06 exe. Only to inform you. Thanks.
  11. Hi Tom, With your modified gameex.ini and gameex.exe 15.05 the problem continues. I can't delete games and the games excluded previuously appears on list.
  12. Hi @Tom Speirs!! Because I don't want to make something wrong, attached is my actual gameex.ini. Please, make the changes you want and post it to download and try. Thank you!! GameEx.ini
  13. Hi @RedDog!! When return to latest version executable I can't delete games, and the games in excluded list return to my games list. I know you think it's only a problem on my system, but I'm sure this is a bug... probably due a configuration with my GameEx installation, but a bug that only happen with latest version.
  14. Ok, finally found a GameEx executable doing a search on the forum - Downloaded and installed - Now My GameEx detects all my emulators excluded files and I can remove games from the list as always. - I can confirm this is a bug on latest GameEx version, but unfortunatly because I'm the only wretch that has it I guess my only solution is to stay in this old version. Probably this version has other problems/bugs, but for now I needed to confirm that it was not a problem with my computer.
  15. Hi, It's possible to download older versions of GameEx? I'm interested in 14.83 version Thanks in advance.
  16. I've followed the instructions and have the same results. I think the only thing left is to pray for someone else to have the same problem and then try to find a solution by the team. At the moment I think I can't do anything else, I have tried everything that was in my hands and with my few knowledge. Thanks to all those who have tried to provide a solution. Greetings.
  17. Hi tthurman!! If I toggle this setting how can I remove games from the list? Another doubt is why is GameEx not recognizing the excluded games on my gameex.ini file for some systems.... I don't understand why when I remove a game, this game is included on the excluded games list on gameex.ini but still appearing on the emulator list inside GameEx....
  18. Any suggestions? Nobody knows why is this happening? Is normal?
  19. Everytime I enter GameEx have a different cache diff on my log. Attached another log with games "removed" from the list several times, but still appearing on my game list on emulator. In this case emulator number 18. NOTE: The games appear on the GameEx.ini file as removed several times. emu_18_excludedfileswithnames=;Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler (PD).vb|-|Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler;;GLOW Demo by KR155E (PD) [a1].vb|-|GLOW Demo by KR155E;;Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler (PD).vb|-|Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler;;Hello, World! Demo V1.1 by Amos Bieler (PD).vb|-|Hello, World! Demo V1.1 by Amos Bieler; NOTE 2: I don't know what are "emu_18_excludedfileswithnamesverifiedfound" but there are a lot of games on this list. Attached antoher log file log.txt
  20. Disabled GameEx Online feature from Setup Wizard and still having problem removing games. I continue thinking could be a cache problem, because the results on the log file. For some emulators have a cache diff that is not normal. Attached latest log file. log.txt
  21. Hi Tom!! Yes, I have GameEx Online enabled... Could be the cause of the problem?
  22. I want to update the setup wizard spanish translation too, because seams to be translated by machine. There are some words that not meaning the english version of that word, and could be confusing. If I can translate it, please guide me on how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  23. Attached the latest update for spanish translation. Minor fixes in some words. Updated today. Spanish.ini
  24. I see if I exclude a game from a emulator list, this game appears on the GameEx.ini file as excluded: emu_18_excludedfileswithnames=;Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler (PD).vb|-|Hello, World! Demo V1.0 by Amos Bieler; but continues appearing on the list. Attached my GameEx.ini file Attached latest log file GameEx.ini log.txt
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