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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Dansmell ... I understand perfectly your problem and your decision to change frontend. As you know, I have the same problem as you for several months, but I always try to touch or change some parameter to see if I can finally solve it or find the error that is causing it. I have not had any luck at the moment, but I think I'll make it one day. I would also change frontend if I did not solve the problem, the problem for me is that today there is no frontend that gives me everything that GameEx gives me. You may not be spend much time in this community, but I can assure you that these people who speak at the forum are very willing to help others with their problems and always try to give their best. It is often difficult to find the cause of the problem when it only happens on a few occasions as in our case, but I am sure that sooner or later it will be solved. If you ever decide to come back, I'm sure there will be people waiting for you to help enjoy your games. Greetings.
  2. 21:43:28.6 07/11/2016: Loading News Feed: http://www.gameex.net/gameexnews.xml 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: --**-- 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: Error: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto. 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: en Direct2D.Direct2d.Surface..ctor(Bitmap Image, SurfaceDescription Description, Device Device) 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: en GameEx.GameEx.MainForm.a(Graphics& A_0, String A_1, Image& A_2, Bitmap& A_3, Surface& A_4) 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: en GameEx.GameEx.MainForm.cb() 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: en GameEx.GameEx.MainForm.a(Boolean A_0, String A_1, Boolean A_2) 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: en GameEx.GameEx.MainForm..ctor() 21:43:29.8 07/11/2016: Closing database connection 21:43:29.9 07/11/2016: Disposing Plugins 21:43:29.9 07/11/2016: GameEx is exiting with errors 21:43:29.9 07/11/2016: Deleting search cache 21:43:29.9 07/11/2016: ERRORS DETECTED: EXITING 21:43:29.9 07/11/2016: Bye This is what I see in my background log that seems error.
  3. Hello Dansmell, I know you feel frustrated. I have been with the same problem for a long time and with the same symptoms as you. My PC is new and I have just installed GameEx and emulators, no other program. Everything works perfect except that GameEx crash randomly. In my case I have verified that disabling my internet connection does not produce crashes. As you can see in my post, I have tried countless things, but it has not served me at all for the moment. Today I installed the latest version of the AMD drivers, but it continues crashing. I have tried different codecs, no results. It's really frustrating. I will continue to research and test to see if I can find something that will solve it definitively. What seems clear is that this is something that only happens with AMD cards and processors.
  4. Hello Dansmell, I have the same problem in my installation of GameEx and just as you also have an AMD card. You can see my problem here. Please, can you do a little test? Disable your internet connection and then try to enter GameEx and navigate through some emulator and tell me if the crash occurs. Thanks in advance.
  5. Glad to see you solve the problem.
  6. Hi Stigzler!! It works from older plugin manager!! Thanks!!
  7. Updated to 1.1.1 and still not working...
  8. Hi Stigzler!! Same problem. Plugin opens and then closes with no option to see or configure nothing....
  9. Hi stigzler!! The files I have are the ones downloaded by repository manager plus the dll downloaded from 1.1.0 version on this post.
  10. Hi Dazzle, my intention was not to hurry to put the new version. I just said it in case it was a mistake. Sorry if you bothered...
  11. Thanks Reddog, Also the problem is in the main webpage of Gameex: http://www.gameex.com/download-gameex/ Still appearing the 14.63 version.
  12. Posted!! Thanks CustomLists.log
  13. Hi Tom, I see this version is not avaliable to download. It's an error or we have to wait for some fix????
  14. HI!! Same problem here, I can't open the plugin both setup wizard and repository manager. It opens and closes suddenly... Any suggestions to try this plugin?
  15. Thanks Tom, I only want to know how the artwork feature work. Now I see it could be a bug with this version. I prefer to have this feature enabled in case someday forget to enter the Emumovies utilitie. I think this is a good feature of GameEx. Thanks.