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  1. Hi all!! My request is to make the Xbox guide button pressing time optional and not 5 seconds fixed. For me 5 seconds is too long for this feature. This could be very useful if you can customize pressing time to enter in-game menu. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Is it possible to reduce the time you press the button to only 2 seconds? I use the Xbox guide button to enter the in-game menu, but want to press it only 2 seconds instead of 5. is it possible? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Attached B letter SMS system. SMS-B.rar
  4. Hi Cnells!! I recommend you use the plugin Virtual Drive Loader from our code master @Adultery. It's easy to config and use. Try it and comment if you have problems with it.
  5. I'll continue doing the rest of the set shortly. My intention is to have the full SMS set to "pressing" the boss to implement on a future release of GameEx. I'll post here where have some more icons.
  6. Hi!!! Attached the A letter icons from SMS system. GoodSMS 3.13 Updated GoodMerge Set SMS A Icons.zip
  7. Hi MoggFanatic!!! Try to use a program like Driver Easy to make sure ALL your system drivers are up to date. Windows updates don't update drivers to their latest version. Are you using and AMD graphic card???
  8. Thanks for the update Tom!! Very interesting your interest in that portable system. My dream is to have all the power of GameEx in my hands. I was looking for the GPD Win, but finally not buyed for the warm problems. I think this is the latest obstacle to pass in portable systems.
  9. Hi Dazzle, I solved the problem with command [DTLOADER-SCSI], it was the problem for not mounting on correct drive. Thanks.
  10. Hi Adultery and thanks for your reply!!! Don't worry about problem 2, I think found the solution. My problem was one of the drives is mounted as SCSI, and found a command to mount on first SCSI unit with [DTOOLS-SCSI]. This works perfect on my PC Engine emulator, but found another problem with this. I have a second emulator that uses images (Saturn - Yabause). This emulator uses a normal DT drive, and I use the [DTOOLS] command to run games perfect, but If I launch a game for PC Engine and after try to launch a game for Saturn the image is not mounted on DT drive. If I mount first a Saturn game I can run after a PC Engine game, but not in reverse order. Do you understand what I'm saying? - Run Saturn game and run PC Engine game = Perfect both - Run PC Engine game and then run Saturn game = The saturn games are not mounted on virtual drive. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Adultery!! I'm having 2 problems with plugin: 1 - Sometimes I get the same error as Mviars (see here) 2 - The second error is trying to mount images on different virtual drives. Although I put the drive letter where I want to mount the image, it is always mounted on the first one. If I see the latest mount command pressing the button "Launch bat file" on configuration page, the command is always: DTAgent.exe -mount dt, 0 but the command line on this emulator is: -mount scsi, F, "[RomPathFull]" Thanks for your help.
  12. Lookin on plugin configuration, if I press the button "Launch bat file" it shows me the latest command executed by the plugin. The command I see is: DTAgent.exe -mount dt, 0, and the path of the rom... Could be a problem with the plugin? As I say before I have assigned different drive letters for emulators, but everytime is mounting on first of all. Any sugestions? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi!! I've 2 virtual drives (D: and E:) on my system and I'm using Virtual Drive Loader to mount images from some emulators. My mount command on Virtual Drive Loader is: -mount dt, E, "[RomFullPath]" , but everytime image is mounted on D: unit. It's possible to mount in E: unit? I see that plugin mounts on first unit only. Thanks in advacen!!
  14. Hi!! Trying to configure Magic Engine 1.1.3 to launch CD games in GameEX with no luck by the moment... I've readed lot of threads about this in the forum, but none have the solution for me. I've configured command line for this emulator with: pce.exe -cd:E [DTLOADER] Virtual Drive Loader is configured with: -mount dt, E, "[RomFullPath]" and -unmount_all command lines. When launch a game, Magic Engine opens but game is not loaded. I have't a physical cd drive, only a virtual drive with E: letter. I've changed the default drive letter on magic engine configuration file with E:. I've daemon tools lite 10.5 version. Any sugestions to try? Thanks in advance. GameEx.ini
  15. No solution for this???? Any suggestions to try??? I'm out of ideas now!!!!