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  1. Hi Macguvyer!! Attached is my emulator config for Commodore Amiga. Note 1: You need to config FS-UAE outside GameEx first Note 2: As you can see on my config file, you need to open zip files without uncompress it, because this way FS-UAE can mount all disk (if game have multiple disk) Note 3: You need to edit the map file for this emulator with the FS-UAE process to be detected by GameEx. I can say this emulator is working well for me now with this config. Commodore Amiga.ini
  2. Hi Macguvyer!! This is the link of the fs-uae emulator I'm using on my setup: https://fs-uae.net/stable/2.8.3/fs-uae-portable-suite_2.8.3_windows_x86.zip I can confirm that all the roms I tryied on my setup are working well with posted config. I can't confirm if this configuration works on whd files, but if fs-uae recognizes the roms it could be work as well as my config.
  3. Hi Macguvyer!! Yes, the rom-set I found is the IPF set (complete set), but for me it's not a problem to see the game loading as the original. I understand the WHD set is faster, but at the moment I haven't any WHD rom version to try. I'm using FS-UAE 2.8.3 version. I think this version is a portable version, but I can't remember now because I've installed some months ago, but I will try to remember where I downloaded it and post here. I'm doing some test just now to see if all games are working well. FS-UAE download automatically all the configurations for every game on my setup only updating databases, but at this moment I can't say that GameEx can run all the games perfect. Please, let me just do some test before. I just configured this emulator to see if the normal command line on GameEx is working and try to help you. Thanks.
  4. Hi Macguvyer!! I just made a simple config with my setup and FS-UAE is working well with GameEx. I have my roms 7zipped Inside every file I have the ipf file that makes the game mount in FS-UAE My command line is: Launcher.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" The rompath is where my 7zip file roms are. The Working path is where my FS-UAE launcher.exe file is GameEx shows all my roms files perfect, and I can launch the games, but the only problem I see is where a game is launched, GameEx is not recogniting the launcher is open and returns to select game screen, but if you use alt plus tab you see the FS-UAE is working well in other window. This problem could be fixed configuring the map file of this emulator with the proper process. The only thing I need to see, is there are snap and videos on Emumovies for my roms, and this emulator will be set perfect on my setup. EDIT: You can see my GameEx forum signature to see my last game played (3D Pool) to belive my setup is working perfect.
  5. Hi Macguvyer!!! What's your command line for this emulator on GameEx? I think the problem could be on your [ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE] option on command line. If game launch when you copy it to another folder, you only need to adress the command line on GameEx to this folder that contains the game (in this case the UUID) Can you post your config file for this emulator? Thanks.
  6. I'm interested in this emulator config too. Please @Macguvyer if you found a solution to config, share with us. Thanks!!!
  7. [RESOLVED] GameEx 14.93 all launch emulator KO help !!!

    As always, Tom fixing problems faster than light. This is what makes this frontend and community the best. Thank you so much Tom, and don't worry for that.
  8. [RESOLVED] GameEx 14.93 all launch emulator KO help !!!

    Same problem here...
  9. error

  10. Crashing randomly as I look through games

    Hi TeoDaTank!!! Have you an AMD graphic card or processor?
  11. [RESOLVED] Temp folder zip files

    Thank you so much!!!
  12. [RESOLVED] Temp folder zip files

    Hi!! Only want to know where GameEx extract the files when you use the 7zip option on an emulator. It's always the same folder? It extract all files contained on zip file or only one? Thanks in advance
  13. [PLUGIN] Virtual Drive Loader

    Hi Adultery, For the moment solved my problem using: 1 - Emulator command: Yabause.exe 2 - Launch before: "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTAgent.exe" -mount_to E, "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" 3 - Launch after: "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTAgent.exe -unmount_all" With this solution I can mount the image on selected drive, in that case E: The reason to have 2 drives is because the other emulator that uses images (PC Engine CD) need a SCSI drive to work. I never try to mount a Sega Saturn image on a SCSI drive, but with this method can mount the image for specific system on specific drive. Thanks a lot for your kindly help another time.
  14. [PLUGIN] Virtual Drive Loader

    Hi Adultery!! If i'm not wrong, i'm using latest plugin version 1.2.3 updated via repository manager. Things I don't understand: 1 - My mount command on Virtual Drive Loader is: -mount dt, E, "[RomPathFull]" 2 - If I see some logs, the command sending by Virtual Drive Loader is everytime: DTAgent.exe -mount dt, 0, "here the fullrompath" 3 - No matter what you put in mount command on Virtual Drive Loader, everytime lauch same command. 4 - I noticed that the command -mount dt, 0, "[RomPathFull]" is the default command that Virtual Drive Loader shows when you enter the program. I assume for some reason is the command that remains to launch. 5 - In my particular case, I'm not able to mount a image on a specific drive letter. If I use Virtual Drive Loader it mounts the image on first free drive. 6 - Same for SCSI drives, but changin dt parameter for scsi. 7 - Attached the log trying to mount a Sega Saturn image on drive E 8 - My launch command on GameEx emulator config is Yabause.exe [DTLOADER] EDIT: 9 - Attached my config on Virtual Clone Drive xml file EDIT 2: 10 - At this point, I can't mount any image using Virtual Drive Loader. The test.iso is not mounting when I press the button to see if program is runing well. 11 - At the moment I have 2 virtual drives: E: is a dt drive and F: is a SCSI drive lastmount.bat dtloader-saturn.log Settings.xml
  15. [PLUGIN] Virtual Drive Loader

    Hi!! Updated to latest Daemon Tools Lite version (10.6) and now can't mount any image with Virtual Drive Loader. If I configure the plugin and launch the bat file I see a message on command line box saying "Deprecated Syntax. Use -help to learn more" and nothing more happens. It's possible needed to update plugin to support latest Daemon Tools version? Thanks in advance.