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  1. Crylen

    Aeon Inspirat

    Version 1


    A theme created by Crylen designed to run at a resolution of 1920x1080.
  2. Sure, I'll release the grey version as well. Like I said, it's not a ton of work to do. I think what I'll end up doing is finalizing the other UI elements on both, since they're shared. I'm probably looking at a week or two before releasing either of them. If you'd (or anyone else) wants the PSD send me a PM. It's ~250mb so I'd rather not publicly post it. However, if anyone wants to make their own variations or use elements from the PSD for their theme, feel free =)
  3. Well.... As tends to be the case with me, I started doing some 'touch up' work on the grey theme and a few hours later I came up with something completely different. Looks like I'll probably release this... I know I have a bad habit of showing off WIPs and never releasing them, haha. However, this one is actually implemented in GameEx. I still have to go back and realign most of the logos to fit the new layout and redo a few of the UI elements. The current limitations of the skinning engine means the dock has to remain since its used to hide a few UI elements I don't use (game title, game count, etc). The video window is a bit bigger now too. The border looks a little choppy - perhaps one of these days I'll figure out how to properly round out edges in photoshop... Any thoughts/opinions? I'm open to suggestions.. Also if anyone wants me to release the old theme with the grey look let me know and I'll whip it together. Like i said, it's just a matter of saving about 100 files from a PSD. *EDIT* Oh, I also implemented a new background for the MegaDrive 32x that'll be included with this release. Thanks again for the awesome logo KRC!
  4. Sorry for the double post. Changing every foreground was really easy so I figured I'd post a couple screens of it in GameEx. I haven't changed the selector or the top bar yet, those are separate files that require alotta 'save as for web' in photoshop.
  5. There we go, tried messing around with a dark color scheme.. I think I like it. I'll try to release it over the next week, it's just a matter of sitting down and resaving every background. The images look a little plain since they're missing content (game name, videos, etc) but it gives you guys an idea how it'd look By the way, does anyone have a decent version of the Mega Drive 32X logo out there? Seems to be tough to find one that isn't just a scan of a box
  6. I think I've decided to hold off on a new theme until whatever GameEx Evolution is gets announced.. I have a bunch of interesting ideas but they're all limited by the current skinning engine. I have no idea what GameEx Evolution is, but maybe it'll open up the skinning engine some more - haha. So yeah, rather then retread old ground I think I'll just wait and see what the future holds. In the meanwhile, I may release a new color version of this skin just because I'm getting a little sick of the blue color. I was thinking maybe something a little more neutral like black, grey or white?
  7. Well much like this theme, it'll contain unique backgrounds and logos for every system. I'll be able to reuse most of the artwork from this theme, leaving me with just recreating the general layout and shifting some stuff around. The mockup uses the same N64 and Sega CD backgrounds just to see it works with different color pallets. Still trying to figure out a good place for the options bar. I think I'm also going to end up using a glass overlay on the videos again since it hides flaws and creates an easy border. I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually, haha.
  8. This probably isn't the right place to post a concept for a new theme (or reworking of this theme) but I guess I'm allowed to ruin my own thread =p. Over the past couple months I've shifted away from XBMC, which this theme is based on, and moved to Plex. I've been thinking about some ways to re-integrate it back into my HTPC. Here's a concept I came up with.. Any thoughts? I still haven't decided where to put the sorter bar (by name, by category, etc). I think I'll also omit the clock this time around. I'll have to toy around with the video border some more too, not really happy with it. The concept is made in Photoshop so ignore the weird naming, but it's doable in GameEx. Also with GameEx Evolution underway (whatever it is), maybe it's better to just wait and make the theme when it gets announced? I dunno. Anyway, any thoughts are appreciated!
  9. Very cool Riffman! If anyone wants the PSD to make their own modifications feel free to ask (or maybe I posted it earlier in the thread, I dont remember - haha) Added a video preview to the first post, many thanks to Celly for putting it together!
  10. Nice stuff Riffman. I love the idea of adding character art to the themes! Feel free to use whatever you need to make a new theme. I posted the PSD a few pages back, it should have everything you need. If you want the PSDs for the other files, send me a PM and I'll get them to you. Don't forget to share whatever you come up with, I'm curious to see the results =) Almost done with the requested SNES PAL theme. I PMed mooboom to see if its what hes looking for since I'm not really familiar with the graphical differences between SNES NTSC and PAL. Should be up sometime soon.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to address everything you listed =) I don't think you can remove the white border. My original concept for the theme made use of the pop-up description box too but I ran into the same snag. I'll have go to back sometime and see if Draco's solution removes the outline. I'd love to see your theme config file. I'm always looking for ways to improve my work! Sure thing, give me a few days and I'll whip something up. There's a Mega Drive theme in there listed as 'Theme_Background_Sega Mega Drive'. I wouldn't mind using a non-metallic logo if I could find a clean version of it. The closest thing I found was this http://segaretro.org/images/6/69/File-Mega_Drive_Japanese_Logo.svg. Would that work? As for the white on the Genesis logo, are you talking about the border? I think that was present in the original marketing materials (see http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/07/genesis_poster.jpg). Maybe my eyes are so bad I can't see what you're talking about =P. Feel free to point it out and I'll be glad to fix it! Nope. I messed around with seperators for a loooong time to come up with something half decent and I'm still not completely satisfied with the outcome. Previously I had toyed around with disguising the gap (see post #25 & #33), but that just caused issues in other areas. Ultimately I gave up and just went with the default size. I know a new theme editor is somewhere in the pipeline, so hopefully it'll allow for a bit more customization. Again thanks for the response, glad you like the theme =) I'll try to get out a PAL SNES theme for ya as soon as I can.
  12. Absolutely love this plugin, been using it for a long time - it really makes integrating Xpadder with GameEx a breeze. I have a feature request that's probably out of the scope of this plugin, but it can't hurt to ask. Would it be possible to add multiple controller support based on the hardware ID? The idea is to allow the user to assign different Xpadder profiles to different controller types through a dropdown menu (for example - Default-P1, Xbox360Controller-P1, ArcadeStick-P1, etc). The proposed feature is best limited to just Player 1 IMO because of how Xpadder loads multiple controllers.
  13. My pleasure. If anyone else has requests feel free to post 'em and I'll see what I can do.
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