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  1. Sorry for the delay.. i tried both versions 32- and 64-bit.. both versions downloads artist pics from the Music playlist. If i delete the pics then gameex downloaded the pics again in the Albums folder in the Media folder under the gameex folder.. i dont use the windows Media Player. I entered a folder path to the Music files
  2. i update continously. Last version before was 15.51. These version had the same bugs like music is stopping on open mame menu. Then start playing again after few seconds. but Artwort downloading was not present (i think).
  3. Hi, new bugs in this release and previous 1. GameEx show New Update, but it load and install the same version as installed. So it show the update message again. (old version 15.51). i downloaded 15.52 from the website. 2. Album Artwork is downloaded but it is disabled in audio settings. Folder Media / Album saved many album artworks. (DownloadArt = false is set) 3. Music is stopping on open MAME All List or other sub menus Could you please check the issues? many thanks GameEx.ini
  4. Hi.. After update to the last gameex Version the gameex extender viewer is flickering and shows often „receive error". Could you please check it..
  5. My System is clean. No Malware. I found an older gameex.ini in an other post, so i could replace the gameex.ini.
  6. THe File shows chiniese chars! GameEx.UpgradeBackup.ini
  7. HI there, during the update to 15.33 my system crashed.. After restart the gameex.ini has all default setttings. All my settings is lost. Tom could you please add a GameEx,ini backup to the install routine before any files are written.. I'm not sure wether the crash has damaged the ini file or the install routine has overwritten my ini file. THe Update was not showing in the gameex program, so i loaded directly from your page.. THanks & regards René
  8. flocke28

    Romlist for 3DS

    if i use quotes gameex shows "no games found" without quotes full path has no effect
  9. flocke28

    Romlist for 3DS

    Some Games runs in normal speed some are not playable by frame rate drops to 1 or 2 fps.
  10. flocke28

    Romlist for 3DS

    here are the files the emu20 map file was generated by gameex . my map file has no effect if i select a game on the game list it always select the first entry log.txt GameEx.ini EMU_20.map [Console] Nintendo 3DS.map
  11. flocke28

    Romlist for 3DS

    hi all, I tried to add the Citra-Emu . All roms has a separate sub-folder but every file has the same name "game.cxi". scan subfolder in the setup wizard is enabled. rom names is used from the folder names . on start of a game it starts always the first found game.cxi. the complete rom path is ignored in the map file.. which are the right settings for my citra setup without rename all rom files? thanks
  12. Hi all, for few years i ask for more lcd drivers for the lcd plugin to work with graphic lcds for example Alphacool 240x128. any prospects to add lcdhype drivers to work with the lcd plugin to show icons and more like betabrite on a graphic lcd?
    nice.. an auto update function should be usefull..
  13. Hi there. Last weekend I updated my Arcade Maschine from Win 7 to 10. After update works GameEx well but the Extender is buggy. Screengrabber from display 1 is not visible anymore and after finish a game the Extender crashes. Extender Window is hidden also in the taskbar. Only the task manager show that the program is still running. How can I reactivate the Live-Grab in the Extender and how can I stop the breaks? On Win 10 i personalized the desktop background to slideshow. gameex reset this setting. after ending gameex is backgrund set to a black image not reset to slideshow again. best regards rene PS: Works the pindmd with GameEx like the BetaBrite for the LCD plugin? I saw the dmd display in a YouTube video for a virtual pinball Extenderlog.txt log.txt
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