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  1. jeverds

    Pincab futur

    Thank you for sharing this great project. There would be a possibility that you would provide us with some dimensions of the equipment and characteristics of the components used for the opening and closing mechanisms of the assembly. I have in mind to try to make a similar project and I could use it to have something to start with.
  2. If that was my initial configuration but for some strange reason when starting VPX with PBX for me it does not work, if I launch VPX with Irotate directly if it works. With the configuration that is in the image works perfectly, not only VPX but also the rest of games FP, FX2, FX3, PBA, so if for me while discovering where the problem may be I give it for solved. At no time have I said that it has to be a PBX failure, but in my case the problem occurs when I run my configuration with PBX, no need to give more laps for me is solved at the moment. Thanks for the indications given.
  3. Although I have done many other times changes of plate or processor without doing a clean installation of windows 10, on this occasion as you discussed the possible problems of not doing it, an installation has been made from scratch and I continue with the same results. Check the hardware and everything is correct because as previously stated everything worked before the change of motherboard. Given the lack of results and how I use Irotate because my main monitor is vertical, change the arrangement of the screens and instead of aligning them all from left to right as recommended in the VPX forums, place the main monitor on the left, on the right the DMD monitor and on top of this the BACKGLASS monitor, with good results until now. I hope this is the definitive solution to my problem. Thank you for your answers.
  4. Thank you very much for answering. I followed all the steps indicated in steveg64 but nothing works. My problem started when I upgraded my motherboard and processor to a more powerful one because with the previous ones everything was fine, the funny thing is that nothing changes in the graphic card or in the connections of the screens or even in the software, because the only thing what was done is to leave the hdd as it was and install the drivers that I request the new motherboard. As soon as I have time, the connections of the screens will be changed and new tests will be done in case the problem is the hardware. As soon as I can inform if there are changes or we continue with the same problem.
  5. It does with any table, I have to restart PBX and then it works fine, I noticed that my mouse pointer is moved to my backglass screen and if I move it to my main screen then the table runs fine. VPX runs as administrator.
  6. My problem is the following: I turn on my computer and run PBX, launch any VPX table, the table opens with lights and everything is correct but does not respond to START OR INSERT COIN, only responds to EXIT. I close PBX and I open it again and everything works perfectly until I turn off or restart the computer and again I have to run the PBX twice so that VPX works properly. PBX runs in its latest version 3.29 and as administrator the VPX autoconfiguration is disabled and if when I start the computer I directly run VPX I do not have this problem, so I think it is a failure in PBX. Some suggestions. Sorry for my English.
  7. I'm very good, I'm Juan de Madrid and this is my last project. I hope it's interesting because it's based on the vegas 2047 machine and it's not a traditional pinball design. Basically all the initial information and many of the used files I owe to (Pinball virtual.es) for which I thank Víctor for the work he does without any interest. In hardware we have pc with INTEL I5 8GB RAM GRAPHIC CARD GTX 1060 3GB DDR5 1 SSD 512GB and 1 HDD 4 TB. 2 POWER SUPPLIES 650W. PLAYFIELD 40 "UHD 4K LG. BACKGLASS 22 "FHD LG. DMD 22 "LG FHD. ACCELERATOR OF INPACTS AND ANALOGUE LAUNCHER. RASPBERRY PI3 WITH 250GB SDD AND RECALBOX SYSTEM, for arcade games in the backglass. Possibility of watching TV and playing arcade games in backglass. The furniture is made with OKUME plywood of 15 mm and assembled with screwed and glued lath and all varnished in mahogany. Sorry for my english
  8. In my opinion, the files are there and I have paid for them. I do not make any unauthorized modification except change their name, but if this implies any violation of the rules of the forum I have no problem in eliminating the post
  9. Working well with version 3.03. Thanks for your interest
  10. I have the latest version of arcade pinball. With pinball x 2.91 all OK.
  11. With 32 bit version the fault also occurs. My last version with which I worked before updating is 2.91. Between the 2.91 and the 3.01 I have not tried any more.
  12. My team has not changed anything and with the previous version my version of TPA FRE CAMERA MOD worked perfectly. After updating to pinball x 3.01 the problem started. Sorry for my english [SETTINGS] VER 3.01.log log VER 3.01.txt PinballX VER 3-01.ini [SETTINGS] EARLIER VERSION.log log EARLIER VERSION.txt PinballX EARLIER VERSION.ini
  13. I have the same problem since the last update
  14. what I mean is that the menus of Arcooada are hidden in pinball arcade and although they are still in development because they change according to new versions of pinball arcade, when it is finished we will have pinball arcade in cabin mode.
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