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  1. MikujanGurejwitch

    BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck

    @cgcreator: Thank you for sharing your work. I see, you are new in this Forum, but please do me a favor, or two. The name of this thread is "BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck". If someone is looking for a Megadocklet for the Jurasic Tables, usualy she/he will not look in a thread named "BackGlass...". But, there is an existing thread for Pinball FX3 Megadocklets (The one where your Universal-Pack Icon is from, that you don't credited or linked ;-) ). Please hold the stuff together and don't spread it all over the Forum. Thank you.
  2. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    I found this one, as a neutral Pinball FX logo without any version number on it. But i want more eye candy, so i made this. Maybe its more usefull, because its a little bit thiker?
  3. MikujanGurejwitch

    Mega Docklets Style Pinball FX3 Wheel Images

    Thank you all for you feedback. @hlr53: I bought all the pinball FX2 tables. And here is my hint Draco1962 made a very good Alien vs Pinball Pack PcTeknik made Magadocklets with Original Bethesda Logo and some with an Alternate Bethesda Logo Last but not least, my own Bethesda Pack, Balls of Glory Pack, and Iron of Steel Pack In the Pinball FX2 thread you will also find all MARVEL and STARWARS Megadocklets from Draco1962 and other authors.
  4. I createt the new Universal Classics Pack. first E.T. Okay it's a joke, that's not E.T., that's his wife T.Na. (sorry, I saw him and could not resist) Now im serious. The Head Editon And a Night Mod version for E.T. also on FTP: /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MiG/Pinball FX3/Wheel Images/UNIVERSAL Pack/
  5. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    The image himself looks great but, in my opinion, a logo should not be modified in that way because it losing the identity. But maybe without the number 3 it can be a version neutral Pinball FX logo?
  6. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    "Does that work with compressed formats without making them more lossy?" Oh, you have only the final encoded video? Then it will be a challenge to change or modify them. I thougth you saved the project files to.
  7. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    @vogliadicane Is there a chance to get an FX3 version from the existing videos or maybe better a neutral version without Pinball FX2 or Pinball FX3 logo on it?
  8. I have cut out the animated logo from the Pinball FX3 trailer. The loop is'nt perfect like in Pinball FX2, but okay for a temporary solution. If somone find a better one, he can post it here in this topic. FTP: /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MiG/Pinball FX3/Topper Videos/Pinball FX3 Logo.mp4
  9. MikujanGurejwitch

    "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    Of course not. (not completely ;-) ) I just saw so many people here they working very hard to find a solution but nobody wrote that he have sent a bug report. IMO, inform the guilty and give him some time to clear. This saves lifetime. And there are so many other tables that we can play meanwhile. @Carny_Priest: I know what you mean, and i agree. It is only that you can play another table until the real culprit (steam) has solved the problem. You should not accept everything that software companies do. So, writing a bug report and relaxing until the problem is fixed seems the better way (for me). You know what i mean?
  10. MikujanGurejwitch

    "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    Attention, the following lines can be difficult to read because of my bad english knowledge. ;-) I mean, who has written a bug report,.. on? in? for? to? against? i dont know,.. ..Steam? It's a Steam popup window, so Steam is the owner of this Problem. It's quite simple, or isnt it? Just write a bug report and wait a few days until they have fixed it. Now Steam has fixed it, and all the time spent in searching for a solution was wasted.
  11. MikujanGurejwitch

    "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    Just for my curiosity. Someone here that had spend time for writing a bug report on steam (the source of that problem)? Or most people here only wasted time to find a workaround :-)
  12. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    Disable the backglass image function in the Pinball FX2 Settings under Cabinet Support (Not in PinballX settings).
  13. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    Here is a screenshot, so you can see what i mean. I cut it too short, that's why this image has only 1079px in hight. My display has 1920x1080px of course.
  14. MikujanGurejwitch

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    Great job with MARVEL_CivilWar! I don't like it, i love it. more pls ;-) There is a little problem with the noGrill versions of your reencoded videos. They don't fit the screen. Aliens have the biggest border left and right, AvP a small one and Alien Isolation just not exactly fit the screen. Your old versions fit exacly.
  15. How can we get it? (i see no link or FTP path)