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  1. I think I have the problem fixed - I believe that I had a path wrong in the configuration (Settings in the Vista screensaver menu . . . ). I was confused because there was no error message or similar to let me know a path was invalid. THanks for the wonderful programs and keep up the great work! David
  2. After installing MAMEScreensaver on a Vista Business machine with GAMEEX installed, the screensaver does not show up in the available screensavers in Vista(EDIT: I have gotten it to appear in the list in Vista, but it will not run when I press preview). As well, when I try to run the screensaver manually from within GAMEEX, the screen flashes a couple of times and then returns to the GAMEEX menu. I looked but didn't see a fix - any suggestions? If I missed a thread about this - sorry - can you point me in the right direction? Cheers! David EDIT: UGH - I hate it when I misspell in the topic line!
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