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  1. @RedDog & @Draco1962 Please see attached GameEx.ini, log and my custom theme.ini. I have tried the default GameEx theme and the same glitch appears in this for me too. GameEx.ini log.txt theme.ini It only seems to duplicate the number in the list with emulated games i.e. the none MAME game list. In the screen capture below you can see the 007: Golden Eye (USA) begins with 1.1. It's not a show stopper, just looks untidy. Last Played list looks like the same view but does not show the duplicate list number for 007.
  2. Thanks for the reply @RedDog, I'm not at my PC so haven't got access to the ini file or log. I don't think those will help anyway as I think this is just the way GameEx displays the list in the Most Played view, it might just be an oversight in the coding by @Tom Speirs, the Last Played list looks like the legit view.
  3. @Tom Speirs Not sure if this is a glitch/bug or how it's meant to work, the Most Played seems to show the list number twice next to the game name. See screen capture below, this starts looking messy and inconsistent as the list grows. However, the list for Last Played does not do this, it does not repeat the list number and looks better. Can this be looked at please? I'm sure it's quick win.
  4. Ahh, that's it SlimDX you mentioned that in a previous release. I think this issue started happening when you introduced SlimDX when a Windows 10 update changed a few things with DirectX. The recent MAME 0.201 update apparently sorted the BGFX performance issues out so hopefully in the near future I will update MAME and use BGFX instead of HLSL with D3D. I use OpenGL with everything in RetroArch and the combination works well with GameEx.
  5. Okaaay, so reverted LAV settings back to previous i.e. not using NVIDIA CUVID on the NIVDIA computer, changed Full screen windowed to true in GameEx .... and now the issue has gone! Applied the same setting on the AMD/ATI machine and works there too, MAME with d3d works as normal after the video screen saver. Great, thanks @Tom Speirs I think the LAV filters were just a red herring, I was experiencing the issue even without the the filters installed. I've seen the Full screen windowed setting in GameEx but it's always been disabled and things have worked, not sure what's changed that I have to set it to true?
  6. Hi @Tom Speirs Just tried the GameEx in the zip file you provided in this thread and unfortunately I'm still experiencing the issue. Below are the GameEx.ini and log files with from this exe, again nothing looks sinister in the log file. GameEx.ini log.txt I've reverted back to GameEx v15.40. Upon further digging I thought I'd have a look at the LAV filter settings and do some trial and error. Under Hardware Acceleration, when you select NVIDIA CUVID Hardware Decoder from the drop down, save the settings, start up GameEx, wait for the video only screen saver to kick in, exit screen saver and run a MAME game it works! go back to the LAV filter settings and change to the default setting of None under Hardware Decoder and go through the process again MAME (d3d) game does not start. Now the above works on my PC which has an NVIDIA graphics card, as mentioned in my original post, so I could just select NVIDIA CUVID and leave it at that, case closed. HOWEVER my other setup which is a cabinet has a AMD/ATI graphics card, the LAV filter settings for this machine does not allow me to select the NVIDIA CUVID as the Hardware Decoder because it's not and NVIDIA card, I tried all the other selections in that drop down and I still experience the issue on this setup. @biric Thanks for chiming in, sounds like you are experiencing the exact same issue as me. Do you have an NVIDIA card or AMD/ATI graphics card? And do you use the LAV filters? If you have an NVIDIA card and are using the LAV filters can you please try selecting NVIDIA CUVID as the Hardware Decoder and see if that works for you? @Tom Speirs Yes MAME with d3d mode and video only screen saver creates the issue for me. My gut feeling is GameEx is doing something with DirectX when the video screen saver kicks in, then when you exit the screen saver and load MAME with d3d, things break, MAME cannot utilise d3d after the GameEx screen saver, some process within GameEx is breaking DirectX. If you completely exit GameEx and start it up again, go straight to a MAME rom, load it, it works absolutely fine. MAME only breaks after the screen saver process.
  7. The GameEx screen saver is set just to play videos, no MAME. The videos play fine, when you exit the screen saver and load a MAME rom the screen goes black and the game can be heard in the background running at a really low framerate, this is when both GameEx and MAME are set to fullscreen. When both are set to window mode, do the same i.e. wait for the screen saver to kick in, exit screen saver and run a MAME game you see a command prompt window with a line repeating "Unable to create/initialise the Direct3D device". This only effects when MAME has d3d mode in its config file.
  8. Hi @Tom Speirs Apologies for being a pest, just wondering in the recent updates post v15.37 if you had a chance to look in to the issue I experience on my set up with GameEx video screen saver & MAME in d3d video mode handshake? Thanks.
  9. Thanks @Tom Speirs for looking in to this. I've attached the GameEx ini file and log, going through the log file I cannot see any suspect lines. GameEx.ini log.txt I have also attached my Attract/Screensaver settings page and the command screen showing the Direct3D error. If you need anything else let me know.
  10. Hi, I have an issue with my setup which I've tested thoroughly and can re-create it (i.e. it's not random). I have 2 machines, both Windows 10 x64, one has an AMD card the other NVIDIA, issue happens on both. All drivers are up to date and I have the latest DirectX installed along with older DirectX9 versions. I have the latest version of LAV filters (0.72 x86/x64) installed with the recommended tick boxes checked. My systems are lean and only used for gaming. All emulators (MAME v0.200, RetroArch v1.7.4, etc...) are working fine outside GameEx (v15.37) and to be fair work perfectly inside GameEx too. GameEx is an excellent bit of software. This issue/bug is only linked to when the video screen saver kicks in within GameEx and then you start a MAME game in d3d mode. I have GameEx's in-built video attract mode/screen saver kick in when there is no activity in the menu ui, it's set to play videos only (MP4 format) and these play fine as they should, however when you exit the screen saver and go to load a MAME game all I get is black screen and I can hear the game in the back ground, however the game sounds like it's running at 10 fps. To see what's happening in the background I set GameEx to run in windowed mode and did the same with MAME via the config file, I wait for the screen saver to kick in, exit the screen saver and start a MAME game and see a command prompt window with a line repeating "Unable to create/initialise the Direct3D device". In MAMES's config I have the video mode as d3d as this works best for me (use of HLSL and no slow downs with bezel artwork), if I change the mode to opengl or bgfx and start up GameEx wait for the screen saver to kick in, exit screen saver and start a MAME game, the game loads up fine in full screen and window mode. Switch back to d3d in the MAME config file and the issue re-occurs everytime. It seems like GameEx's video screen saver has an effect on Direct3D/DirectX - it does not allow the follow on process (in this case MAME with d3d) to initialise the Direct3D device? Other emulation is carried out via RetroArch and this runs in gl video mode so I have no issues with that setup via GameEx. I am currently away from my gaming setup so haven't got access to the log files, Gamex.ini, screen shots etc... but thought I'd post this in the mean time in case @Tom Speirs or someone else has any input on this? Regards
  11. @Tom Speirs Me again with another input issue (maybe?) since upgrading. Upgraded to version 15.30 last night and loaded up GameEx to make sure all was okay, noticed that the dpad UP on the controller was intermittent - the when navigating the menus, all other directions and buttons work fine but when you press up this does not respond, HOWEVER if you hold down UP on the dpad the UI select bar starts moving up. Experiencing this on a Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller, the dpad UP functions fine whist in a game. I have not changed any input settings or any other setting as a matter of fact since upgrading, literally 5 minutes prior to upgrade I was on 15.27 and had no issues with the dpad UP in the GameEx UI. @Tom Speirs your update note includes " Several input issues were fixed", not sure if this has had some knock on effects. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue? I've attached my custominput.ini. custominput.ini
  12. Okay this might not apply to everyone but only my setup setup but I've managed to get the Xbox One (wireless bluetooth Xinput device) controller to exit an emulator using the global exit button combo, in my case this is the DPad down + Back + Start. It works in version 15.21 with Windows 10. I have found that in the Advance Config tool under Input you have to set the DPad down using the Left Analogue Stick down (plus the other button combos you want to use). When you launch a game via GameEx pressing the DPad down + Back + Start now exits the game as expected. The great thing is this is also working for the 360 wireless controller! When using the DPad down the Advance Config > Input looks like this: [JOYCODE_1_HATSWITCHD][JOYCODE_1_BUTTON7]|[JOYCODE_1_BUTTON8] The custominput.ini for when selecting the DPad down as a part of the combo looks like this and does not work for Xbox One (wireless bluetooth Xinput device) : JoystickExit=303|6|7 Use the Left Analogue down via Advance config > Input: [JOYCODE_1_YAXIS_DOWN_SWITCH]|[JOYCODE_1_BUTTON7]|[JOYCODE_1_BUTTON8] The custominput.ini for this is looks like this and works for both Xbox One and 360 controller: JoystickExit=203|6|7 The change is the first number 203. There are too many moving parts to pin point exactly what the issue is (why does the left analogue stick down work for dpad down? why does the dpad down on the Xbox one not work as standard as a exit combo key, is it GameEx interpreting the wrong info or Windows 10 giving the wrong info, why do certain button combos not work with the Xbox One controller yet work with the 360 controller, DirectX input, Xinput? etc...). Anyways, all in all, by hook or crook I think I've got it working consistently, I can start enjoying GameEx again (I'll delete that LaunchB*x installer from drive). Can't wait for the next update of Windows (or GameEx) and start all over again. Hope this was helpful @Tom Speirs and it might aid you to find a fool proof method for global exits via controllers in future updates, as I said, I might a be rare case but hopefully it will help others.
  13. Wooohooo. Looks like I've sussed the Xbox One controller exit button combo out, just testing out on another machine and will confirm in my next post! The scanning of folders upon launch is becoming an annoyance though... you can't please some people can you!
  14. @Tom Speirs The scanning\caching of folders would'nt be a show stopper if it helped with load speeds in the long run i.e. it does it first time after detecting a change or a forced update via the menu, then going forward it loads quicker as it's loading from the cache, however I've started GameEx several times and it does this new folder scan everytime. I (and hopefully many users) would not mind the initial caching load time if it meant the following boot ups would be quicker. With regards to the controller button exit combo, my config for this since day has been DPad down + Back (btn7) + Start (btn8). Pressing this combo on a Xbox One (wireless bluetooth) controller does not work yet it works on a 360 controller on the same machine running Windows 10 x64. Did a more through test with the Xbox One controller just now... Set the DPad down only as exit, did not work. Set the DPad down + Back (btn7) as exit, did not work. Set the Start (btn8) only as exit, this works. Set the Back (btn7) + Start (btn8) as exit, this works. So it looks like the DPad on the Xbox One (wireless bluetooth) is not being detected by the Input script in GamEx or as you said Windows 10 is blocking it. Hope that helps?
  15. Just tried version 15.20 and I had the same blank screen in MAME, upgraded to 15.21 and MAME is working again. However, unfortunalty the global exit key combo via the Xbox One (wireless bluetooth) is still not working in this update I also noticed this update after you launch GameEx and a dialogue appears (bottom left of screen) showing the loading of emulators, database, MAP files etc..., it seems to do an extra "Scanning folders" at the end which includes folder names such as marquees, cabinets etc... which I'm assuming are MAME folders, this extra scan which was not in there prior to 15.20 adds approx. 8 seconds (on my setup) to load time. Thanks @Tom Speirs
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