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  1. Maybe a really stupid question; but how do I get my backglass animated? I have selected the .mp4 file in game manager, but nothing changed? I selected totally different backglass just to test, but still the "old" AFM backless is shown?
  2. Hi, took me some time, but I finally uninstalled pinballx and reinstalled 32bit version. Now all is great and i am generating the video’s out of pinballx. Really super! I also managed to set the backglass correctly of the Avengers. I played a little with the settings, but unfortunately cannot reproduce the issue anymore to tell you which setting did the trick. So thank you all for you hints and tips here. It certainly helped me!
  3. Attached the files. The table video is made 5 min earlear than the backglass video acc to the timestamp. PinballX.ini [SETTINGS].log log.txt
  4. :-) I looked at the xml file, but I do not see settings for the avengers which look different than others to be honest? Will have another look tomorrow. Now trying to record video's out of pinballx, but also here strange behaviour (I guess it is me...:-() as both the backglass and the playfield are showing the backglass video?
  5. I finally wanted to make start with creating videos by using the build in functionality in Game Manager, but (sorry...) agin run into issues. I really tried to figure out how to fix this before posting another question, but I seem not to be able to solve it. I get: ffmpeg.exe not found. To use this feature please place ffmpeg.exe in the application folder. I followed this instruction without luck.
  6. I have no *.res files or what so ever on my pc unfortunately.
  7. I have now the 32bit version version installed, without change
  8. Its a directb2s file. So the issue happens when the table is already launched and therefore I asume it is not a pinballx issue? Avengers.directb2s
  9. One more question regarding the backglass; so now all my back glasses are fine in pinball, but for one table (the avengers) the backglass shows a miniature version once i launch the table? All other tables are fine. Where can I change this back to normal?
  10. Hi Outhere, I have a two screen setup with real pindmd3. The issue is appearing only when browsing through the tables in pinballx, when I load the table I have no issue with the grill.
  11. I not yet started with using videos, but first used this advise. I now see for all the backglass! Great, but for the majority I also still see the grill and dmd being shown like in the earlier picture I attached for Tommy. How do i get rid of this?
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