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  1. you seems knowledgeable enough to answer this semi difficult question. I bought this acrade from someone and it has over 8000 games on it. sadly it still uses windows xp to run game ex. I want to update it to window 7 or above. if get a account with game ex and pay for the membership will i be able to move all the games to the new system?

    thank you for your time.

  2. Good evening. I'm trying to run the ps3 emulator also in gameex. But I'm having the same problem you reported. Using this command line:

    rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH] \ [ROMFILE]"

    The emulator starts but displays a white screen.
    Were you able to solve this problem?

  3. fRequEnCy

    [NEWS] GameEx 14.90

    Thanks Tom!
  4. fRequEnCy

    [NEWS] GameEx 14.83

    Thanks Tom!
  5. fRequEnCy

    Happy Birthday fRequEnCy!

    Thanks guys! Good to be back. Missed you all.
  6. fRequEnCy

    [NEWS] New GameEx Kodi Add-On

    LOL. Nice to see you old friend. Missed ya!
  7. fRequEnCy

    [NEWS] New GameEx Kodi Add-On

    Thanks Tom!
  8. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] Project64 Command Line

    I'll have to revise that then since the list needs updating. I was retired for a few years but am back out of retirement. Sorry for the incorrect information. Edit: I have fixed it in the mentioned list. Glad they finally fixed that. Also will be revising it to be more current since it is out-dated.
  9. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] Project64 Command Line

    Away from home so can't verify but I remember it not working with quotes. Not sure if they fixed that these days or not.
  10. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade - "All Games" Title

    Ahhhh Yes. That's it! I remember that from years ago. Good call RedDog!
  11. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] rpcs3 commande line

    When using links then set your filter to "*.lnk" and change the command-line to the following... Notice the use of "double quotes".
  12. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade - "All Games" Title

    I can confirm that editing all sections that contain the phrase "ALL GAMES" has no affect.
  13. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] rpcs3 commande line

    Just sent you a message.
  14. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] rpcs3 commande line

    What about creating links to those files and name them what you want and then run them with the command-line I gave? I tried and it gives some type of hope but am unable to test with this machine as it doesn't have the required specs to handle it. I tried from command-line and it loads something but of course gives me a blank screen since using on my tech machine (on board graphics). I can test further tomorrow when the grandson isn't watching moves on the HTPC (gaming machine).
  15. fRequEnCy

    [RESOLVED] rpcs3 commande line

    I would have to research this emulator and the way games are ripped in order to figure this out. Since I don't do this system it's hard to say. There's always a way. Maybe a custom map file to pass eboot.bin to all the game names? If anyone who know's that I'm talking about can chime in. I'll get back to you on this one or if someone who has experience with this emulator and games. Can you paste the example of the listing? Like are each game in it's own directory with the eboot.bin file or are they zipped or.....????