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  1. Yeah. That is why I was hoping that we could call on PinUP that has already defined where the video would play - resolution etc. But, it seems we're out of luck at least for now.
  2. @Tom Speirs It was an example of a video that convert-it can't convert. I see those 60ish tutorial videos and thank you for those. But, there are more than a few other videos out there that I would like to get my hands on. Yes, these are youtube videos as well. Problems seems to be downloading, I guess, if that works, it will convert just fine. @PcTeknic I see why you are doing that. But, I can assure you that I prefer my method Well, this is not the thread for discussion. So, I'll shut up now.
  3. Any tip on how to convert eg. this one ? Convert-it doesn't download the video
  4. Yeah. I know. I always leave the original file-name and use description. I actually made myself a perl script that uses information from ipdb to help me fill in the information like name, year, manufactorer. The drawback is that once I update a table in PBX. I need to run PBXrecorder again to get new media files. I probably should look into what I've just suggested. But, as long as I have room on the SSD. You know the drill My naming is : VPX__2_in_1__EM__1964__Bally I use two underscores to separate fields with, that way I can do automatic processing of meta data in all sort of ways. Easy to find duplicates and stuff like that.
  5. I haven't tried it yet - but, maybe it would work for you to use "links" as it is called in Windows to reference back to those media files of your JSpradlin. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  6. Would love it if support for playing youtube videos directly from instructions would be possible. Seems like PinupPlayer is going to become a standard for VP some way or another and hooking into that might be something that is easy to implement ? Link for Tom http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38979&page=1
  7. Table sound when browsing tables

    @gStav : Thank you so much these updates. It isn't the same scrolling through pbx without your work attached. You are the best !
  8. How do new (registered) users claim free Convert-it?

    Hmm. I must be blind - where ?
  9. Yeah, well I can live with it. It is a temporary problem I'm sure.
  10. God damn it - have struggled with PinballX for days - and when I finally found a fix for it, then this happens.
  11. Very nice - thank you so much for sharing !!
  12. Resolved : Can't figure out how to solve this

    Holy crap - I seem to have fixed it. Looking at the old log from the backup folder I noticed that the next thing it did before was to open the dmd. I found a pindmd.dll in pinballx folder - renamed it to pindmd.dll.off and now the backglass came up. So, copied the pindmd.dll from visual pinball over to pinballx and I'm a happy man again. How this whole thing actually started. Is a mystery to me.
  13. Resolved : Can't figure out how to solve this

    Thank you for your suggestion. Restored successfully to the 20.12. No change.
  14. Two days ago I was playing a game and I had a power outage in the area. When the power came back, pinballx would not launch anymore. It just hangs there with the startup-logo, unresponsive. Task manager -> PinballX and Backglass server, both unresponsive. All tested games work outside PinballX, Game-manager also. Even PinballX Lite, but, well that doesn't show a backglass or PinDMD3 :-( Anyone seen something like this before ? Tried un-installing/re-installing codecs, re-installed PinballX over itself ( same version ). Have after this happened installed the visual pinball all in one for 10.2 and updated to latest SAM. No change. Log has only 9 lines. 09:30:31.6 31.12.2016: PinballX - Version 2.28 09:30:31.6 31.12.2016: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 64-bit (7,9638671875GB) 09:30:31.6 31.12.2016: Loading Settings 09:30:31.6 31.12.2016: Initialize Component 09:30:31.6 31.12.2016: Initialize Display 09:30:32.7 31.12.2016: Loading PlugIns 09:30:32.8 31.12.2016: Created DirectX BackGlass Window 09:30:32.9 31.12.2016: Hiding Cursor 09:30:32.9 31.12.2016: Hiding Taskbar I had a backup of a working setup, that I copied to another folder. Same problem. Is there maybe a debug version that I could get my hands on ?
  15. PinDMD v3 DMD attract videos

    Hmm. Got it up and running, looks nice - but, @gtxjoe - how did you manage to set the color for them ? Mine is just white at the moment and I would love to be able to have some color to them.