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  1. In addition to automatic filters, I’d like to have the option to create automatic groups by fields already present in the database XMLs, like type, year, system, etc. I manage several groups manually today (eg EM, DMD and SS tables). I’d be also cool to add a “Favorite” checkbox for tables in game manager that automatically populates a “Favorites” group across all systems (I have been managing this by creatint a favorite XML for each system, a Favorites group and duplicating the entries for my favorite tables). thanks, pablo.
  2. I would like to have the option to disable loading screens, so the table videoimage stays on until VPX comes up, making it an almost seamless transition (like is the case with the backglass). thanks, pablo.
  3. No possible to play table video 4k

    I run all emulators in 4K, but was not able to Run attract mode with 4K videos. I had to edit the pbxrecorder script to encode HD videos instead.
  4. [Resolved] PinDMD3 and DOF conflict

    alright. I figured that PinballX was *not* using dmddevice.dll, but XDMD.dll instead. Looking at by \visual Pinball\XDMD folder, I noticed that I had a pinDMD.ini that was missing from \PinballX\ . Copying pinDMD.ini did the trick. Not PinballX (XDMD.dll actually) finds teh PINDMD3 on COM 3 regardless of teh Teensy being connected or not. I guess I missed a configuration step at some point... I remember I had to rename pindmd.dll to pindmd.dll.backup, for XDMD.dll to kick in, but I missed the part of having to either keep or create pindmd.ini, as XDMD.dll uses it
  5. [Resolved] PinDMD3 and DOF conflict

    Tom, any ideas why would PBX try to talk to the PINDMD on COM6, when dmddevice.ini points to COM3 ?
  6. [Resolved] PinDMD3 and DOF conflict

    Here are my config files. I added pinDMD_log.txt that shows that PinballX is trying to connect to the DMD via COM6, instead pof COM3 as configured in DmdDevice.ini... I hope this helps figuring out what is wrong here... thanks. DmdDevice.ini pinDMD_log.txt PinballX.ini log.txt
  7. [Resolved] PinDMD3 and DOF conflict

    No interrupt conflict, plus VP does not have an issue with using both controllers
  8. [Resolved] PinDMD3 and DOF conflict

    I have PinDMDv3 working with PinballX. I have just configured a Teensy controller with DOF, and it is working also (using the PF right/left events). Now the catch: they don't work together. If I start PinballX with the Teensy controller plugged to USB, the PinDMD does not work (the controller does). If I start it without the Teensy controller plugged, the PinDMD works fine. Note that: - PinDMD is on COM3, Teensy on COM 6 (I have tried changing this with same results) - PinDMD and the Teensy (DOF) work well together on Visual pinball (I have not tried FP, FX2 or other systems yet) - Once the conflict happens, I have to recover the PinDMD by restarting the PC Other than configuring dmddevice.ini in PinballX, is there other setting I should keep an eye on ? Is the DOF plugin somehow causing the conflict ? Any ideas on what to look for ? I'll be interested to hear form anyone that has both devices on their setups. I can provide config and logs if necessary. thanks.
  9. Pinball Arcade Direct Table Launch with Free Camera Mod!

    Does anyone have an office.tpa file for FCM version 1.85? The author does not keep them and I'ma having no luck finding it... I cannot update TPA, and FCM likes to stay on the latest version and there is no way to get an offline file for an older one (nor to use an older version of FCM if a new one is available).
  10. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    my steam client is running before starting pinballx... try starting the client manually first (if that works, you can always automate steam's start later)
  11. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    after banging my head for a few hours, I found a workaround: instead of calling C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe --applaunch 226980 [TABLEFILE] " I call "c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball FX2\Pinball FX2.exe [TABLEFILE]" and tables launch fine. hope this helps,