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  1. PBX Recorder Future Pinball - Help Please?

    Posted by mistake.
  2. pinballx 2.60

    I'm not sure what is included with the new update, other than the additional control for launch vs. select, but I've tested higher quality videos. I still cannot run 4k viedos (both at 30fps or 5fps, I get a black screen), but 2K videos at 30fps seem to run well and they look very nice on a 4K monitor. I'm running a real DMD, and BG and topper monitors at 720p each.
  3. No possible to play table video 4k

    i ran pbxrecorder with 2K30fps encoding and the results are (almost) great. videos are very nive on a 4k screen, but PBX crashes after some time scrolling: thoughts? 09:26:10.0 2/6/2018: Started 09:28:38.5 2/6/2018: Error. Exiting 09:28:38.5 2/6/2018: Parameter is not valid. 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format) 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height) 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at Direct2D.Direct2d.Surface.a(String A_0, Device A_1) 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at Direct2D.Direct2d.Surface..ctor(String Filename, Device Device) 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at PinballX.FrmMain.b(Boolean A_0) 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at PinballX.FrmMain.af() 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at PinballX.FrmMain.ap() 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: at PinballX.FrmMain..ctor() 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: Disposing Plugins 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: Showing Taskbar 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: Unhiding Mouse Cursor 09:28:38.6 2/6/2018: Bye
  4. No possible to play table video 4k

    checking on this item... is PBX still the bottleneck for 4k PF videos? i gave it a shot again and could not get it to render well (i7, 16gb, ssd, gtx1080). changing rendering options did not help. right now i have a batch of 4k, 30fps, half yuv420p, have ffmpeg default i could share
  5. [TYPE] as paramater

    Makes sense. Thanks.
  6. [TYPE] as paramater

    thanks for the offer, but i would like to keep pbx with the least amount of plugins... it still crashes every 5 launches or so... so i want less moving parts, I'm curious though why and how you develop a plugin without testing it?
  7. [TYPE] as paramater

    the help tip in the ui states: "The parameters. The following tags are supported and will be replaced with values - [TABLEPATH], [TABLEFILE], [TABLEFILEWOEXT], [MANUFACTURER], [YEAR], [SYSTEM], [RATING], [DESCRIPTION]." i wish [TYPE] was also supported, and still would like confirmation from the devs if those tags are usable or not. if not, it may be a good idea to fix the help tip. at this point i had to take the long route and created an if statement for each (12) games based on TABLEFILE. i hate it, but i rather do that than maintain 4 extra systems and associated xmls for my groups. your proposal, while effective, is beyond the level of effort i'd like to put on this, bt thatnk! I' not the first one to ask better leverage of the xmls (put an er already). i wish there was any movement on this...
  8. [TYPE] as paramater

    well, I just tried [MANUFACTURER] [YEAR] and [RATING] and they do not seem to work. Are these implemented ? the help tip implies they were...
  9. [TYPE] as paramater

    thanks! but I'm hoping I can avoid parsing files... PBX can pass TABLEFILE, MANUFACTURER, DESCRIPTION, RATING, etc. to a "run before" program... if it could pass TYPE, I'll be all set (with either batch or ahk). If this is not possible, I may "sacrifice" the YEAR or RATING tags and use it for my needs
  10. [TYPE] as paramater

    is it possible to pass "Type" as a parameter to a launch before script ? I'm trying to use the table type in a condition to launch an app. For example: if type pinsound run pinsoundsturio.exe if type PROC run dmdext.exe at this point, I had to create a separate system for PROC tables, and 3 systems for VP9/VP9PM5/VPX with pinsound. if would be great if I could do something like this: echo %1 IF "%1" "PS9" ( start "c:\Pinball\Visual Pinball\PinSoundStudio 0.9\PinSoundStudio.exe" ) IF "%1" "PS8" ( start "c:\Pinball\Visual Pinball\PinSoundStudio 0.8\PinSoundStudio.exe" ) IF "%1" "PROC" ( start dmdext.exe mirror --source screen --position 5650 640 512 128 --no-virtual -p COM3 start C:\P-ROC\ProcPinXBefore.exe ) exit
  11. Real DMD stops working in PBX

    any thoughts from the devs?
  12. Out of memory crash

    While troubleshooting a different issue, related to DOF, I seem to have fixed this problem. I installed a new DOF dll (not public yet), as well as disabled doflinx in the background (I launch it before FP, FX2/3 tables now). PBX stays responsive in attract mode, even after 24+ hours running... every now and then videos get stuck (browsing tables work, but PF or GB video still shows an older table), but after a few seconds it works again. Having said that, both 2.42 and 2.50 don't work for me... browsing tables rapidly (rapid button taps, not button hold) crashes PBX. I'm on 2.41 running well now...
  13. Out of memory crash

    any thoughts what I could do to troubleshoot?
  14. Real DMD stops working in PBX

    any thoughts what I could do to troubleshoot?
  15. Out of memory crash

    This type of crash happens every now and then. I actually have a process that restarts pinballx automatically, but I figured I should share this in case you are interested. I have tryied both full screen and windowed mode and this happens every so often... log.txt PinballX.ini