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  1. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Also, are you running FX3 via Steam? The normal path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam PinballX cannot find the executable via this link in your log file. That is why it is going back to the main wheel menu. 23:53:13.4 11/21/2017: C:\Games\Pinball FX3.exe -table_"Doom" 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: The system cannot find the file specified 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start() 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at PinballX.FrmMain.q()
  2. Permanently set 3 screens

    Does your TV have an auto on feature? HDMI-CEC equipped? Depending on the manufacturer this feature has different names. I would also post over at VP forums virtual cabs. My TV is a cheapo brand and does not do auto on. I have to use a remote.
  3. total newb

    Wow! Welcome
  4. Adressable leds custom brightness in Pinballx

    Wow, not sure? If you are driving them with pulse wave modulation it will take some circuitry using a MOSFET. Not sure how you would interface the hardware/software?
  5. 9in pc monitor

    Pretty cool guys I think I see a topper my future.......
  6. [NEWS] PinballX 2.43 Beta

    My system is pretty beefy, i7 16gig ram GTX1080 8gig, and only 2 monitors with real DMD, so not the best system to measure baseline video performance. Release is very stable and ran flawlessly playing an hour. In attract mode I ran a table video and backglass video both at 1920x1080p 60fps with zero stutter. Cycling through the wheels the videos came up with zero lag. I am running the LAV filters ffdshow from this site (really grabbed by mistake) but they run PBX perfectly. Windows 10 Pro with Fall Creaters Update installed.
  7. Autoconfigure set to no [RESOLVED] Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys. Will try tomorrow. Cab is powered down for the night. I just looked in Settings app on my laptop and I see it: "Auto configure the resolution and controls in Visual Pinball based on PinballX settings." I've been using a Steam controller or keyboard so I've never had to remap before. Fun using actual leaf flippers!
  9. While I'm waiting on Zeb's plunger kit I wired up my Pinscape KL25Z today to get my buttons and plunger working. I was also "gifted" with the Windows Fall Creator update this afternoon. Main issue I am having is when I assign keys in Visual pinball to my Pinscape cabinet button assignments they get wiped out when I run PBX. Even when I don't run a VP table. If I redo the assignments and just run/shutdown VP outside of PBX the settings hold. This happened before the Creator's update. My FX3 table videos no longer load either :-( PinballX.ini log.txt
  10. Apologies if you have done this but have you tried launching dmdext direct, start a backglass video on the backglass monitor and then run FX3 via Steam. Does the flickering stop? We can then tell if a system problem or a PinballX timing problem. Could be codec related (of which I do not have much knowledge of).
  11. Sucess! I ran the video through Debut Professional Video Capture software by NCH which is what I use to scarf video C++ Unity programming lectures, among other things. I've attached the codec settings using the MediaInfo program. Why the original Fallout wouldn't work, IDK? I have to read up on codecs someday. Just hasn't been an area I've been interested in. Fallout orig downloaded.txt Fallout remade.txt
  12. Nope, have to reboot Windows which is very strange. Restarting PBX a few times doesn't help. Maybe a loose pointer in PBX - LOL (Sorry Tom - don't even know if this is written in C++?). I have mixed feelings on updates. Prefer not to update but may miss critical security patches. Steam updates make me more nervous. During trick or treat tonight I will play with making a new video on my laptop and transfer it over. I'm betting that will fix it. Reminds me, I have to do a restore point and backup my media directories tonight.
  13. No possible to play table video 4k

    Hey Rob, blurry 1080p now? LOL. I'm only laughing because it is all relative. Remember when 800x600 was great? And when we could afford those 70# monster 24" monitors and run them at 1024x768? I gotta admit, watching 4K on our big Samsung home theater system does make 1920 look fuzzy. %$U*@^ Netflix will down scale 4K when their server gets busy and the wife and I will say WTF? Why is it fuzzy all of a sudden? I'm not saying anyone do this but how about a second video card?
  14. I'll try tonight. To clarify, I'm not running PBX when making changes and I have to reboot Windows to bring the table videos back. It might be a system config issue but I have a standard Windows 10 Pro install. I will the run the video through a video capture program I have, add some length and do different encodings.