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  1. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    No, didn't know you could do that. I just shut down for the evening. Wife and I have some DVR stuff to watch. Can try tomorrow after work.
  2. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    Sure thing Done from the cab. I can log into the cab via Windows Remote Desktop Protocol because it has Windows 10 Pro installed. You cannot adjust the displays remotely via RDP. I guess I could make attract videos for my Future Pinball tables. The videos in attract mode have lust their luster for me after 2 years - LOL. Bigly FUN when I started out but they get old after awhile.
  3. hlr53

    PBX System arrangement question...

    FAQ SECTION, PinballX documentation PDF page 5-17. There is also a YouTube video out there somewhere. Docs are old but should work. I need to do the same.
  4. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    Yep, it is all set ok. What is interesting is the table videos for VP and FP all display correctly. It is the images that are rotated. Maybe Tom can take a look?
  5. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    This is how they are coming up on my portrait TV monitor. Sorry so small I resized the print screen.
  6. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    Correct and I set to horizontal in Settings. Just to double check I pulled up an FP image outside PBX. I dunno? PinballX.ini
  7. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    I tried both earlier and no change. Still rotated to the right. It started doing this with version 3.
  8. hlr53

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    Fresh install (32 bit forced) and the table images are rotated to the right. I thought in the past you could set Display to no rotation? That option is gone. Now, when I load Future Pinball via FPloader the table is not displaying in the playfield. Works perfectly outside PBX. when I launch direct. I have FP set up in Settings the way I always did using TerryRed's 2016 directions in the FAQ here. Am is missing something else obvious? Hate setting up new systems. Giving my old cab to my son. PinballX.ini log.txt
  9. Shouldn't the PBX installer set this as false as a default? Many off us spend a lot of time setting our hardware controllers to things like JoyToKey or X360CE, etc. and have different numbers of buttons installed in the cabs.
  10. Building a new cab and working on software for it. Question: In the wheel menu the table images (I do not want videos this time around) are all rotated 90 deg to the right. How do I fix this? AND WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY DEFAULTED TO THIS ROTATION??? EDIT: I am going to NUKE PBX and uninstall with Revo Uninstaller (removes all remnants of registry items) and reinstall to fix the stuck loading problem. log.txt PinballX.ini
  11. hlr53

    DMD not recoginzed by PBX?

    I cannot get PBX to call my FX3 dmdext batch file or directly calling dmdext to load DMDext for FX3. The batch file works correctly from Windows Powershell. I don't have a log file like that? I'm about to say screw it. I've been fighting this program long enough. It should not be this difficult to call a simple batch file. And yes, everything is set to run with full permissions.
  12. hlr53

    DMD not recoginzed by PBX?

    I'm playing with my cab today because it is a rainfest in the Cincinnati area.. I think I am having problems with it loading now also. Are you using the latest v1.7.1 dmdext?
  13. hlr53

    Arcooda Pinball Survey

    That would be stellar. Haven't purchased yet due to the speed bugs. Once fixed I may buy for my birthday in September. Using Free Cam Mod for now.
  14. hlr53

    Create Videos

    There are various flavors of MP4 and different type of codecs. If I record MP4s of VP tables using PBXRecorder (from gtxjoe) PBX won't play them. This is on Win 10 Pro. If I take those MP4s over to one of my laptops (Win 10 home) and convert then to 1920x1080p 30 FPS YouTube MP4 and bring them back to my pincab, they play fine in PBX. An easy way to check which codecs you have installed is to fire up Windows Media Player. Bring up the menu bar if not already showing (left click) and goto Help | About Windows Media Player | Technical Support Information (blue link) and scroll down to Video codecs. Post those and maybe someone can help you out. Here are mine on my pincab: I never even noticed the Create videos button in GameManager - LOL. EDIT 07/07: OOPS SORRY! I didn't notice it was for Future pinball. Should have paid attention! I think a few years ago I used Windows game video capture for FP because I only had 12 tables to do from Slam.
  15. Just installed the latest PBX and there is no option to add PINemHi in the PluginManager? It was installed and is in the PinballX directory. Running latest version from March 30th. It also works at the Windows PowerShell command line. log.txt PinballX.ini