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  1. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Trying this from my iPhone. I bought a DMD filter from Pinball Life in Huntley, IL and had to trim it to fit. It cut the brightness too much so now I have it laying flat at the back of the table glass. Zero glare when standing at the table. Some glare when sitting on a stool but very tolerable. I don’t even notice it being there now.
  2. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    That would be the reflection from the DMD panel.
  3. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    I haven't purchased yet but DMDext should work per PinballArcadeFAns. Maybe source should be screen?
  4. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Many thanks! Look forward to playing with it after I get a key. EDIT: I can use now (modified) to launch the DX11 version.
  5. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Yes, curious how you are launching to get the cabinet.exe to run? GAH1068, are you running 2 screens? How is that working? The Arcooda/FarSight code was written strictly for 3 monitors and they kludged together 2 screen support at the last minute. I've read on Steam there are some major problems in 2 screen mode. I have a v3 DMD and 2 screens. I could add another monitor to the top of my backbox. Was thinking about doing a topper anyway. We have some spares laying around. I would still use DMDext. Thanks, --Harry
  6. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Lol - wasn't trying to respond but tablet is squirrelly at 5:30 AM. Don't forget to add Zacarria to the list. It looks like Farsight pulled the download to patch. It was allowing cabinet mode without they key. I haven't purchased yet. Waiting until 15th to budget in.
  7. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Slight correction. It's the 31st 10:20 AM
  8. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Slight delay Arcoodia Facebook:Arcooda Pinball Arcade Steam unlock is slightly delayed and will be available on 1st June. We are working together with FarSight to add balance requests (such as 2 monitor support) into a new version build and current testing is underway.
  9. Good old Windows. It has bitten me several times over the years.
  10. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    I'm going to order the Steam version also. I know MANY people are pissed at FarSight but I still do like playing their tables. And yes, I am also pissed about the cab support but it is what it is. Going to wait until after the Memorial Day Holiday in the States. I'm sure Chase Bank will block the transaction due to being overseas and I will have to call them. I don't mind, it is a security thing. AND, had to watch the Royal Wedding with the wife yesterday AM.
  11. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Wonder if that REALLY happened If someone cuts a business line in Cincinnati, either Spectrum or Cincinnati Bell jump on it and fix immediately. Residential lines are a second priority. We had a home builder contractor cut a fiber optics line in our neighborhood last year and it took 3 days to fix.
  12. hlr53

    Pinball Arcade DX11 launch from PBX

    Yep, that sounds like a great idea. I can add that to the batch file that runs when PBX starts up to run JoyToKey. Then, run a second batch file to rename them back when PBX closes down. This way there are no issues when PBA does an update. I'll play around with it this week. Thanks! Also need to update to the latest PBX. --Harry
  13. hlr53

    Pinball Arcade DX11 launch from PBX

    I changed the executable in Settings to PinballArcade11.exe (tried this many months ago) but PinballX launches the appID of 238260 which is the DX9 version. Farsight, in their infinite !(wisdom), never created a separate Steam ID for the DX11 version. Not sure how to do the workaround without scripting, of which I have zero knowledge.
  14. Long time no see. Didn't play much since Christmas. Is it possible to launch the DX11 version from PinballX? I don't care about launching individual tables but need the DX11 version to launch to use DMDext. Still running v2.6 something. Should I upgrade to the latest and greatest? Nothing is broken except I would like to launch DX11.
  15. hlr53

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    I'm thinking about spending the $145.00 because I own all the PBA tables. I'm waiting for someone to try it out first They were supposed to launch today but they must be having problems getting the store set up. I have until June 30th to decide before the licensing runs out with Bally/Williams. It has virtual DMD support only. I'm guessing Freezy's DMDext will still work with the Arcooda package and I can run them in 2 screen mode. The Quote isn't working for me?